The Weekly Wilders Round-up – special ‘Wilders allowed into Britain’ edition

15 10 2009

Alright, here we go.

The Guardian – Geert Wilders wins appeal against ban on travelling to UK:

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders intends to travel to London next week after an immigration tribunal ruling overturned a ban on visiting Britain.

The Home Office said it was disappointed after the tribunal rejected its claim that his presence could “inflame community tensions and lead to inter-faith violence”.

The Freedom party leader immediately announced his intention to meet Ukip’s Lord Pearson of Rannoch to discuss a showing of his anti-Islamic film Fitna later this month in the House of Lords.

Judge CMG Ockelton, who chaired the tribunal, said that Wilders’s opinions were expressed strongly and in a way that was bound to cause offence but that the right of freedom of expression was important in a democratic society.

“Substantial evidence of actual harm would be needed before it would be proper for a government to prevent the expression and discussion of matters that might form the opinions of legislators, policy makers and voters,” he said.

The ruling said there had been no evidence of public order problems or damage to community relations as a result of a previous visit by Wilders to Britain.

“It was more important to allow free speech than to take restrictive action speculatively,” said Ockelton.

The judgment goes further, saying that even if there were evidence that Wilders posed a threat to public order it would still not have been necessary to ban him because the police would have been able to ensure no disorder took place and remove him if there was trouble.

The decision to ban Wilders was taken under regulations introduced in 2006 which allow the exclusion of those who represent “a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat affecting one of the fundamental interests of society”.

Wilders, who faces trial in the Netherlands for discrimination and inciting hatred, was turned back at Heathrow in February when the then home secretary, Jacqui Smith, banned him from entering Britain. He had been coming for a screening in the Lords of his film which calls the Qur’an a “fascist book”. Smith said his presence had the potential to “threaten community harmony and therefore public safety”.

Read it all here.

Gates Of Vienna – The Tribunal Has Ruled: Geert Wilders May Enter the UK – Far-right Dutch MP wins appeal over Uk ban

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Trade union snubs Freedom Party invitation

The Telegraph – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit UK after ban overturned:

Geert Wilders, who is accused of Islamophobia, was barred from the UK in February after Jacqui Smith, the then Home Secretary, said his presence would threaten community security. He was turned back at Heathrow Airport after still trying to gain entry.

But he now plans to visit “as soon as possible” after winning an appeal against the decision at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Read the rest here.

Bijenkorf – Geert Wilders – Philadelphia Oct. 09

International Civil Liberties Alliance – ICLA Expresses Concern About The British Government’s Restrictions On The Freedom of Movement of Dutch MP Geert Wilders

The Daily Mail – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders plans to visit UK this week after winning appeal against travel ban – Trade union FNV meets over Wilders talks

BBC News – Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban

The Other Malaysia – Dialogue Beyond the Discourse of Geography

Geert Wilders speaks in LA Islamization of Europe Part1/5: – Geert Wilders in the Dutch parliament

The Press Association – Dutch politician wins UK ban appeal – and Far-right politician plans UK visit

Maryam Namazie – The affinity between the far right and the Islamists

FOCUS Information Agency – Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban

WorldNetDaily – Paleoconservative hypocrisy

Geert Wilders speaks in LA Islamization of Europe Part2/5:

Earth Times – Self-declared ex-Muslim joins Dutch Freedom Party

Asian Image – Dutch MP Wilders challenged to public debate:

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has been challenged to a public debate on Islam when he comes to the UK later this week.

Quilliam’s directors have announced that they wish to challenge the politician following a court ruling which overturned a Home Office decision to ban him from the country.

Quilliam believes that although many of Wilders’ public statements on Islam and Muslims are bigoted, ill-informed and offensive to people of all faiths, this is not an adequate reason to prevent him from coming to the UK given that he has not directly incited violence. Instead Quilliam believes that Wilders’ ideas, like those of non-violent Islamist extremists, should be challenged through debate and argument.

Read the rest here.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch MP Geert Wilders vindicated by London court

American Free Press – Dutch lawmaker wins appeal against ban from Britain – FNV will not talk pensions with Wilders

Digital Journal – Dutch Far-Right Politician Wins Appeal Against Ban from UK

The Spoof – Dutch far right leader Geert Wilders stuffs UK and enters legally, Sieg Heil!

Dowlish – Geert Wilders Warning To America

Gates Of Vienna – Ehsan Jami and the PVV

Geert Wilders speaks in LA Islamization of Europe Part3/5: – Geert Wilders Warning To America Part 2 Of 2

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam MP overturns British ban

The Christian Institute – Dutch anti-Islam MP gets UK ban reversed

Cranmer – Jacqui Smith humiliated as Geert Wilders UK ban overturned:

This is a total humiliation for Jacqui Smith, who requested the ban, not to mention Gordon Brown and this whole tawdry Labour Government who have conspired to diminish our precious liberties and eradicated them systematically one by one.

