Um…yeah? So?

5 11 2009

In the course of putting together this week’s Wilders Round-Up, I came across this little nugget from

Wilders does boost fear of Islam: poll

Some 50% of the Dutch think Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration party PVV is on the extreme right of the political spectrum and 66% think Wilders is stimulating a fear of Islam, according to a new poll by Maurice de Hond.

And a further 46% think Wilders is encouraging a hatred of the government, the poll of 1,500 people showed.

Last week the Volkskrant leaked details of a preliminary government report on polarisation in the Netherlands which said the PVV is an ‘extreme right-wing’ grouping and a threat to social cohesion and democracy. The report’s conclusions are still being finalised.

Egads! A threat to social cohesion! Hatred of the government! Whatever shall we do? Geert Wilders may well become the new V. And as for the supposed ‘hatred’ of Muslims that Geert Wilders is fomenting, who, exactly, has established just what ‘fear’ is? Is it an extreme, irrational dislike of all Muslims everywhere? Or is it a deep concern about and dislike of the conduct of certain extremist Muslims immigrating into Holland? Because if the latter, then I would say that Wilders is accomplishing the job that he’s set out for himself to accomplish.

Indeed, this poll just seems to confirm my theory: the political and media establishments simply don’t know how to handle Geert Wilders. He’s too much for them, and as such, he’s considered dangerous, particularly to the social order that those establishments enjoy so much. Or rather, this poll shows that those attitudes have filtered down to the general populace at large.




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