The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

18 12 2009

Alright, here goes. – Swiss vote boosts anti-immigrant populism in Europe

Dreams & Attitude – About Islam & World Freedom

Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell – Fighting a Hate Speech Charge in Austria

Bjorn Larsen speech, Ottawa, Dec. 7th:

Gord’s Poetry Factory – Enoch Powell, William Pierce Nick Griffin BNP to Geert Wilders American Anti-Muslim Racists

Infidel Bloggers Alliance – Amsterdam: Charges Filed Against Geert Wilders For “Group Insult Of Muslims”

Pictogame – PRIK GEERT WILDERS! [ game ]

Silobreaker – Islam Oppression of Free Thought: Geert Wilders declared “unwelcome” by Turkey, Wilders Slams Turkey, calls “stupid.”

Skadi Forum – Summons Against Geert Wilders: a Sledgehammer Blow to Freedom of Expression [Translated]

Green Left – Swiss referendum reveals ugly racism

Alienated Left – The Anti-Muslim Populism Of Geert Wilders

The International Free Press Society – Charges against Geert Wilders (English)

Jihad Watch – 2009 Jihad Watch Award Winners!

Free Republic – American as the Last Man Standing ( Speech by Dutch MP, Geert Wilders in NY, worth sharing )

The Huffington Post – As Threats Increase, Sometimes It Is The Informants That Go Wild

Christine Olley – Protesters, but no incidents, greet anti-Islamist at Temple

Yahoo – Could Geert Wilders still enter the US if he’s convicted for incitement to hatred and group defamation?

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/8/2009

Godlike Productions  – Geert Wilders first – you next!!

Vodpod – Geert Wilders’ Islamophobic Speech

Flikr – Geert Wilders

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders receives summons: a sledgehammer blow to the freedom of speech

The Jerusalem Connection Blog – Geert Wilders, Warning to America Part 2 – GEERT WILDERS…. CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN VALUES, FREEDOM, ANTI-ISLAMIC….. WARNING US.

Islamophobia Watch – ‘Hizb ut Tahrir: new tentacles spreading in London’ – No Red Carpet For Dutch Populist: Turkey Frets About Geert Wilders’

FrontPage Mag – Obama’s Landscape of Anti-Semitism – by Jamie Glazov – What’s being said on the web about “sledgehammer”

The Angry Arab News Service – Monday, December 07, 2009 – The Politics of Minaret – Wilders to call Van Gogh killer as witness:

The Netherlands – Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders is to call the murderer of Dutch film director and writer Theo van Gogh as a witness in his hate speech trial.

The PVV leader wants to call Mohammed Bouyeri to show that his criticism of Islam is justified.

Read the rest here.

The Nation – The Swiss Minaret Ban: What Are Voters Really Trying to Outlaw?

Hit & Run – The Two Sarkos – Dutch news in brief, Wednesday 9 December 2009

Islami News – The politics of minaret – PVV MP to head local campaign, do two jobs

The Yellow Stars pro-EU, pro-Europe Blog – EU US human rights Israel Palestinians

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders: Loved by the People, Hated by the Parliamentarians – Wafa Sultan: Craven Loon’s Speech at Ahavath Torah

Vlad Tepes – John Robson on freedom of speech. Ottawa Dec 7 2009:

John Robson for Vimeo – Computer from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

The Times of India – Fear influences attitudes toward Muslims

Patriot’s Corner – Geert Wilders will use the killer of Theo Van Goghas a witness for HIS defense

Life on Sleepy Creek in Words and Images – Geert Wilders loved by the people – hated by the parliamentarians

Johnsblog – I know I’m Right… – Michael Savage Interviews Geert Wilders – Fitna, UK Ban – October 19, 2009 – Part 1 of 2

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders to call Jihadi Who Murdered Theo Van Gogh as a Witness in the Trial for the Survival of Western Civilization

Islam in Europe – Commentary By Snouck – Wilders’ defense uses Muslim assassin

D’Souza’s Daily Drivel – How Our European Allies Are Costing Us the War on Terror

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch students defy political correctness

Free Internet Press – Fears Of ‘Eurabia’ – How Much Allah Can The Old Continent Bear

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders on a Dutch TV show talks about his methods and ideas.

Geert Wilders Interview (December 8, 2009) – Part I:

Creeping Sharia – Geert Wilders receives summons: a sledgehammer blow to the freedom of speech

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Geert Wilders, loved and loathed:

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has come in second in two polls for politician of the year. A panel of Dutch television viewers said he is the second best politician this year, while Mr Wilders’ colleagues in parliament named him the second worst.

Quite a discrepancy. But, actually, not so surprising. It is yet more evidence of the gap between the public and the elite.

Read the rest here.

