The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

14 03 2010

Alright, here we go.

Atlas Shrugs – English Defense League On Scene Reportage of “Support Wilders” March

Diana West, for Right Side News – How the West Will Be Won – Wilders again under fire in tv election debate – Headscarf protest in the Hague – Local elections: turnout similar to 2006 – Wilders Watch – Elections: The Hague, Labour stays on top – Elections: Wilders’ Almere win below forecast – and What the papers say – Gains for Wilders’ anti-immigration party in Dutch elections

Socialist Worker Online – Emergency protest against EDL rally outside parliament this Friday – Wilders three seats ahead of rivals in Dutch poll

Vlad Tepes – Wilders’ Election Victory Speech

Right Side News – English Defense League On the Scene Reportage of “Support Wilders” March

The Times Online – Oh come on, Mark Thompson, make an honest woman of the BBC

Ottawa Citizen – Today at

TheNational – If you fall off the camel, get right back on again

My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings – Geert Wilders is a hypocrite…

Robert Sibley – Dutch vote supports Geert Wilders’ opposition to the “jihad-sharia demographic”

Cranmer – Geert Wilders interviewed on Newsnight

Morning Star – Dutch far-right advances in local elections

Daily News – Dutch MP in UK to show Islam film

Press TV – Dutch ‘Fitna’ maker arrives in London

Alex Massie – Wilders in London – POLL-National race tightens as Dutch go to local polls – Dutch go to polls in general election warm-up

Atlantic Sentinel – Right-Wing on the Rise in Dutch Elections

NIS News Bulletin – Volksrant puts child up against Wilders on election day

Euronews – Far-right makes gains in Dutch local poll

Business Insider – And Now Europe’s Uber-Right Is Surging – Wilders gains in Dutch elections

EurActiv – Anti-Islamists set for large gains in Dutch election – Press Review Thursday 4 March 2010 – and Would you trust this man to run the country?

The Telegraph – Geert Wilders: showing my film was victory for freedom of speech:

By Rosa Prince

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Parliament as Mr Wilders, of the Dutch Freedom Party, criticised Muslim culture and attacked the prophet Mohammed.

He held a press conference in which he warned that if Britain did not halt immigration from Islamic nations, the capital could be turned into “Londonistan” within 20 years.

Last year, when he attempted to travel to Britain to screen the film Fitna, which is highly critical of Islam, Mr Wilders was detained at Heathrow Airport and forced to return to Holland after three hours.

However, the decision by Jacqui Smith, the then-home secretary, to ban him from the United Kingdom was overturned in the High Court.

And after being invited again by Lord Pearson, the leader of the UK Independence Party, and Baroness Cox, a cross bench peer, the film was finally screened in the Lords to an audience of around 60 people, largely made up of researchers and secretaries.

Mr Wilders claimed that the screening in the House of Lords of his anti-Islamic film was a victory for freedom of speech.

Afterwards, Mr Wilders set out his view that immigration from Muslim nations to Europe should be halted on the grounds that Islam is a “totalitarian… fascist ideology”.

He said: “Islamism and democracy are incompatible. The more Islamism we have, the more freedom we will lose and this is something worth fighting for.

Read the rest here.

John Ward in Medway – Geert Wilders on Newsnight – The other London greets Geert Wilders

The International Civil Liberties Alliance – March in Support of Geert Wilders and Free Expression



Barnsley Nationalists – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of Lords

Eleanor Duckwall’s Spotlight – Geert Wilders Gives 55 Seconds of Truth

IB Islamic Forum – Blond bombshell Geert Wilders returns to Britain, looking for a fight

Blazing Cat Fur – Geert Wilders in London

Marc Vallee – EDL/Geert Wilders Protest – (05.03.10)

Joel Layden – Geert Wilders: showing my film was victory for freedom of speech

The National Interest – As Goes Holland . . .

