The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

7 03 2010

Alright, here we go.

Weblog GeertWilders – Geert Wilders socks it to the socialist Islam appeasers:

Speech by Geert Wilders at the PVV evening in Almere

Dear People,

First, a general notice. If people from the PvdA (Socialists) are present tonight: here is a message for you. At the end of the speech, I will hand out the speech in Arabic so that you can understand what I have said.[1]

For a long time the PvdA has not spoken the language of the common man or woman. The party of Wouter Bos speaks Arabic. By now you will certainly have read about the PvdA election pamphlet being distributed in Arabic. But do you also know what it says? Have you been able to read it? Probably not. Well, I have tried to translate it for you, and is says something like: “Me Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, you get nice benefits, you like-um, we Hollandie pay everything nice.”

In other words: bring over your whole family, because money grows on trees here. The PvdA takes good care of its voting-cattle.

Ladies and gentlemen, how great it is to be here in Almere [map], how great it is to be in the new land [land reclaimed (map) in the 1950s-60s]. This evening, of course, it is about the elections next Wednesday in the city of Almere. I will say a few things about that later on — also about the superb work of our party leader Raymond de Roon and his fantastic team in this beautiful city. But I also want to share a few other things with you. Maybe you have heard that the Cabinet fell recently.

Read the rest here.

Winds of Jihad – “Geert Wilders Just Like Hitler”- p # 2367

21st Century British Nationalism – Zionists Versus Dhimmi’s

Counter-Jihad Alliance – The Martyrs of Cordoba – Gates of Vienna – Dispatch 6.2: Let me draw you a picture, rather than a cartoon

Jihad Watch – Now we have our anti-jihad theme song

Gates of Vienna – The Martyrs of Cordoba

How to discuss Islam with Muslims – Islam 101 from Geert Wilders

A Dutchman in Malaysia – Elections

Charlotte Conservative News – More indications Geert Wilders may be gaining for coming elections

Minnesota Prager Discussion Group – Europe News on Geert Wilders Trial

Greenie Watch – Geert Wilders

Wilders On Trial – Geert Wilders and European Democracy

Winds of Jihad – Geert Wilders Causes Islamic Terrorism! – Geert Wilders Speaks: Muslims & Tolerance (Part 2 Of 2)

The First Post – The anti-immigration pol who wants to lead Dutch

I Luv South Africa – Return to the Dark Ages – and Why The Netherlands is Not Fit to be Part of Europe

Israpundit – News and Views of Interest

Mediasculp – Local Dutch Elections

Man’s Role in History-Man Life and Philosophy of Existence – Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vlad Tepes – **** HIDDEN CAMERA AT GEERT WILDERS TRIAL!!! [English Subs] ****

Pete’s Place – Unveiling the truth behind Shariah

Tony Blair – Smile please, ‘Troof’ Seekers. Geert Wilders is ON TRIAL for telling the truth

Solomania – Friday, February 19, 2010


The Barb Wire – Speech by Geert Wilders, the Netherlands

Europe News – The EDL will defend Geert Wilders – and Right and Left upside down: Geert Wilders and the Tea Party Movement

Fausty’s Libertarian Blog – Geert Wilders socks it to the socialist Islam appeasers

Weasel Zippers – Netherlands: Geert Wilders Proposes Hijab Ban in Government Funded Institutions…

Atlas Shrugs – The English Defense League …… in their own words

The Muslim News – The Netherlands: Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague

1st Gov – Weasel Zippers: Netherlands: Geert Wilders Proposes Hijab Ban in …

The Weoley Castle Patriot – If the church and violent organisations like the U.A.F get their way,it will become the darkest day in history for this country and others in Europe.

