This Week’s Wilders Round-Up

10 05 2009

The Blogger News Network – The big tent

Assyrian International News Agency – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

The Guardian – The anti-jihadist theatre of the absurd

The Anti-Theist Blog – Geert Wilders in L.A.

Zipline Conservative – Geert Wilders (It Takes Wilders To Confront CAIR Thugs in USA?)

Euronews – Anti-semitic lists in EU poll?

The Bible and Society – Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War

ACT! For America – Human Rights Exist for the Protection of Individuals, Not Religions and Ideologies (Excerpts)


euRabia – CAIR “Commends” the Good Dhimmis at the ADL for Condemning Wilders

Europe News – Danish government delays free speech conference; fears Geert Wilder’s presence would offend Muslims

Dinah Lord – Throwdown: Britain’s lone* moderate Muslim challenges Geert Wilders to a debate

Stop The ACLU – The big tent

Gavin Orland – Geert Wilders speaks in Los Angeles

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders speech in L.A. Spanish subtitles

[ Related ] American Thinker – Michael Savage Banned in the UK

UTV News – Yes Jacqui, let’s keep out those dangerous homeopaths

Silver Scorpio – Man fined for death threat against Dutch right-winger Wilders

Al Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding – Muslim American News Briefs, May 2, 2009

Muslims Against Sharia – Salim Mansour on Islam(ist)ic-Western relations and against Western collapse

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Vlaams Belang video: the state of freedom of speech in Belgium

A Western Heart – The big tent

[ Somewhat related ] The Shotgun Blog – British MP George Galloway is suing Jason Kenney

Dissecting Leftism – The big tent

Conservatism Quotes – The uncommon tent – Blogger News Network

Tel-Chai Nation – ADL refused to help Geert Wilders

The Juice – “Fighter of Radical Muslims” Offers Free Exorcism for Muslim Moderate, Some Blogger

New American – Geert Wilders Not Welcome in Denmark

Cranmer – The UK’s ‘banned list’ and pre-emptive retribution

FrontPage Mag – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders – Danish PM opposes Wilders’ visit

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders a fascist?

Hot Air – The obligatory “Michael Savage banned from Britain” post

Jihad Watch – Geert Wilders a fascist?

View From The Right – Spencer’s defense of Wilders from the ADL

[ Related ] WorldNetDaily – Savage’s colleagues react in horror

The International Free Press Society – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

The Associated Press – UK bars 22 alleged extremists, including show host

Hit and Run – On Ezra Levant and Glenn Greenwald

The American Spectator – Free Speech in Europe

GlobalPost – A Dutch identity crisis?

CNS News – UK Minister Who Blacklisted American Talk Show Host May Lose Her Post

The Jakarta Post – ‘Fitna’ producer attacks Dutch diplomat over Islam lecture – and Wilders slams Ambassador Van Dam

WorldNetDaily – I am Savage

The New York Times – In Belgium, Samson Gets a Makeover

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch MEP calls European Parliament bureaucratic

Urmee Khan – Why is Fred Phelps banned from Britain? Will the Scientologists be next?

Pickled Politics – Geert Wilders’ great plan to save the west

Harry’s Place – Wilders: Enemy of Liberalism – EU elections: PVV accused of cowardice

Lux Americana – Dutch TV Show: ‘Bin Laden Not Guilty’

Heartless and Brainless – Greenwald conflating state sovereignty with free speech

The International Free Press Society – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

Winds of Jihad – “Harry’s Place” discovers ‘real enemy’… Geert Wilders!

Tundra Tabloids – Bostom: Fortuyn and His Creepy Remnants Pale in Comparison to Wilders…….

Andrew Bostom – Un-Fortuyn-ate Sons

Earth Times – Danish group invites Dutch right-wing politician to conference:

Copenhagen – The Danish Free Speech Society Friday said it has invited controversial Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders to address a conference on freedom of speech and Islam. The private group stepped in after it became “tired” of waiting for the Danish government to agree on a date for a conference, the free speech group’s head Lars Hedegaard said in a statement.Airforce Amazons – Delicious and galoshes

[Related] Brussels Journal – British Home Secretary Savages Free Speech

The International Free Press Society – UK minister who blacklisted Michael Savage and Geert Wilders may lose her post – The Savage Banning of an American Original

My Views On Political News! – Wilders banned from the UK

Meanderings of a Non-PC Man – Facebook Transplant Part 2 – Originally posted 13/4/09 – Wilders wants to attend British court hearing:

Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders said on Friday he hoped to go to Britain on July 9 when a court in London will hear his appeal against being banned.

