The Mid-Week Wilders Round-Up, March 17th 2010

17 03 2010

I’ve decided, since I’ve had an influx of links recently, that it would probably be a good idea to start up a mid-week Wilders Round-Up segment for this site. You don’t mind, do you?

Alright, here we go.

Hurriyet Daily News – Not a politician for life

Casuals United Blog – News of the World’s “lazy journalism” sinks to new depths frankly a child could have written a better “expose”

Islam in Europe – Hirsi Ali: How to beat Wilders

Infidel Bloggers Alliance – Michael Coren on Geert Wilders

Politically Incorrect – How Does Media Manipulation Work?

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Employers: Wilders damages Dutch interests:

The head of the Dutch employers’ federation has accused far-right politician Geert Wilders of “seriously” damaging Dutch interests abroad.

Bernard Wientjes, who chairs the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), said it was outrageous that Mr Wilders recently presented himself in London as the next Dutch prime minister and then derided Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “a complete fool”. Mr Wilders’ statement, which was broadcast around the world, caused shock in the British press.

Mr Wientjes, who heads the largest employers’ organisation in the Netherlands, says Mr Wilders poses a serious threat to the Netherlands and the Dutch economy. He underlined that three quarters of Dutch GDP comes from revenue earned abroad.

Read the rest here. – Cohen tops polls as people’s favourite

Right Side News – Friday Afternoon Roundup – Conservatives with Courage

News of the World – ‘Patriotic’ EDL exposed as racist, violent thugs

FrumForum – Alternative Right’s Ugly Racism

Red County – Texas Congressman Cites Geert Wilders in Congressional Record

Islamization Watch – Fjordman: Geert Wilders vs. The Multicultural Inquisition

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Labour Party profits from ‘Cohen effect’

Red State Switch – Help raise awareness…

De Telegraaf – Hirsi Ali: Wilders gaat winnen – and Wilders onwel in Duitsland

The commune – english defence league march on parliament

Investoralist – The mess that is the Dutch political battlefield

Fortress Outpost – Jihad Jane

Before It’s News – “English Defence League” stifle free speech they claim to protect??

Lux et Libertas – An interview with Geert Wilders

Counter-Jihad Alliance – Michael Coren on Geert Wilders. – Vlad Tepes

The Conservative Fun House Blog – Glenn Beck the Progressive

View From The Right – The meaning of Wilders’s litmus test on Israel –  A litmus test – and More on the meaning of Wilders’s victory

Mix Mode – Another Damage!!!

Muslims786Malaysia Online – Can Hishammuddin explain his double standards which makes him so blind and actionless with regard to the inflammatory and seditious spoutings by certain media Is Kerismuddin that cruel to deprive others for wishful thinking in his reaction?

The Millstone Diaries – THEY ALL WEAR GRAY HATS NOW

Casuals United Blog – Wilders on the up and up

America In Chains – Pamela Geller Interviews Geert Wilder

Diana West – Fox’s Beck, Krauthammer & Kristol: Wrong on Wilders (Much to Talal’s Delight)

Former Muslims United – Exposing the Myth of Moderate Islam

Dearborn Underground – Krauthammer Gets It Wrong!

GalliaWatch – “No To Minarets” – A Campaign Gains Ground

Gates of Vienna – The PvdA Jockeys for Position – Rep. Ted Poe Speaks Out in Support of Geert Wilders – and Et Tu, Ayaan?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has now joined the Greek chorus of “conservatives” who decry the positions and tactics of Geert Wilders and the PVV. Our Flemish correspondent VH has prepared a brief report, and includes this note:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Conservative?) started with the Socialists (PvdA) and left for the VVD because of the Socialists’ position on Islam (and, possibly, to become an MP and receive protection). She did not leave the PvdA particularly because of its Socialist positions on other issues.

She has also never really been a great fan of Geert Wilders. “His policy is unworkable,” is somewhat of a simple statement for a think tank member. It would be interesting to hear her ideas for dealing with Islamization. PvdA, CDA and VVD still have no idea; on the contrary, they are part of the problem themselves.

Maybe Hirsi Ali is seeking a “moderate Islam” and thinks the West still has a few decades to experiment a little?

Read the rest here.

