This week’s Wilders Round-up

13 03 2009

the links: – Islam and the Death of Western Civilization

International Religious Freedom Blog – Geert Wilders Interview: Islam and Free Speech

Guy White: Making Sense On Race – Geert’s Party Takes the Lead in Netherlands

Digital Toast – Shame on the Netherlands – Hate-filled unelected Muslim peer Lord Ahmed jailed for just 12 weeks for killing father of 2 – and Britain capitulates to terror – Geert Wilders banned and held at Heathrow:

Update: Following loads of pressure from the media and bloggers such as myself, Shami Chakrabarti from Liberty finally spoke out, but only because she’d come on to talk about something else. Anywhere, here’s the short interview:

Update 2: I’ve yet to hear from my MP, but a couple of you have forwarded me your replies from your MP – KEEP THEM COMING!

First, here’s Labour’s MEPs strongly supporting the ban

Thank you for your email regarding the recent Home Office decision to deport Geert Wilders from the UK. Your comments on this matter have been noted. However, while we firmly believe in the right of free speech and free movement, we believe that coming to the country specifically to cause offence and stir up racial hatred is not compatible with the laws of this country. Geert Wilders was banned from entering the UK under EU laws enabling member states to exclude someone whose presence would be a threat to national security, public order or the safety of its citizens. We therefore support the Home Office decision.

We hope that this clarifies our position.

Best wishes

Glenys Kinnock MEP & Eluned Morgan MEP

And now here’s the Conservative Local MP, Rob Wilson with a rather wishy-washy answer, but coming out in favour of free speech (sort of!)

Thank you for your recent correspondence about the Government’s decision not to allow the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, entry into Britain.

As I understand it, Mr Wilders faces trial in the Netherlands for inciting hatred and because of this, the Home Office has taken the decision that his presence in this country could threaten public security. Conservatives have been consistent in calling on the Government to tackle extremists. If Geert Wilders has expressed views that represent a threat to public security, I support the decision not to allow him into this country. But I am concerned that people like Ibrahim Moussawi, a spokesman for the terrorist organisation, Hizbullah, have not been banned in the past, and that the likes of the Islamist militant, Abu Qatada, have been permitted to remain in Britain. The Government must apply the criteria governing entry into this country consistently.

 I strongly believe that free speech is a fundamental basis of our society. Britain learned long ago that more freedom of speech leads to more vigorous debate, which leads to more tolerance. However, as I hope you understand, the right to free speech has to balanced with the right to public security. The Government’s failure to be consistent on this matter has simply served to undermine its credibility in this specific case.


Member of Parliament for Reading East

But Wilders hasn’t been convicted of anything! I didn’t know a man was now guilty of thought-crime until proven innocent.

Capitulating to bullying and threats might be on our dhimmi UK government’s agenda, but not mine. 

Isn’t the person who brought this about, Lord Ahmed, not the same Lord Ahmed awaiting trial for killing another motorist while texting and driving?

Read the rest

Why Mommy is a Republican – Site Review: Defend Geert Wilders ( yeah ok, this is just kind of self-flattery ) – Geert Wilders — Man of Courage or Man of Hate? – Geert Wilders Interview — Islam and Freedom of Speech – and “Islamophobia” or Protected Speech?

EuropeNews – Campaigners will seek arrest of Islamic radical –  Putting Words in His Mouth – Islam needs to prove it is a religion of peace – Video: Geert Wilders in Boston area

The Detroit News – Readers debate form of U.S.-Muslim outreach

The Wall Street Journal – Islam Needs to Prove It’s a Religion of Peace

U.S. News – Britain’s Double Standard on Islamist Extremist is National Suicide

American Thinker – After banning Wilders, Brits welcome Hezb’allah official – MPs can say and wear what they like

The International Free Press Society – Islam and freedom of speech

Samuel At Gilgal – Geert Wilders Says “Stop Muslim Immigration” On O’Reilly Show

Crossroads mag – Lower House to continue to allow hippie clothes and ‘Wilders-style’

Andrew Bostom – Freedom of Speech: Wilders, Orwell, and the “Koran Ban”

Covenant Zone – Dutch diviners go Delphic?

Right Side News – Islam in America, Part Four: Lawfare

Islamization Watch – Michael Graham, WTKK [Radio Talk Show] Boston, MA: Geert Wilders

The Freethinker – Provoking Muslims is OK – so long as it not Geert Wilders who’s doing it

Saber Point – Dutch Supreme Court Decision Bodes Well For Geert Wilders:


Dutch Freedom Blog has just translated a court decision in the Hague that is relevant to the Geert Wilders case. The Court has cleared a man who publically criticized Islam. Dutch Freedom writes:

In November 2004 [the defendant] had placed a poster before his window with the text: “Stop the Tumour that is Islam”. [I don`t think Wilders ever went that far]. Earlier the same man had been convicted by the District Court and the Court of Appeals in Den Bosch. According to the highest court in the land, there is not sufficient ground for a conviction if someone solely engages in defamation of a religion as such. Whether or not the adherents of a religion feel insulted is irrelevant.

The Lone Voice – Royal Anglian Parade through Luton, 10/03/09, Muzzie scum protesters get hauled off

Oy Va Goy! – The Wilders/Moussawi hypocrisy – “Regardless Of Their Doom/ The Little Victims Play”: CPAC, Frum, Limbaugh…And America?

Atlas Shrugs – Islam’s immoderate totalitarian truths – Achmed’s out of jail Briticide –  Dutch ruling: you may insult Islam – and Wilders, Islam and the immoderate moderates

NIS News Bulletin – cabinet ignores motion to protest Wilders ban in EU:

THE HAGUE, 12/03/09 – The cabinet has ignored a motion in which the Lower House almost unanimously called upon it to complain in the European Union about the United Kingdom’s refusal to admit MP Geert Wilders. At the same time, however, the House is accepting that its motion is disregarded.

