Geert Wilders’ Short Film ‘Islam Rising’ To Premiere In Los Angeles On 1 May 2010

25 03 2010

Via the International Civil Liberties Alliance:

The Freedom Defense Initiative and David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring the LA movie premiere of Geert Wilders’ ‘Islam Rising: Warning To The West’. The premiere will include special guests from the counter jihad community such as Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, and Martin Mawyer.

‘Islam Rising’ is effectively the sequel to Wilders’ ground breaking short film Fitna that exposed links between the Quranic verses and Islamic terrorism. It seemed to send the chattering classes of the left wing elite into a hysterical frenzy because it mentioned things that they wanted brushed under the carpet for their own selfish political reasons.

Read the rest here.

Update: As Phineas Fahrquar points out in the comments, this event has been cancelled. Explanations at Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs.




4 responses

25 03 2010
Phineas Fahrquar

Walker, that event was canceled. See: at Jihad Watch.

25 03 2010
walker morrow

Oh, whoops. Thanks Phineas!

25 03 2010
Phineas Fahrquar

You’re welcome. It’s a shame, too; I’d hoped to attend.

25 03 2010
walker morrow

Yeah, it’s too bad that the event got cancelled. I think it would have been good for Geert Wilders to get out of Holland for a little while, you know?

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