Read it all here.

NRC Handelsblad – Court rules UK was wrong to bar Geert Wilders

The Wall Street Journal – Court overturns ban on Wilders entering U.K. – Britain wrong to ban Wilders, says court

Sky News – Banned Right-Wing Dutch MP To Visit UK

The Earth Times – ‘Banned’ Dutch rightwing politician due to travel to Britain

Radio New Zealand – Banned Dutch MP wins appeal

Your Destiny Now by Miguel Diocuore – Paleoconservative hypocrisy? – Wilders advertises for potential senators

BBC News – Banned Dutch MP plans UK journey

The Times Online – Anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders wins right to enter Britain – and Anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit UK within days

Geert Wilders speaks in LA Islamization of Europe Part4/5:


The Los Angeles Times – Unifying Dutch city falls to Muslim mayor – Anti-Islam Dutch politician wins right to go to UK – Wilders wrongly denied in Great Britain

Weasel Zippers – British Court Overturns Ban on Geert Wilders Entering Country, Government Not Happy With Ruling….

Free Canuckistan – Steynian 389

Ed West – Geert Wilders is free to enter Britain

Five Feet Of Fury – Geert Wilders wins appeal against UK ban from entry – Geert Wilders Commentary On Fitna Film – Part 2

Geert Wilders speaks in LA Islamization of Europe Part5/5:

Canty Comment – A Walk on the Wilders Side


Bikya Masr – Islam is of the Devil?


Jihad Watch – U.S. co-sponsors anti-free speech resolution at the UN

Gates of Vienna – Becoming the MSM

Blazing Cat Fur – Geert Wilders to be allowed into UK

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders’ film promotes interfaith understanding

Counter Jihad – Rotterdam falls to Muslims – Mayor’s relative a terrorist

BlogWonks – Nobody’s E-Mail – Geert Wilders Speaks In LA Islamization Of Europe Part1/5

Centurean2’s Weblog – Out Of FEAR- A Small Country Has Been Bullied Into Changing It’s VOTE… – Wilders wants Integration Minister charged

BowNewsLife – Controversy Over Dutch Support For Hindu Goddess

Monk’s Hobbit – Geert Wilders: “The United States as the Last Bastion of Western Civilization Facing Islamic Europe”

Islam In Action – 2nd Largest Netherlands City Falls to Muslim Mayor~Video

The International Free Press Society – Judge overturns Geert Wilders ban in UK

Islamization Watch – Geert Wilders: On Radical Islam [Video]

The Blogger – Public transport strike planned for Wednesday

Counter Jihad – Wilders wants charges brought against minister declining to divulge the cost of Muslim immigration

Desert Conservative – America MUST STAND UP to ISLAM and SHOUT OUT…”NOT HERE…NOT IN AMERICA!”

Vlad Tepes – Confirmed. Geert now allowed into UK

Verum Serum – Geert Wilders: The Fairness Doctrine – UK Style

ReligionNewsBlog – Controversy Over Dutch Support For Hindu Goddess

Tundra Tabloids – UK: HOME OFFICE REVOKES BAN ON GEERT WILDERS; NOW FREE TO ENTER……. – Geert Wilder’s Warning to America: Stop Islamification + Fitna, the movie

Radical – International Conference on Freedom of Speech & Religion:

You are invited to attend a Legal Conference On Freedom Of Speech & Religion
At the U.S. Congressional Auditorium in Washington, DC On October 27 & 28, 2009
Featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Michael Savage of The Savage Nation

Members of Congress and Staff are invited to attend free of charge

 Presented by International Free Press Society, Liberty Legal Project International & Center for Security Policy
Co-Sponsored by Horowitz Freedom Center, The O’Leary Report, Florida Security Council

This conference will survey the legal foundations of freedom of speech and religion around the world and address emerging threats to these rights around the globe.

For More Information Call 1-800-989-0021 or email or
Register online at

Cases & Topics include:

* The Fairness Doctrine
* Hate Speech Laws, Hate Crime Laws, and Blasphemy Laws
* The Rifqa Bary case
* Venezuela’s Media Crime Law
* The Banning of Michael Savage &
Geert Wilders from the UK
* Censorship of Citizens
* Bloggers Rights

Read the rest here.

Europe News – More on Yale’s “Muslim Victory” Chaplain – Geert Wilders’ New Ideology – 2010 – MPs set to support ban on squatting – and Vote Muslim in Wilders home town

Islam In Europe – Commentary By Snouck – Freedom Party wins another seat in Brussels:

It took a while. But Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) will get a 5th seat in the EU Parliament (EP) in Brussels. According to the otherwise desastrous Lisbon Treaty The Netherlands will get an extra seat in the EP. This seat will go to the second biggest fraction, the PVV. This will make the PVV as big as the Christian Democrats (CDA) in the EP. It is an portent of things to come in The Netherlands.

