Student Thuggery

24 10 2009

Binks of Free Canuckistan, doing that magic that he does, provides us with another good ol’ link round-up: Steynian 392. Here’s something from the post that I thought worth repeating here:

Student Thuggery

~ ITEM: Anti-Wilders Activists do not like Speakers Who Challenge “the Way People Feel on this Campus”; Temple Students Protest Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker; Heavily indoctrinated student thugs shout down Wilders at Temple University

~ ITEM: Free speech on campus withers, by Royal Hamel

~ AWAKEN, SMELL COFFEE– The moral and intellectual vacuum of the modern university has been on display this past week. At McGill, some students– including their council– refuse to allow a free and open exchange of ideas on the deliberate killing of preborn humans. Instead, they shout down a lawfully held meeting.

At Temple University in the US, students protest Geert Wilders for presenting uncomfortable facts about the Jihad facing Eurpe and the West.

Among the demonstrators was Megan Chialastri, vice president of All Sides, an organization that seeks to promote peace between Israel and Palestine. “We feel student groups should not bring people on campus that jeopardize the safety, or just the way people feel on this campus,” she said.

“Or just the way people feel on this campus?”, is it? Words fail. Or are stifled by student thugs. McGill, Temple, UGueph, UCalgary, St. Mary’s U, and the list lengthens.

Some will say we should hearken back to the free-wheeling 60s, when all sorts of ideas were freely discussed. Nonsense: all sorts of radical ieas were freely discussed; classical liberalism, Judaeo-Christianity, Greece and Rome were off the menu, except as straw men, or spicy appetizers for Hinduism, Marxism, Orgasmism, and Ganjaism. As Jonah Goldberg has demonstrated in his book Liberal Fascism, the 60s student uprisings were just that: revolutions of self-righteous fascistic idiots against their elders, the established order, against goodness and truth, dead white men, and the very idea of a university. It was indeed the closing of the American (and Western) mind, not a rebirth, as author Allan Bloom clearly saw it.

Untruths & Consequences

The fruit, 40 years on? Ideological thought, via entrenched geezer demagogic radicalism in faculty and administration and the wider academy; political correctness and intellectual disability to deal with even the most basic assertions or logic or non-spirit-of-the-age ideas and principles. Or, just the way “people feel on this campus”, having suckled at the teat of Marxist egalitarianism, statism, radical politics, gender theory, multicultism, and hence the predictable skulls full of compliant mush.

Not all universities are like his, nor all professors. But this parent will not be dumping his kids into a bubbling stew of costly radicalism, and expecting well-educated civilized people out the other end. With modern education, you don’t get what you pay for unless you really look around and dig for the good stuff, the better places, the good profs and programs. Even if some collection of buildings was once your alma mater and the seat of good memories, don’t take it for granted that the buildings have the same content or intent in 2009: choose wisely, unless you like throwing away time and money and children. ~

Read it here.




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