Death 2 Islamo-Fascism – Pamela Geller Interviews Geert Wilder

The Blogmocracy – English Defence League First Hand Reports

Britannia Radio – Free Speech for Christians 101

Noah David Simon – Geert Wilders and the Glenn Beck show – and Gates of Vienna: Rep. Ted Poe Speaks Out in Support of Geert Wilders

Reut R. Cohen – Geert Wilders Should Be Granted a Fair Hearing

BlackBookRaw – Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diana West – Updated: Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan … – US Representative Poe on Dutch Parliamentarian Wilders – Andrew Bostom: “Qaddafi, Wilders and the Jihad against Switzerland” – Out-foxing Fox – On Geert on Russia TV – Geert Wilders at the House of Lords  – How the West Will Be Won  – Too Much Fun to Miss: Geert’s Victory Speech  – and Wilders Wins Big in Dutch Elections: Updated

Andrew Bostom for Pajamas Media – Qaddafi, Wilders, and the Jihad Against Switzerland

The Lightning News – ‘crying out to God Almighty to forgive them, & heal their Country.’

Spirit/Water/Blood – Hope dies last, as the Russians say

View From The Right – The discriminating Geert Wilders – Wilders is bad for the Netherlands: employers

Eurasia Review – Dutch Foreign Minister Condemns Anti-Islam Politician

NIS News Bulletin – FM Verhagen: Wilders Spreads Hatred

The American Muslim – Islamophobe Geert Wilders on Lying

Andy McCarthy, for NRO’s The Corner – I Guess She Doesn’t Watch Charles Krauthammer

Family Security Matters – Exclusive: Fox Becomes a Hen? ‘CAIR’ and Imbalance? News Corporation Falls Under Saudi Control

The Irish Times – An intriguing port of call

The Sofia Echo – The English Angle: Foot note

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch coffeeshops ‘on strike’ on election day

NRC International – Hans van Mierlo, changer of Dutch politics, dies at 78

Today’s Zaman – Dutch Labor Party leader Wouter Bos resigns from politics

Diplomatic Courier – Geert Wilders, Prime Minister?

Winds Of Jihad – Michael Coren: GEERT WILDERS IS NOT “FAR RIGHT..” – Labour leader Bos quits, Cohen steps up

Diana West – After All, Brigitte Bardot Wore “Headscarves” … – Hijab Clarity, Western Salvation – Mr. Prime Minister? – Dutch Fun: “Spoofing” Assassination  – and How Do You Say “Kangaroo Court” in Dutch?

Counterculture Con HQ – Geert Wilders on Banning the Koran

Snarksmith – Who’s Afraid of Geert Wilders?

Counter-Jihad Alliance – Rep. Ted Poe Speaks Out in Support of Geert Wilders – Gates of Vienna

The Atheist Conservative – A stink of Fox

Mike Corthell – Beck, Wilders and his boosters’ blind spot

Liberal Whoppers – I Guess She Doesn’t Watch Charles Krauthammer — By: Andy McCarthy

The Snooper Report – It Is In the Koran

The Radio Patriot – The Day I Met Andrew Breitbart – New Media Lion – Danger of the Islamic Ideology – a Compendium – Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen resigns; accepts candidacy as Labour Party leader

Atlantic Sentinel – Political Uncertainty in the Netherlands

NRC International – Wouter Bos steps down as Dutch Labour leader

Zionist Anti-Communism – Really IS Working For CAIR To Muzzle Anti-Jihad Bloggers?

The Washington Examiner – Dutch Labor Party leader Bos resigns, Amsterdam mayor Cohen candidate for PM in June elections

ParaIsrael –  Friday Afternoon Roundup – Conservatives with Courage

Muslim Activism Network – Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to the Right of Glenn Beck?

Andrew Bostom – Educating Charles Krauthammer on Islam—Again


Islamization Watch – Diana West: Anti-Islamization Proponents Should Take Cues from Europe

Ragbag – More hysterical paranoia

World Actual News – I Guess She Doesn’t Watch Charles Krauthammer — By: Andy McCarthy

Right Truth – Update on Fox News and Islam

Diana West, for the Brussels Journal – Anti-Islamization Proponents Should Take Cues from Europe – Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to the Right of Glenn Beck?

It Hit Home – Labour Leader Bos Quits, Cohen Steps Up

International Civil Liberties Alliance – Alleged Voting Irregularities In Rotterdam

Grendel Report – Is Geert Wilders the new William of Orange?

