The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

9 11 2009

Alright, here we go. A lot of Dutch links mixed in here, so if you, like me, don’t speak Dutch, then I guess you’ll just have to hunt for English links. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

Relirel – Referendum over Wilders

Klein Verzet – Five years ago today – Wilders ‘is undermining democracy’: report

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders warns against “climate of hate”

NewsReal – The Totalitarians Among Us

NRC Handelsblad – Is Geert Wilders een gevaar voor de staatsveiligheid?

The Netherlands in 201X – Geert Wilders takes over..:

Debat in de Digitale Hofstad – 2e Kamer – PVV is Wild, Wilder en Ziedend over rapport BiZa radicalisering en polarisatie – and Geert Wilders met zijn Kopvoddentaks – deel 3

Ashley Mote’s Britannia Rules – The Islamization of Europe

Red County – Wilders accuses Dutch political opposition of “creating climate of hate”

Islamic Awakening Forums – Living in Holland

St. Dekker – Het spook bestaat niet

Islam in Europe – Amsterdam: Jewish students face increasing threats


Workers World – Students protest anti-Muslim hate speech

Stan De Jong – Pechtold én Wilders kletsen uit hun nek – and De dodendans om Wilders

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK – Why Hasn’t Farage Dropped Islamophobic Peer?

The Astute Bloggers – DAILY IOE ROUND UP

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Theo van Gogh: trailblazer for Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – Geert Wilders: “Right-Wing Extremist”

Geert Wilders Hardtalk Part 1:

FlutNieuws – Bent U extreem-rechts?

Fareus – Geert Wilders: “Rechtsextrem”und “Gefahr für “Staatssicherheit”

Centurean2’s Weblog – Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You: Muhammed The Movie

Gates of Vienna – Legal Conference on Freedom of Speech and Religion: Part 2

Unique Scoop – If politicians were HTTP status codes

Kreigspostille – Pravda: Die EU als Reinkarnation der Sowjetunion — the EU is a Reincarnation of the Former Soviet Union

Quallekop’s Blog – Wilders: Ze zijn knettergek geworden

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders debate: shouting or convincing?

CLOSER – Hongerige wolven – Wilders, PVV en extreem-rechts

Islamization Watch – Theo van Gogh: Trailblazer for Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen:

Twittlink – Geert Wilders ondermijnt democratie – Binnenland – de Volkskrant – Wilders does boost fear of Islam: poll

EuropeNews – Wilders: Minister Responsible if I am Assassinated – Geert Wilders: islamofobie, systeemhaat en genocide – Alle politici zijn klootzakken – and Wilders is parasiet

Weblog GeertWilders – An interview with New English Review

de volksrant – Pechtold: Wilders is extreem-rechts – Wilders: Pechtold is handlanger Mohammed B. – and Peiling: driekwart eens met conclusies rapport Wilders

Geert Wilders – Warning to America & Western Civilization 1/2:

Nasz New York – Al Qaeda-tied Somali group warns Israel

Ambtenaar – Ondermijnt Geert Wilders de democratie ?

Krapuul – Rapport PVV/Wilders niet volledig – and Wilders is extreemrechtse racist

Rechbankverslaggever – De PVV deugt niet

de volksrant – PVV heeft ‘kopvoddentaks’ niet doorberekend – ‘Geert Wilders ondermijnt democratie’ – Balkenende hekelt ‘grimmiger klimaat’ – and ChristenUnie: Jonge moslims in identiteitscrisis

Winds of Jihad – Ed Husain’s Cheap Jihad Against Melanie Phillips

Geert Wilders commentary on Fitna film Part 2:

Two Spoons of Garlic – Het spel is weer in volle gang!

Women’s Lens – Un coup d’oeil feminin – Let no one fool you about Islam being a religion

Polikietel – Is de PVV extreemrechts? Wat vindt U?

NewsReal – Help Save Fox News, Help Protect Freedom

The Daily Squirrel – Q&A: Geert Wilders Gets a Big Email Hug (source: IPS)

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Peaceful protest against “racist” Geert Wilders – Dutch news in brief, Tuesday 3 November 2009

Islamization Watch – Peaceful protest against Geert Wilders, on release of Dutch government report – Rechts of extreem-rechts?

Geert Wilders commentary on Fitna film part 3:

de volksrant – Wilders flyert tegen AOW-plan in Rotterdam – Extra zetel Europees Parlement naar PVV – Wilders: Ze zijn knettergek gewordenWilders wil belasting op dragen hoofddoekjes – and Peiling: helft Nederlanders tegen vervolging Wilders

Britannia Radio – A personal message for Geert Wilders from Ashley Mote (MEP 2004-09):

Last weekend I spoke at a conference in California organised by Radio Liberty. I was asked to speak about the threat to the world from the burgeoning European Union.

  One of the reactions I got was nothing directly to do with my speech. But it seemed to me so important that I should record it here. Many Americans have become increasingly cynical about the role, effectiveness and direction of the United Nations. A distinct dislike of the UN now exists in the under Topics. Then click Immigration.

 They frequently doubt that the UN’s objectives are in the interests of the USA, but nonetheless find themselves cast in the role of enforcers. They see themselves as doing the world’s dirty work at American expense in terms of lives and money.

 “And where are the rest of you…?” was the way one man put it. He spoke for many.

 Yes, he acknowledged that the UK was often by their side, but who else…? Good question.

 A large and attentive audience listened even more closely to my talk than I expected, especially when the second half was devoted to a summary of Geert Wilders’ speech in New York a year ago. You may recall it was about The Islamization of Europe.

 After the conference, many people were so concerned at the issues Wilders raised they asked if I would put the full text of the speech on my website. It follows as a separate posting, and is on my website

Read the rest here.

IPS News – Q&A: Geert Wilders Gets a Big Email Hug

Libertarian Republican – GOP Congressional candidate Alan West says Fort Hood tragedy “proof” Jihadists infiltrating our Military

Two Spoons of Garlic – Hello world!

New English Review – An Interview With Geert Wilders

De Publieke Tribuhne – Quote du Jour

Stan de Jong – Pechtold én Wilders kletsen uit hun nek

Geert Wilders commentary on Fitna film Part 4:

Bert Brussen – Pechtold: ‘Wilders is extreem-rechtse racist’

NRC Handelsblad – Immigrant tensions remain five years after Van Gogh killing

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Newsline – Karzai declared winner – Abdullah objects

All About Geert WildersPechtold (D66): „Wilders ist rechtsextrem“ – Geert Wilders: “Rechtsextrem”und “Gefahr für “Staatssicherheit” – Showdown in London!  – and Schlammschlacht Wilders vs. Regierung

Lucaswashier – Pechtold loopt tien jaar achter

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Freedom Party drops headscarf tax

Islam In Europe – Amsterdam: Tensions remain five years after Van Gogh killing

EuropeNews – An Interview With Geert Wilders – D66 wil blijkbaar geen zetels meer.

Breaking News 24/7 – Dutch remember filmmaker Theo van Gogh, murdered by a Muslim fanatic 5 years ago

Associated Press – Dutch mark 5th anniversary of filmmaker’s murder

The Electronic Intifada –Israel’s anti-Semitic friends




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