Monsters and Critics – Far-right Dutch politician brings anti-Islam message to Britain

British Democracy Forum – EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders

Euronews – Far-right makes gains Dutch election

Republic Heritage – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party Gains Momentum Among Dutch

Red State Witch – Holland’s Best Hope: Geert Wilders

Fausty’s Libertarian Blog – Geert Wilders Interviewed by Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis

Scaramouche – Der Spiegel Joins the Wilders Gang-Bang

The Malaysian Business Tribune – Wilders: Future Dutch Premier spews venom against Islam in LondonInhuman toward other human how UMNO punishes those who call for justice

The Jimmy Z Show [ radio ]  – • THE JIMMY Z WEEKEND SPECIAL™

Klein Verzet – Wilders linkage – Do-over: Wilders to show Fitna in House of Lords – and Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010

Der Spiegel – Wilders, Not Islam, ‘Is Holland’s Biggest Problem’

Anorak News – When Geert Wilders Came To London: Pictures

Jihad Watch – Jihad enablers scuffle with police outside Wilders address at House of Lords

Earth Times – Dutch anti-Islam party makes gains ahead of national vote – Anti-Islam MP Makes Gains in Dutch Polls

Presseurop – How big can Geert Wilders get? – Anti-Islam party wins poll

EuropeNews – The Wilders Momentum – Geert Wilders vs. The Multicultural Inquisition – Video: Watch Geert Wilders Debate Islam on Dutch TV – Geert Wilders’ Speech in the House of Lords – Geert Wilders Slams Socialist Islamic Alliance – The Netherlands: Elections; Liberals, Wilders big winners

Press TV – Anti-Islam Dutch MP gains in local elections

Channel 4 News – Dutch far right party makes election gains

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch local elections – the results

Earth Times – ‘Tomorrow the whole country’ – Wilders on the rise – Feature

RFI English – Far-right shakes mainstream in local elections

NRC Handelsblad – Local elections overshadowed by national politics – Geert Wilders tells Newsnight that Europe has enough Islam

Swindon Nationalists – Unite Against Freedom only manage 50 activists for Geert Wilders protest

Akatra – Geert Wilders; A Victory for Secular and Civilised Europe.

Fear an Iarthair – Geert Wilders On Islam

Harry’s Place – Wilders, “Fitna” and liberal values

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Geert Wilders: Der radikale volkstribun

Impunity Watch – Dutch Local Elections Return Big Results for Xenophobic, anti-Islam Party

Free Republic – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of Lords

Infidels Are Cool – Geert Wilders UK Press Conference: “Islam is a Fascist Ideology, a Violent and Dangerous Religion”

 Reuters – Wilders three seats ahead of rivals in Dutch poll – and Dutch concerns over Islam, globalisation drive Wilders’ support – Anti-Islam film by Dutch MP Geert Wilders sparks ugly demonstrations

Doug Sanders, for the Globe and Mail – The scary world of Geert Wilders

Financial Times – Parliament to see anti-Islam film

The Sun – Anti-Islam film shown at Lords

The Independent – Islamophobia on tour: Wilders comes to Britain

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam leader sparks protests in London

NRC Handelsblad – Municipal elections leave nation fractured

The Washington Independent – A Far-Right Victory in the Netherlands

The New York Post – Anti-Islamization wins

Spiegel Online – ‘Wilders’ Voters Are the Disgruntled’

World Focus – Far-right Dutch party makes big gains in local elections

Euronews – Dutch far-right sees victory ahead

NIS News Bulletin – PVV, D66 winners, CDA loser in local elections

Presseurop – Wilders’ imaginary Eurabia

Hit & Run – Will the Next Dutch PM Be a “Hate Criminal”? – Anti-Islam party gains ground in Dutch local elections – Labour in the Hague rules out Wilders

The First Post – Far-right Geert Wilders looks like next Dutch PM

The Press Association – Islam and democracy incompatible – Wilders – and Wilders arrives to show anti-Islam film – Foothold for far right in Dutch local elections

Sky News – The Rise of the Right

The American Free Press – Dutch far-righter defends anti-Islam film in London

Assyrian International News Agency – Geert Wilders’ Victory in Holland’s Regional Elections is a Victory for Free Speech

Financial Times – Dutch local poll success puts Wilders closer to power – and Gains for far-right in Dutch elections

The Irish Times – Dutch elections

The Independent – Extreme right on the march in Europe’s most tolerant nation – and Peter Mair: Huge influx of immigrants has changed Dutch society forever

Times Online – Geert Wilders to show anti-Koran film in Lords

The Wall Street Journal – Victory For Minority Party In Holland Sows Concern – Keep the PVV’s Dutch gains in perspective

