The Weekly Wilders Round-up

2 11 2009

Alright, here we go.

Five Feet of Fury – Come to think of it? Don’t piss me off, either – Our Views: Free speech is tough sell

Law Central – Lawyer of the week: Arfan Khan:

Arfan Khan, a barrister at the Chambers of Mark Littman, QC, acted for Geert Wilders. The controversial Dutch MP was barred from entry to the UK to address the House of Lords in February. That bar was overturned by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and he has now visited the UK. What were the main challenges in this case and the possible implications?

Finding the time to sleep in the week leading to the hearing, as was dealing with an extraordinary amount of media attention. The decision has huge implications for the freedom of speech and authoritatively states the correct applicable test for exclusion cases in general. The effect is that we should rejoice in the freedom of expression, rather than suppress it and that there can be no discrimination between UK and foreign nationals through premature exclusion.

Read the rest here.


Avid Editor’s Insights – Some Wakco Jihadis are threatening to kill Geert Wilders

Jihad Watch – UK: Open death threats against Wilders – and Geert Wilders at Columbia University, October 21

What’s Wrong With The World – On Choosing One’s Battles

Comment Is Free – Open door

TheNational – Right-wing challenge reveals mainstream’s failures in UK

The Pioneer – A tragic denouement

Inside Higher Ed – Discouraging Jeerers – Half the Dutch want elections next year

Avid Editor’s Insights – Geert Wilders on Savage

يا ايها الناس اتقل ربكم- – Loonwatch

Gates of Vienna – Online Islamist Threats Against Filip Dewinter

The International Free Press Society – Wilder’s US college visit cut short

The Temple News – After a stirring show of speech, Wilders remains unwelcome – and Amid dissent, Wilders delivers speech on campus

Bloggers 4 UKIP – Lord Pearson of Rannoch Election address: – Europe’s War on Free Speech

Glenn `Mein Kampf`Beck’s interview with Geert Wilders: [ ED NOTE: I don’t necessarily endorse this characterization of Glenn Beck; I did however want to share this video, despite the characterization. ]

The Temple News online – Word on the web

Angus Reid – Dutch Drive Right-Wing Party into First Place

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Either/or…

The Spittoon – Lord Ahmed, the All-Party Parliamentary Friends of Islam Group and the Cordoba Foundation

Maryam Namazie – It is not racist to criticise Islam

FrontPage Mag – Obama’s Website: Hub of Hate – by Jamie Glazov

Altikriti Column – To Ban or Not To Ban: That Is the Question!

The Chronicle Watch – U.N. says; Shut up You Filthy Americans

Jihad Watch – U.S. co-sponsors anti-free speech resolution at the UN

4TH ST8 – College campuses unwelcoming to free speech advocate

Communique – “This is a victory!”

Get X News – Quranic Verses Appear On 9 Month Old Russian Baby’s Body 2

Sherry Jones – In Defense of Geert Wilders

HBD Books – Categorizing the European Right

The Jewish Exponent – Controversial Dutch Pol Renders His Message:

October 29, 2009 – Bryan Schwartzman, Staff Writer

Geert Wilders

A controversial Dutch lawmaker and fierce critic of Islam received an overwhelming positive response from a largely Jewish audience in Center City, just days after several dozen students protested outside Temple University, the parliamentarian’s first local stop. Both events took place under tight security. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands Freedom Party, has angered Muslims by claiming that terrorism and violence are central components of Islam, as opposed to products of an extremist, fringe subset.

Wilders is facing charges of incitement to hatred in his native country for producing a short film called “Fitna.” The documentary has been widely viewed on the Internet, and essentially argues that the West is under siege from radical Islam.

Wilders, who has called for limiting Muslim immigration to Europe, has portrayed himself as an advocate of free speech. He’s even become a darling in certain conservative circles.

“I have nothing against Muslims. I do have a problem with Islam,” said Wilders to a burst of applause during an Oct. 22 speech held at the Union League of Philadelphia. “The Koran is an evil book; it calls for murder, terror and war.”

Read the rest here.

Do not stray from your tour group – So Peaceful, So Moderate, Muslims Calmly Protest Geert Wilders

Islamic News – Dutch law: How can children sing “Allah Akbar”? – Islam and Muslims in Russia and the world

The Guardian – EU presidency: If not Tony Blair, then who?

AOL Video – Glenn `Mein Kampf`Beck’s interview with Geert Wilders

FrontPage Mag – The Conservative Revival – by Jacob Laksin

Scaramouche – Notes from the Resistance – Wilders visit to US college cut short – and Geert Wilders delivers speech to Columbia University

Allochtonenweblog – De schande van de kopvoddentaks (Ahmed Marcouch) – Dearborn Shoot-Out Opens a Window into Homegrown Terror

Fox News – Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker’s N.Y. Speech Goes Unprotested

Ewoud Butter – De Israëlische agenda van Geert Wilders

Columbia Spectator – Dutch leader tests free speech

World Affairs Board – Dutch MP speech

International Civil Liberties Alliance – Lord Pearson Interview: Washington DC, 28 October 2009

The Muslim News – Editorial 2: Hate preacher Wilders allowed in UK

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – EU presidency: Blair out, Balkenende in?

Vlad Tepes – IFPS and Lord Malcolm Pearson

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Int’l Free press interviews Lord Malcolm Pearson. Washington DC

De Volksrant – ‘Geert Wilders ondermijnt democratie’ – Poll puts Geert Wilders fourth in the Hague – SECTION 39: Europe against immigrants

Financial Times – Amsterdam reaches out to disaffected Muslims to root out radicalisation

Britannia Radio – The Islamization of Europe

The MovieHamlet – Happy Halloween! Europe’s Scariest Pols

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/31/2009

Solsticewitch13’s BOS – The Winston Churchill Golden Balls Award

CLOSER – Closing the week 44 – Featuring Human Rights




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2 11 2009
The Fight Authority: Defend yourself | De Fow

[…] The Weekly Wilders Round-up « Defend Geert Wilders […]

10 11 2009

Freedom of speech is a limited right. It is limited by law. In this case, the law will determine if Wilders went to far or not.

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