This Week’s Wilders Round-Up

11 06 2009 – Victim Precipitation?

BBC News – New round of marathon EU election

American Daily Review – Go Geert Wilders! – EUROPEAN ELECTIONS Voting begins

Get 2 Vote – EU governments wary as parliament vote nears end

Earth Times – Dutch tourist towns fear foreigners, vote far-right

[Related] New Europe – Dutch jump the gun with results, and the Far-Right wins – Dutch Far-Right Party Claims 1st Runner-up EP Elections Ranking

Immigration Watch International – Dutch anti-immigrant party emerges as big winner in EU elections

The Independent – Derk Stokmans: The dilemma facing mainstream Dutch parties

Power Line – Banned in Britain, successful in the Netherlands – Dutch PM stands by policy after EU election

[Related] Raw Video: Voting for the European Parliament in Prague:

World News Australia – Conservatives tighten grip in EU election – Wilders scores big in Dutch EU vote

Why Mommy Is a Republican – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party Sees Big Win in EU Parliamentary Elections

Radio Free Europe – Votes Cast On Final Day Of European Parliament Polls

Doc Cochran’s Weblog – Officially Insane

Pickled Politics – Nick Griffin elected to European parliament

The Guardian – Misery for social democrats as voters take a turn to the right

Press TV – Gloomy outcome awaits EU elections

Doctor Bulldog & Ronin – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party Scores Big Points in Election. Edges out the Anti-Semitic Labor Party

The Business Insider – EUROPE TURNS RIGHT

Conservatism Definition – From Meccania to Atlantis – Part 12: Swallowed alongside Leviathan, The Brussels Journal

Gates of Vienna – “D-Day” in the Netherlands – Preliminary European Election Roundup – and Electoral Earthquake in the UK

The Brussels Journal – From Meccania to Atlantis – Part 12: Swallowed by Leviathan

Gates of Vienna – Who Killed Theo Van Gogh?

Jihad Watch – German public TV blames Geert Wilders for the murder of Theo van Gogh

Reuters Global News Blog – EU vote result adds to Turkey’s membership woes

Islam Is War – ‘anti-islamic’ ‘anti-islam’ ‘anti-jihad’

Joshuapundit – Europe’s Lurch To The Right And What’s Behind it

Spiegel Online – European Voters Know What They Don’t Want

Right Side News – Geert Wilders Party Wins Advances in Dutch Election

The Jakarta Post – Bridging the West and the Muslim world

James Delingpole – Enough drivel about the BNP already

CBC News – The plagues descend on Britain’s PM

Podcast Alley – Right-wing party second in Dutch EU vote

Rush Limbaugh – stack of stuff quick hits page

The Daily Mail – The neo-Nazi surge: Right-wing parties sweep to power in the European Parliament as voter turnout plummets to record low

Rant Rave – Rant – Rightists Win 17% in Dutch Election

AlterMedia International – PVV to be the second biggest Dutch party in the European Parliament

Let’s Get It Right – Keep Turkey Out of EU

The Financial Times – Far right exploits rising insecurity

[Blast from the past] Spiked – If there’s one thing far worse than the BNP…:

The state stages a transparent politically-motivated trial of weak opponents, in order to lay down the law on the limits of official tolerance. Unfortunately the authorities fail to persuade the jury, which finds the dissident politicians not guilty. In response to this embarrassing failure to get their way, government ministers declare that the law must be changed, in order to ensure that their enemies are found guilty of crimes against society next time.

To some, this might sound like the stuff of a police state in a ‘banana republic’, or perhaps of the sort of dystopian futuristic drama beloved of the BBC. But in fact it is what happened in the UK last week, when the leader of the British National Party was cleared of stirring up racial hatred by attacking Islam, and New Labour ministers had an authoritarian tantrum in response.

(However, it is funny you should mention the BBC, as the broadcasting corporation was heavily involved in this little piece of real-world political theatre – scarier than anything seen in its conspiracy dramas.)

The case was prompted by an undercover BBC documentary. The BBC secretly filmed a meeting of BNP supporters, during which Nick Griffin, the party leader, condemned Islam as ‘a wicked, vicious faith’. In the media-inspired furore that followed, Griffin and Mark Collett, BNP publicity director, were charged with incitement to racial hatred. Griffin repeated his views on Islam from the dock. After their first trial, the jury failed to reach a verdict. Last Friday a second jury found them both not guilty.

On hearing of this disgraceful display of independent thinking by the jurors of Yorkshire, New Labour and the rest of the anti-racist establishment immediately threw all of its toys out of the pram. No less a figure than chancellor Gordon Brown, prime minister in waiting and a man not noted for hot-blooded political speeches, immediately intimated to the BBC that this sort of thing would not be tolerated on his watch. ‘I think any preaching of religious or racial hatred will offend mainstream opinion in this country and I think we have got to do whatever we can to root it out from whatever quarter it comes. And if that means we have got to look at the laws again, then we will have to do so.’

Other New Labour ministers were quick to join the chorus, while one anti-racist campaign condemned the verdict as ‘a travesty of justice’ because ‘the BNP are guilty of inciting racial hatred’, as if the party should have been on trial for its views in general, rather than Griffin for anything specific he might have said or done. Insiders pointed out that the government’s attempt to introduce a tough law against incitement to religious hatred had been defeated earlier this year; surely the failure of this prosecution for incitement to racial hatred proved that law was needed now? And there were mutterings about the problem of trying such cases before unreliable juries – particularly when, as almost every report made clear, this was an ‘all-white’ jury.

Read the rest here.

Europe News – Who Killed Theo Van Gogh?

NRC Handelsblad – European voters know what they don’t want

Israpundit – Geert Wilders as Hans Brinker Plugging the Dike

Big and Strong as a Palm Tree – Why the Far Right is Sweeping Europe?

The Palestine Telegraph – Dutch right-wing politician receives award :

Holland, June 10 (Pal Telegraph) – Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders attended the Heroes of Conscience Dinner June 7, hosted by the American Freedom Alliance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. He was there to reveive a ‘Hero of Conscience Award’, in recognition of his “defence of freedom in the Netherlands and Europe”.


Wikinews – Europeans go to the polls to elect Members of the European Parliament

The Telegraph – European elections 2009: Holland’s Freedom Party gains four seats

IPS News – EUROPE: The Right Makes an Unsettling Advance

The New York Times – Center-Right Parties Gain in Europe

Britannia Radio – Prof. Paul Eidelberg and then Dutch politician and film maker of ‘FITNA’, Geert Wilders, talk about the Islamic Jihad that has been thrust upon the West, and what we should be doing about it.  – and Prof Paul Eidelberg The unspoken war; The law of return and Shut Up! – When Free Speech is Dead with Geert Willders

Barely a Blog – Europe Turns Right

New Europe – A new parliament – a new Europe?



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