A Western Heart – Geert Wilders

Ahmadiyya Times – Pakistan and the ‘Ahmadis’: The right to believe

Avid Editor’s Insights – Baroness Cox of the House of Lords on the 1992 Azeri Pogrom Against the Armenian Village of Maraghar

Gates of Vienna – Submission to a Totalitarian Thought-System

Yellow Stars Euroblog – Netherlands Government falls over Afghanistan

Propeller – Geert Wilders (Exposer of Islam), is in a Win/Win Situation

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders Slams Socialist Islamic Alliance

Infidel Blogger’s Alliance – Netherlands: Geert Wilders Proposes Hijab Ban in Government Funded Institutions

Islamization Watch – Votes for Shari’a: This secretive political Islamic agenda must be taken seriously: UK

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders TV debate

Our Changing Landscape – “We are here for the Netherlands, we are here for the people”

Patriot’s Corner – Geert Wilders coming to England to support the EDL

Western Civ is Here to Stay! – Baroness Cox of the House of Lords on the 1992 Azeri Pogrom Against the Armenian Village of Maraghar

Politics of Israel – Geert Wilders socks it to the socialist Islam appeasers

Persevere – The EDL will defend Geert Wilders

Seaspook’s Rants – Which Book is More Vile the Quran or Mein Kampf


Weblog GeertWilders – Now we have our anti-jihad theme song

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders, drugs, green issues dominate Dutch local elections

Berlin gegen Krieg – Heftige Reaktionen gegen Geert Wilders in den Niederlanden

Derby Patriot – Monday, 1 March 2010

The St. Charlian Observer – Dresner’s comments not welcomed positively

Gulf Times – Dutch municipal polls tomorrow

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch political leaders clash in debate

EU-Digest – Almere Municipal Elections – test case of what lies ahead for Netherlands Politics

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – “Floral commandos” protest at Freedom Party:

Over 80 people protested against the Freedom Party in the Dutch town of Almere on Sunday. Almere is one of the two places where Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamic Freedom Party is standing for office in the Dutch municipal elections on 3 May.

Right-wing candidates have been doing well in Almere since the elections 2002 and the latest polls show that the Freedom Party will probably become the largest party in the town council. However, not all inhabitants of Almere believe the party will be making changes for the better.

A group of Almere’s youngsters organised a ‘floral pyjama march’ Sunday. The march was a response to suggestion by Sietse Fritsma, the Freedom Party’s main candidate in The Hague of “deploying city commandos to end the reign of street terror by Moroccan youths”.

Read the rest here.

Dutch Political Report – Dutch Political Leaders Clash in Last Debate Before Elections

James Edwards – Ernst Zundel is released from prison – Free Speech as a Casualty of Intimidation

Gates of Vienna – The Internal Enemy

Druhl’s Dialogue – European Reaction to the Netherlands’ Muslim Problem?

Baby Steps for British Eccentric – just thinking n writting

Vlad Tepes – Dutch Election Night News

AePiot – Chile calls for aid, looters break quake curfew – Sydney Morning Herald – NEWS from around the world – Israel English Italia Kenia Magyarorszag Malaysia Mexico Namibia Nederland New Zealand Nigeria – Geert Wilders Seeks Hijab Ban at the Hague

Islamization Watch – Dutch Political Uncertainty Boosts “Far-Right” Party [Audio]

Matthew Yglesias – Karadzic’s Defense


Neerlandsch Nog Wat – Grrr

The Battle For Britain – GEERT WILDERS ARRIVES IN UK, ON COURSE TO BECOME DUTCH PM. – Pat Condell’s Thoughts On The Geert Wilders Case

Possess the Gates Ministries of Wisconsin – Islam/Koran(Qu’ran) Terrorism Connection (Wisconsin is not immune)

Ramparts 360 – The essence of failed counterinsurgency tactics

The Watchdog – Classic – Two days to go, election campaigning picks up:


In Almere, a number of shopkeepers report being told to take down election posters for the fringe party NDP by men claiming to be from Geert Wilders anti-immigration party PVV.

‘I was phoned and told to take down a poster otherwise I would get a stone through the window,’ shopkeeper Cor Valies told the Parool.

Some 100 people dressed in pjamas covered with flowers took part in an anti-Wilders demonstration in the polder city at the weekend.

Read the rest here.