‘I want to be there in person, and defend myself together with a British lawyer, Wilders said on his website.

Blog of Pakistan – Critical thinking, do we have tolerance for it?

Canada Free Press – Appeasement and Surrender

Europe News – Wilders wants to attend British court hearing

Doc’s Talk – Appeasement and Surrender

Pajamas Media – The Savage Banning of an American Talk Show Host

The New York Times – A World of Least-Wanted Lists

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – European Commissioner fed up with criticism

News By Us – Hey Jacqui, You May Already Be A Weiner

[ Related ] Pickled Politics – Could an Islamic state actually work?

Infidels Unite – A Saudi attacks Geert Wilders with anti-Christian film:

A blogger from Saudi Arabia has an ironic short film – on the Internet – against Christianity published in style that imitates Wilders’s film. A reporter of the Saudi newspaper “Arab News” (Thursday edition) said the Internet-author, Raid al-Saed, had produced the film to show that it was easy, prejudicial and show of hate to create – like the right-wing Wilders’s – if you take random quotations from a holy book and illustrate it with images of violence. Wilders’s compilation of violent scenes, Koran verses and Islamic hate preacher was pushed to rextreme. Many religious groups and governments in the Islamic world have sharply criticized the film and  demanded the Dutch Government to take action against Wilders.

 Just like Wilders’s Fitna, the scenes of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 mixed with pictures of mothers with headscarves, Al-Saed produced the film down to tight ten-minutes. He also denigrated in his short film a holy book as a pamphlet; the readers of the Bible were inspired to radical ideas and deeds.

True Blue Aussie – Geert Wilders Islamification Speech in LA – April 2009

07020 Forums – Pamela Geller Interviews Geert Wilders




6 responses

13 05 2009
Khalim Massoud

Have you ever addressed attacks by Bill Warner ( who claims that Geert Wilders is a Nazi (

13 05 2009
walker morrow

No – I haven’t focused too much on Bill Warner, actually. I tend to try and post both sides of things – so if Bill Warner writes something on Geert Wilders I’ll probably post it, but if somebody criticising Bill Warner writes something in reply, then I’ll probably post that too. That way the reader has a chance to see both sides of things and figure it out by themselves, without me having to explain it to them.

14 05 2009
Muslims Against Sharia

“No – I haven’t focused too much on Bill Warner, actually.”

You should. It is expected for Islamists to criticize Geert Wilders. However, when fraudulent anti-terrorists like Warner portray Wilders as a Nazi, some people could fall for that. But, when you see where Bill Warner is coming from ( and whose lies he is regurgitating, it becomes obvious that his attempts to connect Wilders with Nazis are nothing more than Islamist propaganda.

14 05 2009
walker morrow

Yeah, if I have the time some day, I’ll have to write about this Bill Warner fellow. He certainly seems like the kind of guy who deserves some negative attention. Thanks for taking the time to let me know about more of his actions – I kind of end up wondering what Bill Warner thinks he can accomplish with all of his antics, you know?

27 05 2009
Muslims Against Sharia

Insane P.I. Bill Warner loves to bitch and whine that he is unfairly portrayed as a Bush-hating anti-Semite (“if it weren’t for this [edited] neocon Jews who control this maggot [president Bush], we wouldn’t be in this mess [Iraq]”) and an Islamophobe (“I (Bill Warner) totally agree with Debbie Schlussel , she hit the nail right on the head again, it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims”).

However, this dimwit has no problems calling Geert Wilders a Neo Nazi: “Dutch lawmaker loses bid to stop hate speech trial, Dutch Neo-Nazi Geert Wilders Must Stand Trial” Would someone please explain to Bill Warner, the Village Idiot the meaning of double standards?

27 05 2009
walker morrow

I don’t know if someone so obviously applying double standards will even listen to reason anymore – that is, one wonders if he isn’t too far gone already.

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