The JDL’s Solidarity Rally for Geert Wilders

23 01 2010

Remember the Jewish Defense League’s Solidary Rally for Geert Wilders on the 20th? Well, it seems to have gone well. Unfortunately, I’m a bit late in getting on top of this, but hopefully this post will catch me up to the rest of the world.

First of all, here’s the JDL’s run-down of the event’s coverage: Geert Wilders* Solidarity Rally – Summary:

Many Many thanks to the Bloggers who quickly summarized the Solidarity Rally Program, Jan. 20, 2010 @ the Toronto Zionist Centre….

We are all *Geert Wilders*

Five Feet of Fury

Blazing Cat Fur

Covenant Zone

Lumpy Grumpy and Frumpy






Many Many Thanks to the many Bloggers who promoted the Rally and helped make the evening a success…


Free Dominion Forum

Small Dead Animals

Girl on the Right

Sassy Wire

Ghost of a Flea

Moose and Squirrel

English Nationalist Party

Blogging Tories

Defending Geert Wilders

No Dhimmitude

Read the rest here.

Here’s Blazing Cat Fur’s summary of the event: It’s so refreshing to listen to a Rabbi who’s unafraid of the CHRC…

Meet Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, what a refreshing change of pace from the usual PC crowd. The following videos are from last nights JDL sponsored “Support Geert Wilders Rally” First up Rabbi Hausman followed by Meir Weinstein, Ron Banerjee of Canadian Hindu Advocacy,  Bjorn Larsen, Harold Jacob Bennet, and FiveFeetOfFury.

Read the rest, including video, here.

And here is Kathy Shaidle’s – one of the speakers at the event – run-down, via Five Feet Of Fury: Packed house for Geert Wilders in Toronto last night!

Terrific turnout last night.

We got an update on the trial from Bjorn Larsen — Wilders is back in court the first week of February, so I’ll let you know of any events scheduled for that day.

I was afraid my little talk would be a partypooper. However, to my surprise, all the other speakers said the same thing: we all have to start “being Geert Wilders” instead of just admiring him, then muttering into our coffee about the latest outrage and keeping our heads down.

The indefatigable Mississauga Matt filmed all the speakers. Throughout the day, he’ll be posting them at his YouTube site.

I’m (reluctantly) posting mine here, since some readers have asked me to. Ugh. Oh well.

Read the rest here.

Meanwhile: – Successful rally in Toronto last night in support of freedom fighter Geert Wilders!

Jihad Watch – “If Geert Wilders is your last hope, then we have got bigger problems than Holland”

And from Covenant Zone: Toronto Rally for Geert Wilders:

Last night, the Jewish Defense League in Toronto organized a rally on behalf of Geert Wilders and the cause of free speech and democracy everywhere. The great sdamatt is posting videos from the event on youtube. I don’t think he’s finished yet, but here is what he has so far.

Read the rest here.

Finally, as mentioned several times above, sdamatt2 on Youtube has got all the video goodness of the event up on his Youtube page. Here are some of the videos, but visit his page to see them all:




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