The Telegraph – Profile of Geert Wilders – and Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls

BBC News – The opportunity Geert Wilders has waited for

American Free Press – Dutch far-right breakthrough met with Muslim disbelief

ABC News – Anti-Islamic film shown in House of Lords – and Anti-Islamists gain ground in Dutch elections

The Associated Press – Dutch anti-Islam politician creates stir in UK – and Victorious Dutch anti-Islam politician back in UK

The Guardian – Geert Wilders anti-Islam film gets House of Lords screening

Dale Hurd – Watch Geert Wilders Debate Islam on Dutch TV

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders Slams Socialist Islamic Alliance

Rupee News – Wilders: Future Dutch Premier spews venom against Islam in London

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders press conference right after house of lords UK:


1: Introduction Lord Pearson/Caroline Cox
2  Position on Dutch troops in Afghanistan
3  About co-operation between PVV and UKIP
4. OIC
5. How he is under threat/death threats/Iviews on Islam – retarded culture
6.  Court Case in Holland
7.  Pearson on Freedom of Speech and GW security arrangements
8.  Reaction to FITNA in House of Lords
9.  Re violence and hate.  Mo was a “barbarian and pedophile”
10. Surveillance of mosques
11. Turkey in Europe
12. More re surveillance of mosques
13  More on Mo was a “barbarian and pedophile”
14  Islamic culture impeding on western identity
15  Re foreign funding of PVV
16  People free to leave
17 Pearson/Cox on Sharia
18 Jacquie Smith, Freedom of Information
19. BBC – Londonistan
20. How many attended FITNA screening?
21 Koran banning
22 Cordon Sanitaire
23 Koran v Donald Duck
24 Pearson/Cox – bullet proof car

Read the rest here – much video at the link.

BBC News – Dutch anti-Islamists makes key gains in local elections

The Montreal Gazette – Local balloting watched ahead of Dutch election

Deutsche Welle – Far-right makes gains in the Netherlands – and Anti-immigration parties set to make gains in Dutch elections

Associated Press – Dutch anti-immigration party gains ground in vote – and Dutch anti-immigrants set to make gains in vote

The Wall Street Journal – Anti-Immigrant Party Strong in Dutch Polls – Boost for Dutch Freedom party

Press TV – Brits protest anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker visit

The Spoof – Holland’s Geert Wilders proves that Holland is a land of “Cheese Eaters” and not “Kebab Eaters”!

Newser – Far-Right Triumph In Dutch Polls

Free Internet Press – Commentary: Wilders, Not Islam, ‘Is Holland’s Biggest Problem’ – Dutch anti-Islam politician creates stir in UK


AmSpecBlog – The Dutch Prepare to Make Politics Interesting

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – Anti-Islam Leader Does Well In Dutch Vote

The Guardian – Geert Wilders’s election success could be a mini-earthquake – Far-right celebrates breakthrough in Dutch polls – and Dutch anti-Islam MP defends film in UK

The Straits Times – Wilders to show anti-Islam film

Mail Online – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of Lords – Anti-Wilders protesters arrested in London:

Police in London have arrested some 50 activists who were protesting against the Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders. The anti-fascist demonstrators were being kept apart from some 200 people showing their support for Mr Wilders near parliament. Mr Wilders, who has just won landslide victories in local elections in the Netherlands, is to show his anti-Islam film Fitna in the House of Lords later on Saturday.

 Read the rest here.

The Himalayan Times – Dutch lawmaker in London to show anti-Islam film

The Northfield Patriot – Unite Against Freedom only manage 50 activists for Geert Wilders protest

London Review Blog – Down the Polder Drains

NewsReal – Diana West Discusses Geert Wilders’ Victory, Women’s Rights, Islamic Oppression On Russia TV – Host Alyona Minkovsky Turns A Tin Ear

The Independent – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: British Muslims are running out of friends – Labour, CDA, neck and neck in new poll – Islam in Europe—Beginning of the Backlash?