Michael Weiss, for the New Criterion’s Arma Virumque – Who’s afraid of Geert Wilders?

Ironic Surrealism V3.0 – Geert Wilders Speech at the House of Lords March 5

Diana West, for – Fox News Rebukes Wilders and Anti-Islamization

WorldNetDaily – Beck, Wilders and his boosters’ blind spot

ForexYard – POLL-Dutch election race tightens further

DC NRC Examiner – Republican Hypocrisy on ‘Incitement to Violence’

Roger L. Simon, for Pajamas Media – Beck, Krauthammer and the Geert Wilders perplex

Elan Mag – Muslims, Race and the Blogosphere

Fousesquawk – Geert Wilders’ Speech March 5, 2010 Before the House of Lords (UK)

Weasel Zippers – Geert Wilders Says He Will Release Fitna II After June Elections…

Earth Times – Dutch politician, Muslim critic plans new film, but after elections :

“Fitna 2 will be spectacular, but we do not manage to release it as planned before the elections,” the leader of the Freedom Party PVV said.

Wilders said the sequel to his 2008 film focuses on the consequences of mass migration from Muslim countries, freedom of expression and the Sharia or Muslim law.

The lawmaker previously indicated he received help from professionals in the US to make his film.

Read the rest here.

Instapundit – March 11, 2010

Exploring Life, The Universe, and Everything – Islamophobe Geert Wilders on Lying

Ron’s Bloviating – Geert Wilders perplexes

NewsReal – Another Look At FOX News’ Hatchet Job On Geert Wilders

The Black Kettle – Beck, Krauthammer and the Geert Wilders perplex

Infidels Paradise – Geert Wilders: Fitna Pt. 2 Is Coming In June … Bite Me

The Gunny “G” Blogs – Another Look At FoxNews’ Hatchet Job On Geert Wilders

British Democracy Forums – Wilders: Fitna 2 not ready before elections…

Middle East Affairs Information Center – Al-Gaddafi, Wilders and the Jihad Against Switzerland


Potluck – Is Glenn Beck A Real-Life Elmer Gantry?

Barely A Blog – Updated: Beck, Wilders & His Boosters’ Blind Spot

Jumping in Pools – I must admit, I’m ignorant on European politics. – Wilders: Fitna 2 not ready before elections

Islami News – Wilders Damages Holland: FM

America Watches Obama – Is Wilders wrong? Roger Simon’s take

Winds of Jihad – The FOX Dilemma

Carlo’s Think Pieces – Wilders’ Delusions of becoming Premier

Islamization Watch – Wilders: Fitna II after Elections

Yemen News Agency – Dutch FM condemns anti-Islam politician

NIS News Bulletin – Wilders: Fitna II after elections – The Fox News “Sell-out” to Radical Islam

The Plain Truth – This WEEKEND’S Video News for March 12-14, 2010 – Wilders: Islam is a ‘Fascist Ideology’

Politically Incorrect – The EDL Demo in London – a Follow-up Look

Classical Values – “Nothing to do with Islam”

Pat Dollard – SEALs Case Shows How Terrorists Use ‘Lawfare’ To Undermine U.S.

Western Journalism – Beck, Fox News and Saudi Prince al Waleed bin Talal

Yellow Stars Euroblog – The Eurabia myth – are Europeans waking up?

Lemon Lime Moon – What is Coming?

The International Civil Liberties Alliance – English Defence League Demonstration: Bolton 20 March 2010

World Socialist Web Site – Netherlands: Racist Geert Wilders increases his vote in municipal elections

WorldNetDaily – Hey Beck! Geert Wilders is a hero

Anorak News – Lars Vilks Gets His Axe For Mohammed As Geert Wilders Rejoices: In Pictures

NewsReal – More on Glenn Beck’s European Blind Spot

Presseurop – How big can Geert Wilders get?

New Paltz Journal II – Mark Steyn corrects Charles Krauthammer about Geert Wilders

Zionist Anti-Communist – Beck Defended By “Progressive” Loons Whom Hype About Islamophobia

In Mala Fide – With friends like the American right, the European right doesn’t need enemies

The West, Islam and Sharia – Glenn Beck Really Doesn’t Get Europe

Debbie Schlussel – I Warned You About Glenn Beck (& Prince Al-Waleed & FOX News)

Counter-Jihad Alliance – Trashing Wilders: Is FoxNews the best PR investment ever made by Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal? – The Iconoclast

Gates of Vienna – A Letter to the Editor of The Weekly Standard

Your Freedom and Ours – “We must not be afraid of speaking up for freedom”

Winds of Jihad – Beck Video Removed

The Iconoclast – Trashing Wilders: Is FoxNews the best PR investment ever made by Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal?

