The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

19 05 2009

Just a brief house-cleaning announcement: I am going to stop updating the ‘Who’s Talking About This’ section. Mainly because I’m getting tired of double-posting pretty much every link that I’m putting into these posts into that section. I won’t be taking it down – but I won’t be updating it either. There’s still plenty of information and plenty of opinion there, and I might archive some of the more important updates and video links,  but I’d just rather reduce my blogging workload by a little bit.

Anyway, here are the links:

Altmuslim – Are those fighting words?

Going Dutch in China – Trouble with Tourist Visas

IslamNewcastle – Why Ban Michael Savage From Britian ?

Expatica – Labour leader rules out coalition with Wilders

The Christian Institute – Anti-Islam MP still leads Dutch polls after UK ban

Newpapers Collected – Geert Wilders is Still a Bigot and Still No Kind of Hero

[ Related ] The National Post’s Full Comment – Britain violates first rule of shock jocks: Never take the bait

Vlad Tepes – Bruce Bawer on Vlaams Belang

The Shape of the World – De-humanizing the Other IV: “Preachers of Hate”

Dinah Lord – UK: Geert Wilders appeal to be heard on July 9 – Labour leader rules out alliance with Wilders

FrontPage Mag: The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

Alex Massie – Geert Wilders is Still a Bigot and Still No Kind of Hero

The Brussels Journal – Gimmickry, the Last Refuge of Appeasement

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen – He Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Jesus

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Labour joins “cordon sanitaire” against Wilders

The American Muslim – Neo-Nazis in Synagogues – SP, ChristenUnie rule out Wilders’ coalition

Freedom Ain’t Free and Take Our Country Back – The High Commissioner’s Big Lie Part 2

NRC Handelsblad – The importance of not courting Wilders

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Youtube removes ban on Filip Dewinter

Insane P.I. – Bill Warner’s pathetic attempts to Photoshop Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Rouvoet accuses PVV and VVD of curtailing freedom

The New York Times – Coming Vote on Assembly Elicits Shrugs in Europe

Western Front – Michael Savage and Geert Wilders: Crusaders for the West

NRC Handelsblad – Amsterdam celebrates Spinoza’s plea for tolerance

Insane P.I. – Axis of Evil vs. Anti-Islamists – updated

The Jakarta Post – A friendly chat with Geert Wilders

Atlas Shrugs – Lt. Colonel Allan West: “Enemies at the gates”

NIS News Bulletin – Balkenende: Wilders gets too much attention

Gates of Vienna – Dymphna’s Packet o’ News for May 14th

Informed Comment – Wertheim: Wilders’ Lethal Words

Islam Is War – Dutch firebrand MP banned from Britain plans new anti-Islam film

Libertarian Republican – Geller suggests Libertarian Geert Wilders for US President 2012

The Copenhagen Post – Wilders to get no invite to free speech conference

The Destruction of Britain – What is it with the NUJ? Now Rod Liddle wades into the “Stop the BNP” MSM campaign.

Islam Is Not Peace – Dutch firebrand MP banned from Britain plans new anti-Islam film

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Amsterdam Islam Congress resounding success

Islam In Europe – Netherlands: National Islam Congress

Islamization Watch – Amsterdam Islam Congress called a resounding success_Wilders declined invitation

The Destruction of Britain – Robert Spencer, you really better watch out for falling glass

Center For Immigration Studies – Pandering by the ADL

NIS News Bulletin – VVD leader: I was an act and neglected integration issue

Independence – Could UKIP be sitting with Geert Wilders’ party in the next European Parliament?

Arubagirl – Not The Political Post I was Planning On Writing

Islamization Watch – Dutch: Rutte in confession mode, accepts political landscape shift towards integration, immigration and Wilders

Crazy Dutch in HK – “Belgium is a mess”

Conservative Central – Wilders’s acceptance speech for the Freedom Award