This week’s Wilders Round-Up

11 04 2009

The International Free Press Society – Don Feder: The Speech I Never Gave

Why Mommy is a Republican – The Contradictions of the Cultural Relativists

Avid Editor’s Insights – Is all Islam radical?

P2Pnet News – Making George Galloway famous

The Business Time – 200 ‘potential terrorist’ in UK

Beer’n’Sandwiches – Geert Wilders to Show Fitna in Jordan This Morning :

Geert Wilders has travelled to Jordan on the next leg of his Fitna World Tour. His day will start at the Royal Palace where he will be giving a special screening of his short film Fitna to His Majesty King Abdullah II. He will then give a speech about his film in Amman’s newly completed ‘Freedom Square’. Unfortunately he will not have the opportunity to pray, as originally planned, at the famous Abu Darweesh Mosque which is closed for renovations.

The visit to Jordan took place despite him being prevented from entering the United Kingdom recently. It appears that the Hashemite Kingdom does not share the British Government’s hostility to Mr Wilders. A spokesman for King Abdulla said ‘Mr Wilders is a great man whose commitment to freedom of speech is a shining example to the people of Jordan’. As he arrived at the airport he was greeted by thousands of well wishers who shouted ‘don’t let the British Government get you down Geert!’, and ‘freedom of speech is still alive in Jordan, you’re welcome here any time!’

Political Mavens – UK turns the corner?

The Montreal Gazette – The trouble with censorship

Beer’n’Sandwiches – Support Geert Wilders on Facebook

FrontPage Mag –  Geert Wilders Comes to America

Right Side News – Demoting Islam’s Religion Status

The Blog of Record – Dutch Court Orders Trial for MP Who Made A Film About Islam


Family Security Matters – What’s Good For the Goose Isn’t Good For the Gander

The Claremont Institute – April 4 – Geert Wilders at Chapman University:

Please join us in welcoming Geert Wilders, Dutch parlimentarian and film-maker, and Europe’s most eloquent defender of free speech. This is an opportunity to hear Mr. Wilders speak, and to screen his eye-opening documentary, FITNA. Under 24-hour protection due to threats on his life, Mr. Wilders cannot be silenced in his mission defend Western Civilization. This event is sponsored by the Chapman University School of Law, and co-sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Claremont Institute, the Orange County Lincoln Club, and the International Free Press Society.

Date: Saturday, April 4
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location: Chapman University, Memorial Hall, One University Dr., City of Orange, California
Cost: $50

Colored Opinions – Dutch member of parliament against Turkey, for Rasmussen

EuropeNews – No Free Speech Allowed for Geert Wilders

Last Free Voice – Too Dangerous for Canada!

EuropeNews – Support Geert Wilders on Facebook

Atlas Shrugs – Muslims target Wilders in California

Geert Wilders Speaks: Muslims & Tolerance (Part 2 of 2):

De Volksrant – niet zo happy

[Related] – The Daily Mail – Mohammed cartoonist accuses BBC of ‘appeasing Muslim fanatics by not showing interview’

Klavan On The Culture – Honk! You’re Hateful

The International Free Press Society – Geert Wilders to visit US West Coast this weekend:

It is not everyday Americans have the opportunity to meet someone charged with thoughtcrime, but they will have just that opportunity this weekend, as the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the International Free Press Society (IFPS) welcome the man London turned away. DHFC and IFPS will bring Wilders, one of the most outspoken defenders of free speech, for his first visit to the West Coast this weekend, April 4-5. On Saturday, April 4, he will speak at Chapman University. Then, from 6:30-10 p.m., the Freedom Center will bring in the fearless MP for a dinner, the California premier of Fitna, and a keynote speech in Beverly Hills. His tour will commence from 10 a.m.-noon on Sunday, April 5, in Los Angeles.

GayandRight – The return of Westergaard….

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/2/2009

NRC Handelsblad – Danish Muhammed cartoonist returns

[Related] Canada, Eh? – Was Canada right to bar entry to George Galloway?

[Related ] The Christian Institute – BBC appeases Muslim extremists, says Dane:

A Danish cartoonist, responsible for one of the caricatures of Mohammed which sparked worldwide anger from Muslims in 2005, has accused the BBC of appeasing radical Islam.

Kurt Westergaard says the BBC will not air a recent interview with him because it is terrified of upsetting extremist Muslims.

The 73-year-old cartoonist gave his first ever English interview to a BBC journalist four weeks ago. Since then it has not been broadcast, amid claims that the BBC is frightened of “inflaming” Muslims.

Mr Westergaard told the Daily Mail newspaper, “I am disappointed on behalf of the freedom of speech.

“Every time you are afraid I think you make a step backwards. That is depressing me.”

Mr Westergaard compared the BBC’s attitude to the appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s.

He said: “If you have an appeasement policy towards the radical Muslims then you are on a very wrong way and you have to start marching backwards.”