A month ago, Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders could not enter the UK because the British government decided that his criticisms of Islam made him a threat to public safety. The Dutch government expressed its objections, though modestly, calling Wilders’ refusal “very regrettable” rather than unacceptable. It but did not resort to serious diplomatic steps, such as summoning the British ambassador, either.

NelCast – the ‘special duties and responsibilities’ of freedom


International Free Press Society – Netherlands cabinet ignores motion to protest Geert Wilders ban in EU – UK: Wilders out, Hezbollah spokesman in – and Dutchman cleared of same ‘group insult’ charge that will be used to prosecute Wilders

EuropeNews – Wilders, Islam and the Immoderate Moderates – Islam in America, Part Four: Lawfare

Winds of Jihad – UK: Blackmailing Muslim Lord Ahmed Out of Jail After 16 Days!

The Tyee – Return of the Far Right

Exposing Liberal Lies – UK Bans Wilders, Welcomes Jihadist

Andrew Bostom – Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam

The International Free Press Society – Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Out of left field…

The Journal – What Price Freedom?

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam – Wilders most threatened politician – and The Beast is Loose

Israel National News – UK to Host Hizbullah Spokesman

Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding – US Zionist Islamophobe Losers Find New False Prophet in Feert Wilders

The National – Anti-Arab senator’s odd political tactics

NIS News Bulletin – Wilders threatened nearly 300 times in 2008

The Times Online – MP says Muslim protesters have ‘brought disgrace’ to Luton

PrairiePundit – UK going soft on internal enemies

The Boston Globe – Free speech aside, paper wrong to grant forum to bigotry – Wilders most threatened politician:

Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders has received more threats than any other politician and last year reported 292 threatening messages to the team which deals with threats to politicians.

This is around 75% of all the cases reported to the team (TBP) in 2008. Of the total 424 reported threats, 304 were passed on to the public prosecution office. Most of the thr4eeats were made by email or placed on websites.

EmbraceUnity – The Value of Multi-Culturalism

The Amboy Times – I want to see the flag of Allah flying over Downing St

BBC News – Lebanon journalist UK entry veto

Press TV – Islamophobist Wilders next Dutch PM?

Jewish and Israel News – Britain bans Hezbollah man

The Brussels Journal – As Islamists Protest, Hezbollah Spokesman Barred from UK

The Jawa Report – Actual good news: Moussawi not coming to Britain after all

Digital Journal – Anti-jihadist Dutch MP received 285 death threats in 2008

Atlas Shrugs – Britain bars Hezbo leader – and Islamic terror attack foiled

Gates of Vienna – The Beast is Loose – and The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Feert Himself

Tundra Tabloids – Satan Freed After Only Serving 16 Days For Vehicular Manslaughter…….Andrew Bostom: Moderate Totalitarianism is no Solution……. – and UK: British Thin-Tank Wants Hezbollah Journalist Arrested…….

The International Free Press Society – Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam

Jihad Watch – Netherlands Supreme Court: Insulting Islam is not insulting Muslims – and Hizballah hate fanatic barred from Britain after all

Barely a Blog – CPAC: The Collapse Of The Conservative Movement




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18 03 2009
Steynian 336 « Free Canuckistan!

[…] THIS WEEK’S Wilders Round-up …. […]

22 03 2009

In his latest pearl of wisdom, “MUSLIM Mohammed Alkaramla Charged in Threat to Chicago Jewish School Wrote Debbie Schlussel Saying He Was Innocent, There Are No Moderate Muslims it’s all a Fraud.,” our Insane P.I. Bill Warner writes: “I (Bill Warner) totally agree with Debbie Schlussel , she hit the nail right on the head again, it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims, the notorious right wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders profusely claims there are no Moderate Muslims and he wants to kick them all out of Holland, somewhat dramatic but I get the point.”

So, let me get this straight. When Geert Wilders is attributed a statement “there are no Moderate Muslims,” actually what he said was “I have nothing against the people. I don’t hate Muslims. But Islam is a totalitarian ideology,” it is Nazism. But when Bill Warner says “it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims,” it’s all good. I will pay good money to see a more brazen example of a double standard.

13 04 2009

Just been forwarded this from one of my blog readers – it appears not all MPs in the UK are bad, even if it does slightly seem that this one may be thinking that Wilders was the trouble – but he was against the ban, so that’s good!

Many thanks for your letter regarding the ban on Geert Wilders entering the UK and please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

I fully agree with you that the ban was wholly inappropriate and counter-productive. We can only challenge extremism through reasoned and open debate; this means listening to other people’ views even when we do not agree. By banning Mr. Wilders from entering the UK we denied him the democratic right to put across his point of view and denied ourselves the chance to challenge it through constructive argument.

1 have expressed both in the media and in the recent Cambridge Union debate on freedom of speech, my opposition to Mr. Wilder’s ban and my strong belief that we must allow everyone to air their views if we are to have any true dialogue. I will continue to promote this view and work to avoid any repeat of this unfortunate incident.

Thank you once again for contacting me on this issue and please do not hesitate to get in touch should I be able to help in any other way.

All the best
Lembit Opik MP

13 04 2009
walker morrow

Cool – thanks!

26 04 2009
This Week’s Wilders Round-Up « Defend Geert Wilders

[…] Digital Toast in the comments points out a right sensible letter from a British MP who thinks the Wilders ban was a bad idea: […]

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