This week’s Wilders Round-Up

23 03 2009

ACT Northern Virginia – Anti-jihadist Dutch MP Geert Wilders received 285 death threats in 2008

Rebel Radius – Geert Wilders

DaLian BinCheng –  ricky bobby clips: Criminalizing Speech in the Netherlands

Daily Religious – Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam – FrontPage

Tony Blair – Geert Wilders’ case may NEVER come to Court – Thanks to his Ban from Britain

Exposing Liberal Lies – Death Threats Against Geert Wilders

Persecuted-church – Intimidating Critics of Islam:”Politicians and citizens who raise questions about the religion are targeted” – Wilders: I want to be prime minister

Gather – A look at Radical Islam from a former insider! – and Anti-Muslim Film Sparks Worldwide Condemnation

The NewsBot Times – Wilders’ supporters – what do they want?

NIS News Bulletin – Verdonk optimistic despite disastrous polls

EuropeNews – Wilders Watch

Digital Journal – Oil-rich Nigeria will become Islamic soon, warn Dutch MPs

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders’ supporters – what do they want?:

“I want to become prime minister.” That’s what Geert Wilders said after a private meeting with 200 followers in his home town of Venlo on Monday. “One day my party will be the biggest, and then it will be an honour to accept the prime-ministership.”

According to a recent poll, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) is the most popular party in the Netherlands. But exactly who supports this party is unclear. Two Volkskrant journalists tried to find out.

Diana West – Wilders Watch 

Between Worlds – Criminalizing Speech in the Netherlands

Global Politician – A Salute to Champions of Liberty

Vermont Cynic – Is exclusive language the same as free speech?

EuropeNews – Wilders: I want to be prime minister – and An Anti-Islamization Movie by Pro-Köln

The Washington Post –  Islam Must Engage Critics

Avid Editor’s Insights – Two Squeaky Wheels: The Schijveschuurder Brothers

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Whatever happened to Rita Verdonk? – and Hassnae Bouazza

FrontPage Mag – Londonistan rising

NIS News – supreme court: insulting Islam is not insulting Muslims – Court to use ‘group insult’ for Wilders case

The International Free Press Society – Wilders: “I want to be Prime Minister” – German group Pro-Köln to release anti-Islamization film in April – and Is freedom subjective? This post verbatim from Gates of Vienna.

The Jewish World Review  – fighting bias with fascism: the speech I never gave

Gates of Vienna – An Anti-Islamization Movie by Pro-Köln – and Is Freedom Subjective?

Tony Blair – Islam Controls The House of Lords (NO QUESTION)

NIS News – VVD icon proposes merger with D66 and Wilders:

THE HAGUE, 21/03/09 – Former conservative party (VVD) leader Hans Wiegel is proposing a broad liberal people’s party. Such a party could involve VVD working together with both the Party for Freedom (PVV) and centre-left D66, he said in TV programme Pauw&Witteman.

Wiegel believes there should be a strong block to the right of the Christian democrats (CDA). He said he was thinking of a merger of VVD, PVV, Proud of the Netherlands (Rita Verdonk) and D66. “Such a party is necessary if you want to be influential as a non-leftist party”, stated the VVD honorary member.

The Lone Voice – New Labour paying moslems to vote their way.

Conservative Beach Girl – Larwyn’s list: Obama set to disarm US military

Arab racism Islamo fascism – The Honorable Geert Wilders Will Address NER Symposium

Schmoozing with Elya and Ellie Katz – Geert Wilders

Conservative Beach Girl – Geert Wilders to British Parliament if Britain had free speech

The Reality Show – The Honorable Geert Wilders Will Address NER Symposium

Gates of Vienna – Tip: Buy Stock in Dannebrog Manufacturers :

Even in these troubled economic times, the savvy investor will want to get in on the ground floor with the Danish flagmaking industry, because there’s about to be a run on its product.

Butane lighters are safe bet, too.

You see, the decision has been made at last: Geert Wilders has been invited the International Conference on Extremism in Copenhagen, at the behest of the Danish Muslim politician Naser Khader.


Red Tory – Tories Ban “Infandous” Galloway

ITN – Banned Dutch MP launches appeal

The American Free Press – Far-right Dutch MP to appeal British ban

The Globe and Mail – Needless publicity

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders appeals against UK ban :

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has launched an official appeal against the British government’s decision to ban him from entering the United Kingdom. Last month, Britain’s Home Office refused the MP entry on the grounds that his opinions about Islam made him a threat to public security.

BBC News – Dutch MP appeals against UK ban

The Telegraph – Anti-Muslim politician challenges right to enter UK

Ceske Noviny – Czech portal on Islam danger invites Fitna´s author to CzechRep

The Wall Street Journal – Islam Should Prove It’s a Religion of Peace

The Winnipeg Free Press – Banned British MP targets Harper government

The International Free Press Society – A Salute to Champions of Liberty

The Index on Censorship – Wilders challenges UK ban

Euro News 24 – Far-right Dutch MP to appeal British ban

Exposing Liberal Lies – More from Lt. Col. Adam West

Javno – Geert Wilders Files Complaint for UK Entry Ban

Islamophobes United – George Galloway is despicable, but he shouldn’t be prevented from speaking in Canada

Shiraz Socialist – Let Galloway Into Canada!

A New Dark Age is Dawning – Wilders’ Supporters – What Do They Want?



11 responses

23 03 2009

Errm… fuck off. I don’t actually like Wilders at all. Ping that back.

23 03 2009
walker morrow


23 03 2009

You’ve linked to my post “Principled Criticism Does Not Equal Hate Speech”, but I do not consider Geert Wilders to have done anything that could be called “principled criticism”. Please don’t link to my post.

23 03 2009
Party Time » Blog Archive » Diy Wedding Invitations Barack Obama

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23 03 2009
walker morrow

@Stumbling, voltaire, whoever you are:

Oh, ok. Sure. Hadn’t really taken the time to get the full context of your post. If you’re uncomfortable associating yourself and your name with someone like Geert Wilders, I can understand.

23 03 2009
Snaphanen » Norsk jordskredsvalg i september ?

[…] Wilders receives so many threats that it is impossible for him to keep making separate reports in each case. He is allowed to ’save up’ his hate-mails and other threats and deliver them once a week to The Hague police as a package. …This week’s Wilders Round-Up […]

23 03 2009

Hey Everyone,

Just want to say how much I am enjoying the site.
Keep up the good work.

23 03 2009
walker morrow


24 03 2009

You’ve linked to a blog I moderate, the TRASH bin, specifically to a post by the Stumbling Mystic entitled “Principled Criticism Does Not Equal Hate Speech”, but I consider Wilders to be a moron who ought to be eaten alive by crabs. I don’t know if crabs eat flesh, but you get the idea.

Please do not link to our blog. We despise Islamophobia, and this website and many others linked from here are Islamophobic in the extreme.

24 03 2009
walker morrow

It is, is it? Well, you’d be the best judge.

Don’t worry, I’ll respect your wishes and not link to you in the future.

27 03 2009
Steynian 340 « Free Canuckistan!

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