Blazing Cat Fur – You’d think the Dutch would have more serious concerns…

Dandelion Salad – Congratulations! British Authorities by Badrul Islam

One Call A Day – Support Geert Wilders

OC Weekly – Notorious Islam Hater to Speak at Chapman U Tomorrow

The New Centrist – Best April Fools’ Day Post: Geert Wilders to Show Fitna in Jordan

Clueless Emma – Geert Wilders Comes to America

Chesler Chronicles – Pierre Rehov: The Lion in Exile

The International Free Press Society – Geert Wilders to visit US West Coast this weekend

Weasel Zippers – Britain Allows Islamist Fanatics Into UK, Still No to Geert Wilders….

The Hill – Obama brokers controversial NATO appointment

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Now you can own your exclusive copy of the most famous image of our time!

The Iconoclast – Geert Wilders Weekend in Southern California: Orange County and Los Angeles:

Tomorrow, Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian and leader of the PVV (Freedom Party) in the Hague Parliament, will be the featured speaker at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. The event -see below- is jointly sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, American Freedom Alliance and the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHSLA). This afternoon he will speak at  Chapman University in Orange County. He will also attend a private dinner in his honor this evening in Los Angeles.

Home of the Green Arrow – Open-door Muslim Immigration

Americantowns – Geert Wilders Special California Appearance- April 5th

Beggars Banquet – FINA – The Disgusting Islam Religion Laid Bare

Further Adventures of Indigo Red – Geert Wilders Speaks for Freedom

Israpundit – Geert Wilders Weekend in Southern California: Orange County and Los Angeles

Islamophobes United – freedom lovers come out for Wilders

Angus Reid Global Monitor – Dutch Far-Right Party Increases Lead

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Verhagen lashes out at Wilders

The Lambeth Walk – George Galloway Vs. Geert Wilders Again

Black and Red – “Protect Our Free Market” – Anti-Islam party picks EU campaign leader – and Wilders under Christian Democratic fire

The Beauty Within – Blogroll o a dei post sul. – Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 2

Muslims Against Sharia – Free Speech vs. Islam in Europe: Geert Wilders’ speech in Los Angeles

Europe News – IFPS: First-hand report of Geert Wilders’ California appearance:

Geert Wilders had come to Chapman University on another beautiful day in paradise – blue skies, bright sunlight, cool breeze. The Dutch MP was here to show his movie “Fitna” and explain why Western Civilization is in serious danger of disappearance because of Islamic sharia, Muslim immigration and simple demographics.

Act for America, Mission Viejo was there to counter the expected protest from the local Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood apparently had other plans because they never showed up. – Galloway no hypocrite

Religious Intelligence – Dutch to use diplomacy to defeat Muslim extremists

Big Hollywood – “I’m Geert Wilders!”

Vlad Tepes – Best Geert Wilders speech yet! L.A. April 2009

Earth Times – Controversial Dutch rightist party to contest European elections

Gates of Vienna – Geert Wilders in Beverly Hills

The National – Obama rejects the clash of civilizations

Weasel Zippers – Geert Wilders’ PVV Party Announces They Will Contest European Parlimentary Elections….. – What’s Good For the Goose Isn’t Good For the Gander

Act! For America – Geert Wilders speaks in LA

Blog Smith – Geert Wilders Los Angeles speech – The Truth about Barry’s Islam

Jihad Watch – Spencer on the Islamic attack on free speech:

Saturday I was in Orange, California, at the Chapman University School of Law, where the foremost champion of free speech today, Geert Wilders, gave a ringing address. There was a group of counter-protesters on the grounds before the talk, as Islamic groups had announced that they would be protesting the Wilders event. The Islamic groups didn’t show up, but the counter-protesters did — and among them and the people attending the event I met our friend Bosch Fawstin, who very kindly gave me a copy of his new book ProPiganda; Jihad Watch commenter PRCalDude, and many others, including Steve and Pam Gooderham of GDP Video, who filmed this impromptu interview with me on the steps of the building in which Wilders spoke.

Doc’s Talk – Geert Wilders speaks in LA

FrontPage Mag – Free Speech vs. Islam in Europe

The Hollywood Reporter – Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

Israpundit – Geert Wilders Rebuts Obama on Islam – the Threat to the West and America

The Betrayal – Geert Wilders Los Angeles speech – The Truth about Barry’s Islam

PoliGazette – Netherlands in the news again: TV show exonerates Bin Laden

FrontPage Mag – the genocidal harvest of Leftist self-loathing

Reuters – TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

Top Lawyer Urges Voiding California Decadron – I have a hard time keeping up with it now but since I have

El Campeador’s Weblog – Really shouldn’t bother BUT…Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden… – Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

The Washington Post – The Free World Bars Free Speech

Gates of Vienna – An Unwritten Conscience

12.160MGH – Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden – If the Hypocrite Shoe Fits … – Dutch foreign minister lashes out at Wilders

No Pasaran! – Clueless America, Time to Take Some Lessons from Ultra-Brilliant Europeans 

Boston’s Patriots – Geert Wilders’ movie Fitna

A Dutchman in Malaysia – Poll




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