Advice for Geert Wilders

24 01 2010

A reader CC’s:

Dear Mr. Wilders,

I am sorry to hear about your unjust persecution, and have been following it up. I am not a lawyer, but I have been thinking about your case very strongly. As an ex-Muslim woman, I would suggest that you argue strongly for the ‘intention’ i.e motive of your comments. Being brought up as a Muslim woman, I have been brainwashed (dangerously cult-like) since at young age in a persistent culture of hate – starting as young child, to spit at churches. And that the Jews were ‘Satans”! Thus, your comments’ ‘intention’ in criticizing Islam would be to help eliminate such culture of hate in Islam, especially now increasingly controlled by violent extremist Islamist network, including under the leadership of Al-Qaeda; an dto liberate women/girls, agys, converts from Islam and non-Muslims, who are being violated and persecuted using Islam. I was finally de-brainwashed, gradually  due to the culture of liberty that I had been exposed to, ever since coming to the West, and after going into a church, for the first time, at 19 years old, in Canada. But even then, it is a long process due to my upbringing and much torn loyalty to my family, especially my parents. Without such culture of liberty as promoted in the Western civilization, I would not have seek and found out the tragic truth, amidst all the lies that I was brought up in, as a Muslim.

Further,  I also think, you should include Anthropological expert as your witness expert. In order to de-construct’ the racial label behind ‘Muslims’ and ‘Moroccan/immigrants’, since all these labels do not represent a race, and the racially categorizing of ‘Muslims’ is a recent pure political phenomena, and in order to deny the Jewish genuine racial identity, which is socio-cultural identity since biblical times, rather than political.  Moroccans represents a broad category of citizens, not about race. Nor a group of  immigrants either, since it is a complex broad category of diverse people such as of ‘Western’.

I don’t know if this will help at all; and if does not, my apology. But thank you for being a bravely truthful man and politician. Thanks to politicians like yourself, many women/girls, gays, converts from Islam, like myself, and non-Muslims, especially persecuted ones in Islamic/partly Islamic-ruled countries, will be liberated from the most terrible persecution of the 21st. century fascsim ie. Dark Age Islamism!

Yours Sincerely,






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