Read it here.

[Related] The International Free Press Society – An Interview with Kurt Westergaard

Diana West – More on Yale’s “Muslim Victory” Chaplain – Robert Spencer: Teaming up with Euro-Supremacists Again

Steve Barth – Geert Wilders’ NY Speech: delete or reply?

Bare Naked Islam – Dutch Iranian ex-Muslim joins Geert Wilders’ Freedom (anti-Islamization) Party

Fousesquawk – Speech in New York by Geert Wilders

Chasing Evil – Robert Spencer: Teaming up with Euro-Supremacists Again – Geert Wilders – ACT For America Interview By Alan Kornman

Geert Wilders – ACT for America Interview by Alan Kornman: – Geert Wilders’ speech to the Dutch Parliament Sept 2009

Human Events – Obama Declares War on Free Speech

GupShup Forums – Response to Geert Wilders Video “Fitna”

Obamaers Dot Com – 11th District GOP candidate wants to end Muslim immigration to U.S.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Extra MEP for Wilders’ PVV party

Life On Sleepy Creek in Words and Images – Geert Wilders speech at the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem

Pits’n’Pots – The Radical Press – Should the principle of free speech be extended to Geert Wilders.

Monsters And Critics – Right-wing Dutch politician wins appeal on British ban

South Africa Sucks – Through the looking glass..

Leaving Normal – Dutch right-winger Geert Wilders wins challenge against British ban – Telegraph – Animal rights party claims extra EU seat

The Independent – Leading article: Poisonous debate:

Rarely have the limits of free speech been so hotly debated. The Unite Against Fascism group yesterday called for a blockade of the BBC’s Television Centre to disrupt the appearance of the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, on the Corporation’s Question Time programme later this month. Meanwhile, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal has overturned a government bar on the far-right Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, entering the UK.  Mr Wilders and Mr Griffin are both xenophobes with poisonous views. But they are also elected representatives. Provided they stay within the law, they have a right to air their opinions, no matter how vile right-thinking people might find them.

Read the rest here.


Philip Johnston – Jacqui Smith week gets worse as Geert Wilders wins appeal

The Brussels Journal – Islam on Campus: A Cartoonist Visits the Ivy League

The Guardian – Geert Wilders wins appeal against exclusion from UK

CNS News – New Survey on Islam Calls Into Question Population Figure Used by Obama

Times Of The Internet – Tribunal: Geert Wilders can enter Britain

The Irish Times – In Short

The Spectator’s Coffee House – The right decision

NRC Handelsblad – Royal family damaged by public debate

The Guardian – Should we let Geert Wilders in?

The Philadelphia Bulletin – Culture & Community Calendar: Oct 11-17:

Defending Free Speech and Geert Wilders

The Philadelphia Freedom Center is honored to host an afternoon with Mr. Geert Wilders at his first public appearance in Philadelphia. Mr. Wilders is one of the world’s most outspoken voices against radical Islam, for freedom and in defense of western civilization.

Mr. Wilders, a parliamentary member in the Netherlands, is Europe’s most eloquent defender of free speech and most outspoken voice regarding the threat of radical Islam. Mr. Wilder’s short film, FITNA, will be screened. He describes this film as “a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamization.” Under 24 hour protection and relentless personal threats, Mr. Wilders cannot be silenced. Net proceeds from the afternoon will go to the Geert Wilders Legal Defense Fund.

Event Details: Thursday, October 22, 2009 Union League Club, 140 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19102

Read it here.

Stealth Fusion Forum – Sharia Jihad

The Spectator’s Coffee House – A Good Day: Geert Wilders May Now Visit Britain

Pakistan Defence Forum – Unifying Dutch city falls to Muslim mayor – UK’s Geert Wilders ban deemed unlawful by Immigration Tribunal

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – UK wrong to deny entry to Geert Wilders – Champion Of The West: Geert Wilders On Danish TV (06-13-09)

Press TV – UK entry ban on Anti-Islam Dutch MP overturned

The National Post’s Full Comment – Tribunal strikes down British ban on anti-Muslim MP – A Hijab Tax in Holland? Geert Wilder’s Bad Idea

Pajamas Media – A Hijab Tax in Holland?

Waka Waka Waka – Peace Prize Be Upon Him

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders announces new UK trip:

Rightwing Dutch politician Geert Wilders has announced he will be travelling to London on Friday, after a court in London ruled that the British Home Office was wrong to refuse him entry to the country in February.

Read the rest here.

New American – Wilders Wins Appeal In Britain

Right Side News – Wilders Wins

Colored Opinions – Dutch Government inaction in fighting extremism

The London Daily News – Wilders coming to London




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