[Related] Vlad Tepes – The E.U. shows it’s true nature

David Solway, for FrontPage Mag – A Profile in Courage

[Related] Gates of Vienna – Fascists, Fascists Everywhere

Eurosoldier – Why Wilders and Dewinter are different. – Views on the News – 4 March 2010


Three Counties Unity – Matt Unsworth Rejoins English Defence League – Bloggingportal: March 8th – March 14th

The Troubled Patriot – What Many Refuse to See

The Politicizer – SIEG: The Rising Right…in the Land of Tulips?

Jonah Goldberg, for NRO’s The Corner – Re: The Gitmo Bar & Krauthammer

Seta’s Armenian Blog – FATHER FRANK’S RANTS – Islamophobe Geert Wilders on Lying

Libertarian Republican – Republican Congressman Ted Poe of Texas, defends Dutch MP Geert Wilders on House floor

Liberal Whoppers – Re: The Gitmo Bar & Krauthammer — By: Jonah Goldberg – Race Relations Commissioner Should Go

Socialist – Police clear path for racist EDL thugs

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Rotterdam to investigate proxy voting – and Calls for local poll recount in The Hague

Presseurop – “Westerners” remain the masters of invective

The Sop – Response to “As a Jew, did you ever think?”

Tel-Chai Nation – Krauthammer attacks Geert Wilders

Chasing Evil – Shocka! Glenn Beck Says Geert Wilders is ‘Far Right’, and the Far Right is ‘Fascist’


TiJaJoMa – Cappucino with Geert Wilders

Bill Warner Private Investigator – NRO On Geert Wilders what he says is extreme, radical, and wrong.

Avid Editor’s Insights – Did Glenn Beck mean to Call Geert Wilders a fascist?

Doc’s Talk – Qaddafi, Wilders, and the Jihad Against Switzerland

Our Changing Landscape – Wilders and His Astute Political Strategies to Win Back the Netherlands

The Daily Irritant – Ratchetting up the Crazy

Infidel Blogger’s Alliance – Balanced over here, unhinged over there

Carnage and culture – Krauthammer on Wilders: ignorant, naive, and wrong

TeeJaw – Argument — Good For The Brain

ARRA News Service – Has Fox News Reporting Been Co-opted by Rupert Murdoch’s Business Ventures With Muslims?

Gates of Vienna – Qaddafi’s Jihad

Watching The Nation – Changes At Fox News

Holger Awakens – Hey Glenn Beck…I Have a Tweet For You…GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS

Your Freedom and Ours – “We must not be afraid of speaking up for freedom”

Poor Wilber’s General Store – A Different Kind of Communist Party…Odds and Ends

The Chronicle Watch – Fox News Sells Out to Islam???

Britannia Radio – Subject: Who lost Europe ?

11 S Agency “Anti-Terror Ideology– مكافحة الارهاب ” – (2010) Geert Wilders,Vilks and Westergaards Islamic trial

Cplash – Muslims outraged at UK screening of ‘Fitna’ film

Sic Temper Tyrannis – Nasty, but is he wrong? – News Flash: Glenn Beck Is A Human Being

Vlemx “Keep Informed” – Beck, Krauthammer an

The Iconoclast – Trashing Wilders: Is FoxNews the best PR investment ever made by Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal?

American Daily Conservative – Glenn Beck Really Doesn’t Get Europe

Scaramouche – About that ‘Moderate’ Business…

Rugfish and politics – Telegraph Warns on Islamic “Time Bomb”

Egregores – Are the Saudis leaning on Fox News???