British Democracy Forum – Thread: Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague…

Mark Steyn, in NRO’s The Corner – Cover Version

Free Canuckistan – Steynian 406nd

Five Feet Of Fury – Geert Wilders will attempt to re-enter UK this Friday – and What the Tea Party movement can learn from Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – The Imam says Geert Wilders is Hitler

State Ethics – Patriotism = xenophobia

Mark Steyn, for NRO’s The Corner – Fringe Benefits:

Putting to one side the stupidity of the Dutch establishment in attempting to criminalize legitimate political opposition, one is struck by the media boilerplate: Wilders is the “extreme” “far-right” “fringe”, but the parties he beats are the “mainstream”? That there is a lot of what’s wrong with the European political discourse. Maybe he only seems so “extreme” and “far” because you’re the one out on the fringe.

Read the rest here.

Time Mag – How the War in Afghanistan Sank the Dutch Government

Euronews – Dutch vote in local elections after government collapse

Financial Times – Gains for far-right in Dutch elections

The Guardian – Big gains for far-right leader Geert Wilders as Dutch go to the polls:

Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right anti-immigrant maverick, scored big gains in yesterday’s local elections in the Netherlands, according to projections last night, indicating he may dominate the political scene in the run-up to the general election in three months.

Yesterday’s poll, 10 days after the centrist coalition government collapsed, was seen as a gauge of the national mood ahead of the national elections on 9 June.

Wilders last night claimed a big victory, predicting: “We are going to conquer the entire country … We are going to be the biggest party in the country.”

With almost 400 local authorities being contested, the focus was on only two areas – The Hague and Almere, in the centre of the country – because of the campaign by the anti-Muslim populist to establish his Freedom party in local government for the first time.

According to early results this morning, he won in Almere and came second to the Dutch Labour party in The Hague, the only two places the Freedom Party was running because of a lack of resources and candidates.

Read the rest here.

Capital News – Dutch go to polls

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Anti-Islam party makes major gains

Araminta Wordsworth, for the National Post’s Full Comment – Anti-Islamic Dutch leader gets his say in London

Ed West – Is Geert Wilders the new William of Orange?

Reuters – Wilders taps Dutch discontent, bares political cracks

Small Dead Animals – Free Geert Wilders – The Wilders effect:

We should not forget an overwhelming majority of people did not vote for Geert Wilders in the Hague and Almere, writes Robin Pascoe.

The results of Wednesday’s local elections are pretty much as had been expected, with Geert Wilders’ PVV emerging as the big winner. But before we get too carried away about the Netherlands swing to the far right, perhaps we should put it all into a little perspective.

After all, it became very clear before the vote that Wilders has no intention of actually getting involved in local government. He has made a ban on headscarves a central part of any coalition negotiations, something which he knows no other party supports.

So he has already effectively ruled the PVV out of any active role in local government. Wilders can continue to go on about left-wing multiculti whatever from the sidelines and focus all his attention on the national elections in June.

Read the rest here.

Steyn Online – Politiken as usual

Diana West – Geert Wilders at the House of Lords

…On The Edge – YouTube – Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 2 of 2

Mark Steyn, for NRO’s The Corner – Disexceptionalizing America

Paul Belien, for the Brussels Journal – The Wilders Momentum:

Yesterday’s local elections in the Netherlands resulted in a victory for the Freedom Party (PVV) of opposition leader Geert Wilders. On June 9th the Dutch will again be called to the voting booths for the general elections. Yesterday’s outcome reinforces the PVV’s momentum, which may result in a political landslide next June with repercussions all over Europe. In yesterday’s local elections – the first ever in which Wilders’ party, established as recently as 2007, participated – the PVV became the biggest party in Almere and the second party in The Hague, two of the country’s major cities. The PVV won 21.6% of the votes in Almere and 16.9% in The Hague. The parties of the left had mobilized Muslim immigrants to come out and vote against Wilders. Many of them did so.

The Hague and Almere were the only two municipalities where the PVV fielded candidates for yesterday’s local elections. The PVV would also have done well in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities, but decided not to run there. Wilders is leading a young party which still lacks a solid local structure. Rather than concentrating on quantity and fielding candidates wherever he could, even if he was not sure about the candidates’ background and talents, Wilders concentrated on quality. He could not afford to take the risk that in the three months remaining until June 9th, local PVV newcomers might discredit the PVV’s good reputation.

