The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

20 07 2009 – CAIR withdraws from ALA panel over Robert Spencer

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Guusje – Bos: Moslims in Nederland vergelijken met Afro-Amerikanen – Een derde van moslims in Nederland wil emigreren – CDA ruikt bloed, wil schieten – and Piet Hein Donner prevelt. – Geert Wilders Speaks: Muslims & Tolerance (Part 2 Of 2)

The Equivocator – Islamophobia and the Extreme-Right are on the Rise in the Netherlands

[ Somewhat related ] Atlas Shrugs – the Atlas drive

Gates of Vienna – Sharia in the Netherlands – and An Elite Revolt Against Geert Wilders

The Brussels Journal – The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders

Newsweek – Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong

Pickled Politics – The CSC’s BNP report is a farce

Persevere – The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders

MT Akbar – New European Fascism – Geert Wilders

Islamophobia Watch – CSC report fails to address BNP’s anti-Muslim racism

All World News – The Dutch Labour Party and Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/14/2009

EuropeNews – The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders

The American Jingoist – The New Media Journal | Demoting Islam’s Religion Status by Martel Sobieskey

I Luv South Africa – Take It Easy On Muslim Extremists, Police Told

Gates Of Vienna Vs. The World Vs. LFG – Robert and Charles at it Again

Yid With Lid – Obama Tries to Reassure His Jewish “AMEN Corner” – Far From United

The Truth Will Set You Free – Dutch Zionist Geert Wilders at it Again

The Lone Voice – List of MP’s who voted against the Gurkha’s.

Occidental Soapbox – Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear in Geert Wilders’ Netherlands

The Sofia Echo – New European Parliament holds first sitting

Euronews – Eurosceptics muster in new groupings

Atlas Shrugs – Facebook crackdown on anti terror groups updated: Facebook refusing to remove groups that deny the Holocaust, Aids the spread of hate

Monthly Review magazine – Against Tolerance: Islam, Sexuality, and the Politics of Belonging in the Netherlands

Islamization Watch – ‘You have nothing to fear,’ Geert Wilders tells journalist of Dutch Moroccan descent

Gates of Vienna – An Elite Revolt Against Geert Wilders

The Kvetcher – Big Aish is Still Beating Around the Immigration Issue…

Winds of Jihad – Dutch Elite Calls For “Revolt” Against Geert Wilders

Power Line – Who are the fascists in Europe?


Hudson New York – Those Who Criticize Islam in Europe…

Home of the Green Arrow –   The British Military Spirit.

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Fortis problems boost English language website

Centurean2’s Weblog – 2008-JIHAD IN EUROPE-HOLLAND MUSLIM MAJORITY BY 2017!!

Jihad Watch – Who are the real fascists in Europe — the defenders of freedom, or their enemies?

The Brussels Journal – From the Ivory Tower: Newsweek Sees No Danger

Exposing Liberal Lies – Wilders Leads in Dutch Polls

Holocaust Pictures – The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders, The Brussels Journal


Th Guardian – Bulgarian election raises red flags

View From The Right – Another feminist success story




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