Infidels Are Cool – Heartache: Foxnews opinion shows trash Geert Wilders

The English Defense League – “Support Geert Wilders” March a Complete Success

EuropeNews – Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist, endorses ban on his entering UK – Is Geert Wilders the new William of Orange? – Qaddafi, Wilders, and the Jihad Against Switzerland – and Video: Shocka! Geert Wilders not ‘Far Right’

The Atlantic Wire – Right Explodes at Fox over Geert Wilders

Socialist Worker Online – Far right gain ground in Dutch elections

The Washington Independent – Glenn Beck Attacks European Far-Right; American Right Pushes Back

NewsReal – Promote Diana West To Detective – She Found Em Out Over At FoxNews’ Mugging Of Geert Wilders

Comment Is Free – Racist agitators aren’t welcome in Aylesbury

The Sop – European Islam-bashing: The New Anti-Semitism? – The paper clip, 9 March

The Jewish State – Activist takes on radical Islam – Slow progress in city coalition forming – Press Review Tuesday 9 March 2010

RT – “Koran says – you’re free in your religion” – Muslim cleric

BosNewsLife – Netherlands Christian Party Back In Dutch Town After Hindu Row

EuropeNews – Activist takes on radical Islam

Jihad Watch – Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist, endorses ban on his entering UK

Right Truth – Splitting Hairs on Geert Wilders and Islam

Exposing Liberal Lies – Fox News Trashes Geert Wilders

The Blogmocracy – Did Glenn Beck call Geert Wilders a Fascist?

Fort Liberty – Glenn Beck Owes Geert Wilders a Public Apology

The Impudent Observer – Geert Wilders Is The Problem, Not The Solution!

Political Pistachio – Glenn Beck, Geert Wilders, Fascism

Conservative Blog Watch – Geert Wilders: Text Of The Speech You Didn’t Hear Anywhere

Bill Warner Private Investigator – FOX NEWS Glenn Beck Calls Geert Wilders a Fascist SEE VIDEO, Endorses Wilders Ban on Entering UK, Glenn Beck Must Be Reading Sarasota PI Bill Warner’s Blog.

LauranceJarvikOnline – Russia TV on Geert Wilders

Theoptomisticconservative’s Blog – Going Geert


Atlas Shrugs – Glenn Beck, think before you preach

Around The Sphere – The Ballad Of Glenn And Geert

Un:dhimmi – Video: Geert Wilders Russia Today TV Interview

Public Secrets – Monday links fiesta!

ForexYard – POLL-Labour rebounds in race for new Dutch parliament – Unveiling the “Spring Collection” – Plausible Political Victory for a Dutch Jew

Dutch Political Report – Speculation Over Health of Geert Wilders:

There has been speculation in the Dutch media over the health of right-wing politician Geert Wilders.

According to the Volkskrant there was a commotion Saturday evening at the hotel he was staying at in Germany.

Sources reported that police and emergency medical responders arrived and took Wilders off in an ambulance.

Wilders’ however immediately tried to diffuse media speculation by sending an text message to media early Sunday morning.

In it he said, “There is nothing going on. Everything is fine with me. Sleep well.”

He did not however elaborate on the events of the night before.

Read it here.

GOATMILK: An intellectual playground edited by Wajahat Ali – Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims

ACT! For America Midwest Newsletter – New English Review: The Iconoclast

Fiery Spirited Zionist – FOX News Sells its Soul

The Associated Press – Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims

David Solway, for FrontPage Mag – A Profile in Courage

Big Journalism – Sex, Drugs and Cultural Euthanasia: Amsterdam, 1992

Rational Nation USA – Beck Speaks Before He Thinks… Again

WI Catholic Musings – Open letter to Charles Krauthammer and Fox News on their all out attack on Geert Wilders.

Matthew Yglesias – Glenn Beck Slams Far-Right – Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to the Right of Glenn Beck?

Israpundit – FOX NEWS has sold out

Big Journalism – Is Geert Wilders the Canary in the Dutch Coal Mine — Or the Next Prime Minister?

Africa And Columbia – Things. – Cohen factor puts Labour in first place

NIS News Bulletin – Companies lobby: Wilders dangerous

Connecting the Dots in the New World Order – Geert Wilders — Dutch Rising Star is Zionist Shill

The Republic Of Dissent – Deconstructing Geert Wilders

Dutch Political Report – Political Parties of the Netherlands

Liberty Republican Forum – EUROPEAN UNION: Geert Wilders’ Party of Freedom called “Fascist” for Fiscal Conservatism – Fantastic Geert Wilders’ Speech in the House of Lords

GayandRight – Hirsi Ali says Wilders is good for the Netherlands… – Geert Wilders: Dutch Crusader Against Islam

PUMABydesign001’s Blog – Geert Wilders Warning to America Parts 1 and 2

The Black Kettle – Glenn Beck, Think Before You Preach

Winds of Jihad – Islam vs “Islamism”, a Western Invention

Islamization Watch – Geert Wilders not ‘Far Right’ [Video]


Lancaster Unity – ‘English Defence League’ stifle free speech they claim to protect?