Wilders is a shrewd but cautious political strategist. He has learned from the experience of the LPF, the party of the late Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. In many respects Fortuyn stood for the same ideas as Wilders. After Fortuyn’s assassination the LPF fell apart in quarrelling factions. In 2007 the party lost its 8 seats in Parliament, while the PVV gained 9 seats in the first parliamentary elections in which it participated.

Read the rest here.

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders Speech to the House of Lords, London – Is Geert Wilders the new William of Orange? – Watch Geert arrive in UK live EDL-TV – and Geert Wilders interviewed on Serbian TV

Gates of Vienna – Dutch Election Night News – and The PVV Wins in Almere

De Telegraaf – Wilders: Morgen heel Nederland – ‘Niets te vrezen voor moslims Almere’ – and Leefbaar Rotterdam wil hertelling

Weblog GeertWilders – Speech van Geert Wilders – Turnout 56% as polls close

Winnipeg Free Press – Early returns show anti-immigration party win in Dutch city

Vlad Tepes – State owned media and incitement to murder

Rugfish and politics – We Don’t Need Filth Like Cameron in British Politics

Gates of Vienna – Then and Now: Part Eight – Balkenende rules out coalition with Labour

Weblog GeertWilders – Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010:

Thank you. It is great to be back in London. And it is great that this time, I got to see more of this wonderful city than just the detention centre at Heathrow Airport.

Today I stand before you, in this extraordinary place. Indeed, this is a sacred place. This is, as Malcolm always says, the mother of all Parliaments, I am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to speak before you.

Thank you Lord Pearson and Lady Cox for your invitation and showing my film ‘Fitna’. Thank you my friends for inviting me.

Read the rest here.

English Defence League – Geert Wilders in London – Free Speech Defended – Press Review Tuesday 2 March 2010

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Ob andere uns glaubn, spielt kein Rolle: Islamkritiker Geert Wilders uber Friheit und westliche Werte

All24News – All eyes on far-right Geert Wilders as Dutch go to the polls

Atlas Shrugs – And the winner is… Geert Wilders: “We are going to conquer the entire country”

Dale Hurd – Riot Watch: Wilders to Show Fitna in London Friday – FEARS ON WILDERS’ UK VISIT

Islamic News – At the election in hijab – the answer of the Dutch Wilders | World | News |

American Renaissance News – All Eyes on Far-Right Geert Wilders As Dutch Go to the Polls

Afro-Europe International Blog – A Dutch black woman celebrating a right wing victory?

Times Online – Blond bombshell Geert Wilders returns to Britain, looking for a fight:

Boyish, topped with a bouffant mane of bleached blond hair, cheerful and cherubic, Geert Wilders is the unlikely new face of the far Right in Europe. But appearances are deceptive. The leader of the Dutch anti-immigration Freedom Party has emerged as one of the most divisive politicians in Europe, the purveyor of a virulent brand of anti-Islamic rhetoric that calls for a tax on Islamic headscarves and a ban on the Koran, which he likens to Mein Kampf.

Mr Wilders is facing trial in a Dutch court for “inciting hatred”. Last year he was banned from Britain and turned away at Heathrow when he arrived here planning to show his short film, an incendiary anti-Islamic diatribe that the Dutch Prime Minister described as serving “no purpose other than to offend”.

On Friday, after successfully appealing against the Home Office ban, Mr Wilders will return to Britain at the invitation of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) to show his controversial film to an invited audience at the House of Lords. The English Defence League is expected to demonstrate in his support and Muslim groups are all but certain to mount protests.

Read the rest here.


Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Before the vote: Wilders wins Dutch local elections

The Guardian – Big gains for far-right leader Geert Wilders as Dutch go to the polls

Gold Investment Stocks – Blond bombshell Geert Wilders returns to Britain, looking for a fight

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Instapundit – March 3, 2010

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LaurenceJarvikOnline – Dutch Election Victory for Geert Wilders – Liberal parties big winners in local elections

Greetje Greets You – Local Elections

London The – A Dutch black woman celebrating a right wing victory?

