Geert Wilders’ trial is coming soon (January 20, 2010). Last step to support him with a SITA action

15 01 2010

Thus reads the headline on this website, for a post which reads:

The international establishment, subverted by a variety of Islamic
organizations including the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) will
undoubtedly apply a great deal of pressure on the Dutch establishment to ensure
that Geert Wilders is convicted on the charges that have been mischievously
brought against him. It is likely that his party will win the next election in
2011 with the possibility of Mr Wilders becoming Prime Minister. The global
establishment undoubtedly does not want Mr Wilders in such a position of
influence, even if the people of the Netherlands do.

An international SITA action in support of Geert Wilders was established in
late January 2009. It has received over 6,000 visits and generated hundreds of
letters designed to educate and inform decision makers in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministery of Justice visited our SITA websites:


This SITA action will now be reactivated in order to highlight this
apparently politically motivated prosecution. If Geert Wilders falls, then
Freedom of speech is dead in Europe.

There are three ways that you can participate:

1) By mail – two possible texts; one comparing Wilders to Winston Churchill and another comparing him to Charlie Chaplin (what to print and put into the envelope and the recipients are indicated):


2) By putting a message in comments to articles talking about the
trial of Geert Wilders in blogs. This message appears at the bottom of this page in 4 languages: FR, ENG, SP, D.

To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate
to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends who have
websites so that they can spread the word.

3) By giving some money. To donate:

Read it here. More info in French, German, and Spanish. H/t to Carlesen in the comments.




3 responses

15 01 2010

The FIRST thing the PVV must do, is to include muslims on their board as there are several who give talks all the time, warning the west of islamization creeping into our society and destroying the freedom that is so precious in our part of the world.
The problem is that some media is trying to portray Wilders as a racist, while he is not talking at all about racism or rejecting Muslims, but he talks about protecting us of an ideology that is imported with these immigrants whether they intend to or not.

15 01 2010

Please keep sending emails to the court in Amsterdam that is holding the mad trial against Geert Wilders:

The persecution of Geert Wilders is completely insane, and shows a Europe that is falling apart under poor and weak leadership.

When Muslims themselves are warning the western world to be careful about inviting Islam to our regions, as this ideology intends to destroy our freedom, it is mindblowing that someone like Geert Wilders, who wants to protect his own country, his own culture, is being persecuted by his OWN PEOPLE! It is perhaps no wonder that the latest suicide terrorist got through security in Amsterdam. If the dutch are so much in denial, and so ignorant of what dangers are building up in the outside world, I can only wish that my own country (USA) will eventually ban flights from Holland coming here altogether.

You need to stop embarrassing yourself in the eyes of the world. You pose NO JUSTICE when you deprive a man to speak out his concerns, or to defend his own country. People are really starting to view Holland as an unsafe nation who encourage and harbor safety concerns, when you have so little security from muslim nations that you allow a terrorist to come through to our country in plan to blow up an entire plane, but you cannot allow one of your own the freedom of speech!
Not only do you deprive your country of basic human freedom, but you deprive many muslim women of the chance to create freedom in their life and break free from the prison their religion create, by having someone like Wilders fight for this freedom. You violate human rights in the deepest regard.

“Through my book I am trying to send a message to the west is that Islam is a hateful ideology and its very dangerous for Islam to be established in this free country (the west). This is my message to the west”.

Author: A God Who Hates, Wafa Sultan
(Syrian Muslim who manged to escape Islam)

You can order this book here:

15 01 2010
walker morrow

That is a very interesting point about the PVV’s board – I think you’re right.

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