Calling on all Dutch Embassies to free Geert Wilders

13 01 2010

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Dear readers,

This is a list of all of the Dutch embassies and consulates in Canada – or, if you dig for a little bit, around the world.

Now, as many of you are undoubtedly aware, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders is going to be going on trial for ‘hate speech’ this January, on the 20th. His crime? Words, writings, a film. Defaming a religion; offending the wrong people, in the wrong country.

Some people might think that a man going on trial for his words is fitting in a modern, Western nation. Others, who may perhaps harbor more respect for the Western tradition of liberalism and freedom of speech, might find this idea abhorrent and repellent and repugnant.

If you are one of those who, like myself, find this idea – that a man can go on trial for his words – repugnant, then may I suggest that you email, or phone, or fax, or write the Dutch consulate nearest you, and say just that. Tell them that the Dutch government, which for so long was a bastion of free speech and liberalism, must return to that tradition, and free Geert Wilders from this political farce, this trial for spoken words and strongly-held opinions.

Thank you,

Walker Morrow, for




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14 01 2010
Calling on all Dutch Embassies to free Geert Wilders « Defend … | 888 Phone Cards

[…] View original here: Calling on all Dutch Embassies to free Geert Wilders « Defend … […]

14 01 2010

A great International SITA action has been reactivated from France in French (translated into English, German published on PI and Spanish)

14 01 2010
Free Geert Wilders —

[…] Morrow has the information here: Calling on all Dutch Embassies to free Geert Wilders Share or […]

14 01 2010
walker morrow

Carlesen – thanks! Will link.

14 01 2010
Don Sharpe

Done, and linked. Great job, Walker.

14 01 2010
walker morrow

Thanks, Don. I appreciate it.

15 01 2010

I promise i will! Support the great Geert Wilder!

15 01 2010
walker morrow

Great – thanks Topi!

15 01 2010
Geert Wilders’ trial is coming soon (January 20, 2010). Last step to support him with a SITA action « Defend Geert Wilders

[…] it here. More info in French, German, and Spanish. H/t to Carlesen in the comments. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Weekly Wilders Round-UpComing eventsCalling […]

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