Mix Mode – Municipal Elections in the Netherlands

The Independent – Wilders party set for gains in Dutch poll

Daniel Hannan – Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage test the limits of free speech

Gates of Vienna – Wilders Wins the TV Debate

Covenant Zone – Geert Wilders at Westminster – Pension age increase declared controversial

Persevere – Wilders’ Best Witness

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Polling stations open early in the Netherlands

Today’s Zaman – Press Roundup

Infidels Paradise – Prosecuting Geert Wilders for “Islamophobia” is Having An Opposite Effect On Dutch Politics – Reuters World News Highlights at 0600 GMT, March 4

The Green Arrow – Shafted up the Rear by Islam and Political Cowardice

KitmanTV – Hidden Camera at Geert Wilders Trial

Patriot’s Corner – Maybe this dork needs a good old fashioned Islamic stoning to clear his head

VolNation – The Geert Wilders trial in the Netherlands,

The Jawa Report – The Islamic Republic of Britain

FrontPage Mag – Wilders’ Best Witness:

As the trial of Geert Wilders for insulting Islam moves forward in the Netherlands, the one witness that could clear him of these charges will not be called.

Muhammad Taqi Usmani is a highly respected and well-known expert on Islamic law who served for 20 years as a Sharia judge on Pakistan’s Supreme Court. He is quite possibly the world’s most influential Islamist thinker and writer outside of the Middle East. Usmani is a frequent visitor to Britain, where his monograph Islam and Modernism caused a great deal of controversy.

Why is Usmani so important for the purposes of Wilders’ trial? Simply put, Usmani’s interpretation of Islamic doctrine as it concerns  non-believers is the same as Wilders’. Indeed, the critical lesson to be gleaned from Usmani’s work bolsters the very argument that Wilders is on trial for making – namely, that the doctrine of jihad, as expounded in Islamic texts, inherently poses a threat to Western civilization. In fact, Osama Bin Laden made the exact same point in a lengthy essay entitled “Moderate Islam is a Prostration to the West” (reproduced in Raymond Ibrahinm’s The al Qaeda Reader).

Read the rest here. – The paper clip, 2 March

Weasel Zippers – British Government Relents, Will Allow Geert Wilders to Enter Country, Planning to Screen “Fitna” in House of Lords…


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Before It’s News – English Defence League to protect “Free Speech” MP Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch local elections – the results:

The big winners in the Netherlands local elections on Wednesday: the D66 democrats and Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party, which made major gains. The GreenLeft party also did well. But the biggest percentage of votes went to independent parties and candidates.

The Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour Party, the two parties responsible for the fall of the Dutch cabinet two weeks ago, both lost a large number of seats in the municipal council.The biggest loser of the night was the Socialist Party, which saw much of its popularity of four years ago vanish.

Read the rest here.

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Square Mile Wife – Today in London – All Kinds of Crazy Part 1:

The EDL crowd was supposed to meet at 1pm at a specified location to have their signs checked and meet with their organizers and police officials. I was not there when this happened. Instead I was at parliament where the anti-EDL crowd began to gather. This was a typical left-wing crowd, however there were a large number of people just standing around on the sidewalk away from this group, taking everything in. As there was some concern that people were using a nearby park to sneak around and cause trouble police closed the park and would not let people leave or enter it. According to one officer the anti-EDL group applied too late for a permit to protest – however the police agreed to accomodate them anyway within a specified time frame, which of course they did not stick to. The group was blocking traffic and refused to disband when ordered to by police (they wanted them to disband in order to avoid a major confrontation with the EDL – b/c they were refusing the police at a separate location were holding back the EDL from starting their march, which they had a permit for). This is when the trouble began – although I would not consider this ‘major.’ Essentially there was a bunch of pushing, shoving, being general jackasses towards the police, refusing to leave, sitting down on the road, etc. Police did their best to control and contain the situation, amidst screams of ‘you can’t touch me,’ ‘you are protecting nazis,’ ‘f*ck the police,’ ‘shame on you,’ etc. A reporter who was closer to the kerfuffle (hey I don’t get paid to do this so I try to go home injury free) told me that one protestor had been injured and while police medics were trying to help the individual, others started pushing and shoving the police. The end result of this was police hauling certain trouble making individuals away, one by one, and loading them onto a bus (one cop per detained individual on the bus, what a nice buddy system), which was filled and then driven away. The remaining protestors were pushed on the sidewalk where they were held back by police – they were eventually ordered to disperse with many leaving and a few heading up closer to parliament. During the scuffles with police (who were not even wearing riot gear) the a good portion of the crowd was chanting “No justice, no peace, f*ck the police.” However, once the individuals were loaded on the bus with the police, a small crowd gathered at the bus clapping, cheering ,and shouting “Unite and fight.” What happened to peace?
This crowd was typical left wing, Socialist Worker was for sale, trade unions were there with flags, people of all ages but mainly young communist types.