Libertarian Republican – EUROPEAN UNION: Geert Wilders’ Party of Freedom called “Fascist” for Fiscal Conservatism

Red County – Muslims in “Disbelief” Over Pushback in the Netherlands

Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media – News You Need to Know 15Mar10

Conservative American News – Pamela Geller, Human Events: Glenn Beck, Think Before You Preach

Patriot’s Corner – Muslim disbelief in the Netherlands

Saber Point – Only a Fascist Would Oppose Nazi Immigration

The National Post – Sarkozy blamed for resurgence of far-right party

Scaramouche – Is Geert Wilders the New William of Orange?

The Bayou – Poe no: Is Ted Poe palling around with fascists?

NIS News Bulletin – Hirsi Ali: Wilders and boon for Netherlands

The Blue Ridge Messenger – Why Are the Dutch Pushing Back Against Muslims?

Right Web – Daniel Pipes

The Glasgow University Guardian – The myth of Tariq Ramadan’s doublespeak

This is zionism – Geert Wilders — Dutch Rising Star is Zionist Shill

EuropeNews – Video: Shocka! Geert Wilders not ‘Far Right’

TCUnation – Muslim’s & FOX News on Wilders’ Increasing Voter Support

Persevere – Video: Shocka! Geert Wilders not ‘Far Right’

Chasing Evil – Pipes, Daniel

The Local – Dutch populist Wilders ‘unwelcome’ in Eifel town:

The Dutch anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders has been told he is “not welcome” in the western German town of Monschau after he spent the weekend in the Eifel region.

The parliamentarian and leader of the far-right Party for Freedom, along with several armed bodyguards, stayed from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning in the town, according to police in the city of Aachen.

Read the rest here.

Right Side News – Krauthammer on Wilders: Ignorant, Naive, and Wrong – Press Review Tuesday 16 March 2010

FrontPage Mag – Glenn Beck Does Not Understand Student Loans – AP Discovers Civilizational Conflict Between the West and Islam

Family Security Matters – Geert Wilders: The Anti-Fascist

NIS News Bulletin – Volkskrant: Yes we Cohen!

Vodpod – Glenn Beck – Islam in Europe – with Geert Wilders

The – Sarkozy’s identity debate opens door for far right

Patriot’s Corner – Geert Wilders not welcome in Monschau, Germany


The Iconoclast – Hirsi Ali: Wilders a Boon for Netherlands

Trackpads Community – The Anti-Fascist

The Holland Bureau – Cohen v. Wilders – Germany: Wilders “not welcome” in German town

Islam in Europe – Germany: Wilders “not welcome” in German town

Islamization Watch – Krauthammer on Wilders: Ignorant, Naive, and Wrong

Counter-Jihad Alliance – Hirsi Ali: Wilders a Boon for Netherlands – The Iconoclast

De Telegraaf – Wilders niet meer welkom in Monschau

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Wahl in Niederlanden: Job cohen will Populisten Wilders entzaubern

ModernityBlog – The EDL And Freedom Of Speech.

The Truther Girls’ Blog – The War Against Islam

Gord’s Poetry Factory – Islamophobe Pam Geller ‘s “Atlas Thugs” By Max Blumenthal – Job Cohen will Populisten Wilders entzaubern – EDL Yobs Urinate on Westminster Abbey

The Huffington Post – Who Are Atlas’s Thugs? Inside the Weird Alliance of the Pro-Israel Fringe and Far-Right British Football Hooligans

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2010

Global Post – Dutch far-right gains in local elections

Deformable Mirror – Imagine

Socialistworld – Local elections see big losses for governing Coalition parties and opposition Socialist Party

Diana West – Dear Mayor of Monschau


The Battle of Tours – An Open Letter to Geert Wilders by David Solway

Gates of Vienna – Barking up the Wrong Tree (Again)

The Lightning News – because there is no other recourse now


Egregores – Early March, 2010 Blasphemy World Roundup!!

Politically Incorrect – Hausverbot für Geert Wilders im Carat-Hotel

Diana West, for the Brussels Journal – Dear Mayor of Monschau



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