Anorak News – Geert Wilders On The BBC: Video And Pictures – Radical Dutch politician’s visit to London causes revolts

Progressive Geopolitics Examiner – Islam in Europe: At the movies with the House of Lords

TheNational – Ultra-right gains ground in the Netherlands – 50 arrested in clashes outside Parliament

IBTimes – Anti-fascism campaigners oppose Geert Wilders who says he hates Islamism – not Muslims

Morning Star – Anti-racists confront fascist’s supporters:

By John Millington

Anti-fascist demonstrators have blockaded the road outside Parliament in an attempt to prevent a march in support of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The Freedom Party leader, who attempted to enter the country last February but was detained on landing at Heathrow airport, was in Parliament yesterday at the invitation of UK Independence Party leader Lord Pearson and cross-bencher Baroness Cox to show his anti-Islamic film Fitna at the House of Lords.

Police arrested several protesters from a group who gathered in Millbank in a bid to stop the far-right English Defence League marching past Parliament in support of Mr Wilders.

Read the rest here.

The Black Kettle – Dutch patriot Geert Wilders’ interview with RT

The Loyal Opposition – Geert Wilders and the West on trial

Worldwide Liberty – Dutch Libertarian Geert Wilders interviewed by American Libertarian Bruce Bawer

Monkey in the Middle – The Geert Wilders Speech To Britain’s House of Lords

Wigan Patriot – Geert Wilders – News Night

The Conservative Blog – Why I find Geert Wilder’s words so crass but, mournfully, so true

U.S. Copts Association – Geert Wilders’ Victory in Holland’s Regional Elections is a Victory for Free Speech

Global Brief – Geert Wilders – Terrorism’s Best Friend – Geert Wilders On The BBC: Video And Pictures

International Civil Liberties Alliance – Geert Wilders’ Press Conference, London, 5 March 2010

Libertarian Republican – Euro-Libertarian Geert Wilders interviewed by American Libertarian Bruce Bawer

Muslim Activism Network – Geert Wilders anti-Islam film gets House of Lords screening

Weasel Zippers – Poll: Geert Wilders Lead Widens, Now 3 Seats Ahead of Rivals For Upcoming National Elections….

Developing your Web presence – Geert Wilders and Israel: a Love Affair – PVV firm over headscarf ban in Almere

Human Events – SEALs Case Shows How Terrorists Use ‘Lawfare’ to Undermine U.S.

Charles Johnson on True/Slant – Shocka! Glenn Beck Says Geert Wilders is ‘Far Right’, and the Far Right is ‘Fascist’


Avoid the Bias – Video: Geert Wilders vs Wouter Bos from the Netherlands and House of Lords debate Geert Wilders’ banning from entering Britain

Weasel Zippers – Glenn Beck Losing Me: Insinuates Geert Wilders is a Fascist…

Assoluta Tranquillita – The Geert Wilders Speech To Britain’s House of Lords

Texas Rant-A-Center – Geert Wilders speaks the truth about Islam, again

Religio-Political Talk – Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ Press Conferance

Ron’s Bloviating – Geert Wilders Speaks to the House of Lords

Texas Broadside – Geert Wilders gives a hard-hitting Press Conference in London

SIOE Stop Islamization Of Europe – Geert Wilders speech at the house of Lords

Enough Room Video – Geert Wilders on Islam

Zionist Anti-Communist – Neo-Nazis Trashing Geert Wilders On Russia Today’s Own YouTube Channel

JamulBlog – Geert Wilders at the House of Lords…

Futurist Transhuman News Blog – Geert Wilders gives a hard-hitting Press Conference in London

Idiot’s Guide To Islam – Geert Wilders & Alfred Dreyfus Trials Part 214

ACGR’s “News With Attitude” – Geert Wilders Speech at the House of Lords

Top Conservative Blogs – Geert Wilders speaks

The Green Arrow – Geert Wilders Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010

Pakistan Ledger – Geert Wilders leads in Dutch polls

Vlad Tepes – Geert Speaks to Russia Today

Sarah Maid of Albion – Geert Wilders Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010

Felix’s Posterous – ‘Anti-Koran’ Controversy: Geert Wilders’ notorious movie sparks outrage in London – FURY AS FAR-RIGHT LEADER FACES DEMO

21st Century British Nationalism – The UKIP Challenge

Yellow Stars Euroblog – Geert Wilders as a threat to Dutch freedom


Vlad Tepes – Diana West speaks on Geert Wilders on Russian TV

Persevere – The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Wilders to take council seat in the Hague

Catholic-Politics-Health-Quilts – Geert Wilders speech in the House of Lords

Full Comment – Chris Selley’s Full Pundit: Michael Ignatieff’s past is a different country

Developing your Web presence – When Harry met Geert…

Las Vegas Sun – Dutch anti-Islam politician creates stir in UK – Dutch far-right MP to take council seat in The Hague:

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will take a seat on the municipal council of The Hague where his party came second in municipal polls last week, the city said Monday.“I can confirm that Mr Wilders will take a seat on the council,” a spokeswoman for the municipality, Tina Ehrami, told AFP.