Read the rest here, including pictures.

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders Victory March in London: BE THERE TODAY LONDON

Get Some News – Geert Wilders to show anti-Koran film in Lords

The Gates of Hell – Geert Wilders’s party wins seat in Dutch elections

Islamophobia Watch – Geert Wilders on course to be next Dutch prime minister 

Square Mile Wife –Today in London – All Kinds of Crazy Part Two:

After the anti-EDL people were detained, dispersed, or just went away, the EDL was ushered in by the police. They were ‘fired up’ but appeared relatively orderly. However when 3 young kids (late teens) began taunting them from right beside where I was standing (why are these people always drawn to me???) the rear of the crowd went wild, yelling and screaming and clearly trying to push through the police line and engage with the youngsters. In the end, nobody broke through the police line and the march continued. (Sidenote: These three ‘youths’ were black and Arab – and had been in the anti-EDL crowds, I had seen them before and they were clearly looking for a fight. Of course the fact that some of the EDL crowd lashed out seemed to be undeniable proof to bystanders that they were racist thugs.) Which brings me to the trouble with the EDL. SMW read their website with regards to this protest, and read the instructions given to member that their signs would be screened and that chanting things like “who the f*ck is allah” were not appropriate, however after watching the EDL for several hours today I am still convinced that it is part of hooligan culture. I do believe that there are a number of people in the EDL who love England, love English culture (real English culture) and who want to preserve it, and who want to ensure that the increasing influence of Islamists in the UK is stopped. But after that they lose me. Many of these men (and there were some women there too) appear to be working class folk who are extremely frustrated with the current situation. who are turning to the EDL as their voice. [Sidenote: Unlike in the past where EDL protestors have worn balaclavas, I did not see a single one today, nor did I see more than a couple of people on either side of the protest who had their face covered with a scarf.] The problem with the EDL is that it taps into hooligan culture (for my N/A readers I mean football hooliganism – if you are not familiar with it rent the movie Green Street). The EDL’s apparel is pretty familiar to some of the stuff you can for football clubs, they sing variations of football chants (as they did today), and they were also using various gestures today that are commonly used at football matches. What is the problem with this? Well, a little cheer is not a problem but when you are tapping into a culture that is based on street fighting and violence you are likely going to attract hooligans and people who are looking for a good fight. It really takes away from any legitmacy some of your arguments might have.

Read the rest here, including pictures.

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7 03 2010

Perhaps you should read my blog before lining to it…. The Blog I Miss My Holland is an outcry against Geert Wilders, certainly not a defense of Geert Wilders… Please remove the ,ink from your blog…

7 03 2010
walker morrow

Oh, ok. I like to link to critics of Geert Wilders as well as his supporters, but if you don’t want to be linked by a site like this, that’s cool. I’ll remove the link right now.

9 03 2010
Persevere » Blog Archive » The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

[…] The Weekly Wilders Round-Up. News and Video’s. for more click here […]

14 04 2010

It is perhaps easy to assume many things based on the “image” that is now what the public know as Geert Wilders and his quasi-party the PVV. Filtering out the propoganda from and directed towards Wilders is in fact a task, what his well-oiled information machine creates, what the local and international media wants to make shine for copy-sales, what the far-right radical movement says, what the mainstream victims of Wilders say to protect themselves and even the radical Muslims that capitalize for their own dark purposes. All, of course, say something.

If you do however filter out all the emotion, propoganda and agendas there is a picture and it is not good for Wilders.