Gord’s Poetry Factory – Christian Taliban Hypocrites Pat Robertson, John Hagee & Jerry Falwell Criticize Islam & Sharia – MPs vote VVD leader as best politician

San Francisco Sentinel – FEARS OF EURABIA – HOW MUCH ALLAH CAN THE OLD CONTINENT BEAR? – Swiss Builds “Minaret” in Protest

Right Side News – Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders to call Jihadi Who Murdered Theo Van Gogh as a Witness in the Trial for the Survival of Western Civilization

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Bos says no to coalition with Freedom Party:

Speaking at the Labour Party (PvdA) conference in Apeldoorn on Saturday, leader Wouter Bos sharply criticised the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the conservative VVD party for refusing to rule out the possibility of governing in a coalition with the Freedom Party.

Mr Bos said the world of the Freedom Party (PVV), led by the harshly anti-Muslim Geert Wilders, is not the world of the Labour Party. He said everyone counted with the PvdA, but that this was not the case with the VVD.

Read the rest here.

Gates of Vienna – The Bouyeri Defense

Life on Sleepy Creek in Words and Images – Geert Wilders – trial for survival of the west

The Daily Mail – Daily News From Pakistan – What’s wrong with Europe?

Winds of Jihad – Geert Wilders: The Bouyeri Defense

The Born Again Americans – CRUSADER RABBIT: Geert Wilders speech

Gates of Vienna – Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

Limed World News – Wilders to call Van Gogh killer as witness

Crusader Rabbit – Geert Wilders speech

FrontPage Mag – Free Speech on Trial – by Robert Spencer

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Terrorists have had it with the Netherlands – and Lower chance of terror attack in Netherlands

The Local – Twitter entry provokes furious mayhem in Lower Saxon legislature

Huibslog – Eurabia in Progress. Wilders has a Christmas Dream… [EN]

Terror Free Somalia Foundation – Terrorists have had it with the Netherlands

Islamization Watch – Dutch military unit warned against distributing Korans in Afghanistan

NRC Handelsblad – Over 1.1 million Dutch people have two nationalities – Wilders to close Hague councillor list:

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam party PVV, is to take last place in the list of PVV candidates for the Hague local elections in March.

The position of lijstduwer is often taken by popular politicians who do not want to become a councillor or MP themselves but who are placed on the list to boost support.

Read the rest here.

P.A.P. Blog – Between Equality and Diversity: The Rule of Law, Except When…

Crusader’s Armory – H.R. Clinton: Free Speech – Bos rules out Labour cabinet with Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – More Dutch people have two passports

Fiery Spirited Zionist – Geert Wilders Favored By the People

Exposing Liberal Lies – Geert WiIders’s Chief Witness

Britannia Rules – A Speech in California and a Trial in Holland

Klein Verzet – A new year, a new court case:

Another couple of weeks and 2009, the year that saw Global Warming and climate change science thoroughly discredited, will be over. The new year will be off to a flying start, with Geert Wilders having to appear before the court of law for ‘ incitement to hatred and discrimination’.Bram Moszkowicz has announced that the murderer of Theo van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri, will be called up as a witness (NL). GoV have more on the story here.What if Wilders is sentenced? (original NL item is here).

It has all the ingredients for becoming a huge spectacle. Wilders’ lawyer, the famous-slash-notorious litigator

In the mean time people are wondering what the effects of the outcome of the case might be:

Read the rest here.

Britannia Radio – A Speech in California and a Trial in Holland

Florida Security Council – no specific link, but just check out this page.

EuropeNews – Wilders to close Hague councillor list – and Free Speech on Trial

Capital FM Kenya – Netherlands reduces terror alert

Time mag – Study: European Muslims Feel Shut Out

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Bleak Christmas for Dutch naval crew

The Volokh Conspiracy – UK Decision Concluding that Dutch MP Geert Wilders (a Harsh Critic of Islam) was Wrongly Excluded from the UK:

The decision was made two months ago, but I think the written opinion has just become available, as GW v. An Immigration Officer. Note that the decision rests in considerable measure on internal European Union regulations having to do with freedom of movement among European states:

As a result of the 2006 Regulations, introduced by the present government, a Dutchman has almost the same right to visit London as a Yorkshireman has; and as a result of the Human Rights Act 1998, a Dutchman has the same right of freedom of expression as a Yorkshireman has.

The tribunal’s interesting discussion of freedom of expression, and of the insufficiency of the government’s threat-of-disturbance rationales, has to be understood against that backdrop.

Read the rest here.

Stealth Fusion – Geert Wilders Speech at the Four Seasons, New York

Bill Warner Private Investigator – Free Speech on Trial, Not Really, Bigot Geert Wilders to Face Prison Time Jan 20 2010 For Restrictions on Feredom of Religion As Well As Having Incited Hatred And Discrimination By A Elected Public Offical.

View From The Right – Spencer’s avoidance of the main charge against Wilders

Reality Check – Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech

Vlad Tepes – The man behind the Swiss Minaret ban speaks out.



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18 12 2009
Daniel Deme

I do not remember giving you permission to publish my photo of Wilders, please remove asap.
Daniel Deme

18 12 2009
walker morrow

Oh – my apologies. I had assumed since it was on Flikr that it was up for grabs – that apparently was not the case. I’ll remove the picture immediately.

Thanks for letting me know.

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