Wilders had listed himself in the 20th and last spot of his Party for Freedom’s (PVV) list of candidates for elections in The Hague, where it took 16.8 percent of the vote and eight seats out of 45 on the municipal council.

Read the rest here.

EU-Digest – Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage abusing the liberties of free speech

The First Post – Far-right Geert Wilders looks like next Dutch PM

Fausty’s Libertarian Blog – Geert Wilders: Speech at the House of Lords


Luke – Geert Wilders

Watching The Nation – Geert Wilders For President

Counterculture Con HQ – Geert Wilders: Islam’s Most Wanted

Serkadis – Geert Wilders Press Conference, House of Lords, London, 5th March 2010

Mark Steyn, in NRO”s The Corner – Here’s Your Clogs and What’s Your Hurry? 

Vlad Tepes – Video on voting fraud,Muslim areas of Holland

The Right Scoop – Glenn Beck foolishly calls Geert Wilders a fascist – UPDATE: Is this a pattern at FNC?

The Other McCain – WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?! Fox News Smears Geert Wilders? UPDATE: A Completely Crazy Idea

The Power of Blog – Geert Wilders: Speech at the House of Lords

AConservativeEdge – Geert Wilders: ‘The Left is facilitating Islamization’

Greg L-W – #G274* – EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders

Instapundit – March 8, 2010

FOX News – Is Eric Massa Part of the Problem or Solution?

NewsReal – When Fox News Might as Well Be MSNBC: Special Report Trashes Geert Wilders

Mark Steyn, in NRO’s The Corner – Out of Dutch:

These aren’t words one has cause to type terribly often, but I think Charles Krauthammer is being deeply naïve in his observations on Geert Wilders (as, reportedly, was Glenn Beck, to whom I am otherwise well disposed, not least because he liked my Christmas single).

Wilders does not need to be lectured condescendingly about distinctions within Islam, because he lives with them every day. And he has concluded, notwithstanding Dr. Krauthammer’s views on the precise “minority” that identifies as “Islamist,” that Islam itself is the issue — and that, therefore, regardless of the “moderation” of the “overwhelming majority” of Muslims, the more Islam the less Netherlands in any recognizable sense. Are the gangs of gay bashers on the streets of Amsterdam “Islamist” by Krauthammer’s definition? Maybe, maybe not. But, either way, they make the running, and the rest of the community is either indifferent or quiescent.

Read the rest here.

Jihad Watch – Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist, endorses ban on his entering UK

Diana West – Fox News: Best Investment Saudi Prince Talal Ever Made

Power Line – A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing  – and Geert Wilders speaks

Islam and Christianity – Geert Wilders: Stop all Muslim immigration to Europe

Riehl World View – Updated w/ Video: Glenn Beck Labels Geert Wilders A Fascist?

Islamization Watch – Geert Wilders speaks to Russia Today TV [Video]

Israel Matzav – Wilders speaks to the House of Lords

Islam in Europe – London: Geert Wilders calls to stop Muslim immigration

The Greenroom – VIDEO: Why Are Glenn Beck and Fox News Attacking Dutch Leader Geert Wilders?

Atlas Shrugs [including video] – Glenn Beck, think before you preach

Jason O’Mahony – Geert Wilders: The first truly European politician?

NRO’s The Corner – Krauthammer’s Take – London: Geert Wilders call to stop Muslim immigration

Neptunus Lex – Out of the Wilders-ness

PA Pundits – YouTube – PVV Geert Wilders Press Conference , House of Lords, London, 5th March 2010 Part 3

Little Green Footballs – Shocka! Glenn Beck Says Geert Wilders is ‘Far Right’, and the Far Right is ‘Fascist’



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