Wilders argues that he is not anti-Muslim but is anti-Islam and anti-Qur’an – though it does not take a degree or a wake-up-call to know that they are all the one and the same and you cannot take one from the other.

Wilders says his trial is about freedom of speech and it is a political case. Wilders was charged by the office of public prosecution and it was checked and approved to continue three times by different independent judiciary as justified to proceed to court. Add to that the court system in The Netherlands has the highest reputation in Europe of being fiercely independant and a-political.

Continuing on the case, the charges are insighting hatred against 1) the Islamic community in The Netherlands and 2) the Moroccan-Dutch community. The topic and of course strictly considered by the court system is and will be based on the laws against incitement to target anamosity, collective punishement and danger to the lives and standard of living of that community (my translation). As you can see, freedom of speech is not the charge or the topic.

Speaking of freedom of speech “no matter what” which is the words often espoused by Geert Wilders AND he says he would die for that concept – to be honest is a farce. In The Netherlands we have had three times in the last two years serious debate and legal issues on the subjectof holocaust denial which is a crime under similar laws to what Wilders is being charged under. Just this last month a Muslim newspaper was fine for placing a denial cartoon.

Were was Wilders in all these cases? He should have turned up to the court case against the newspaper supporting their freedom of speech “no matter what” as he claims to champion more than his own life! He did not. When the subject of making it not an offence in parliament, he avoided being in the Chamber altogether probably fearing being asked his opinion.

Wilders simply put has double-standards in most of his rhetoric. He now avoids using the word “democracy” because the public is all now aware that his own party the PVV is not a democracy. Abusing the rather antiquated and rediculous laws in our country in what makes a political party, he is simply the undisputed “leader” and there is no debate, voting or involvement in policies and in fact any decision making. Becoming a candidate for seats does not even come from the rank and file faithful but is advertised often in the press.

The rank and file is now also in question, as is his support. In vast conflict with the image of “the saviour” or “Wilders the next PM”, the reality is that the PVV and Wilders is hard finding support, control and even dandidates. The Telegraph just a few days ago pointed out that there it was hard-pressed to find candidates which is far from the image of major if not overwhelming support and that they are more and more linked to the far-right and extremists. Today’s Telegraph also pointed out that:

“number five on the list, Gid Markuszower has come under intense press scrutiny for carrying a gun in public at celebrations to mark 60 years since the founding of Israel at the Rai exhibition centre in Amsterdam two years ago. … was also the Dutch spokesman for right-wing Israeli party Likud.”

As discussed above to a degree, the PVV has had success in local elections (and a limited number) but has found it impossible to find coalition partners to actually become part of council and have authority. Historically the Dutch population has made a clear difference to how it votes in local municipal elections and what it choses in national. They are basically happy to make protest votes at that level but understand the importance of mainstream cohesive government at the national level. With all the propoganda and media blasting, Labour is still the most popular, the CDA has lost a bit along with the liberal VVD and the real winner may be D66.

Rather than go on forever in this comment, as there is enough information, the point here is that the PVV and Wilders is a questionable and dangerous front based on popularism, nationalism and hidden extremism. Often it is the creater of the scandal by being a provocateur to what is in fact a common and Europe-wide social-economic problem by turning it into a race issue, waiting for the result and then denouncing it as “I told you so”. That pattern is common place – Wilders (whom has the lowest debate and presence level in the Chamber) would make an outrageous comment then wait for the shouts and search out for an unacceptable reply from a known radical group and then that “told you so” comes out.

Some say that Wilders should be ignored and that is correct if it is done in total, but it has gone to far and thus he is not being ignored at all. The more scandal, his professional team of propogandists that mimmick skirting the grey-areas of acceptability with expertise, capitalize to the fullest and the hungry scandal-hunting media gobble it up. Wilders is for that reason a danger and they hid behind missinformation to a population that relly on a media quality that no longer exists.

If the PVV does keep the seats that the polling companies say, it will have nothing to do with Wilders’ stance, policy or his hair and then there will be three or four years of dozen or so MPs making a mockery of our seat of government.

(The author is from the centre right, demands stronger integration laws and tighter immigration restrictions. What he is not, is a dangerous quasi-nationalist….)

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