This week’s Wilders Round-up

9 03 2009

That’s right. I’m making this a weekly thing. Settling in for the long haul, folks.

Time for links:

the “silent” majority no more – An intimate evening with Geert Wilders in Manhattan (2-24-09) Video and pics:

Tuesday evening, February 24, The Silent Majority (TSM) was  honored to attended a small, private gathering in Manhattan at which Geert Wilders screened ‘Fitna’.

This inspiring and intimate evening with Geert Wilders was hosted by the chapter head of the newly formed Manhattan branch of The Silent Majority was invited along with many others amongst whom were members of The United American Committee, Stop The Madrassa and Gathering of Eagles.

Atlas Shrugs – an evening with Geert Wilders – CNN: recipient of the yellow rag award – #1 with bullet squandering CPAC – observations from readers CPAC update standing room onlyCPAC 2009Britain bans Wilders but welcomes Islamic extremist – and Bolton and Wilders

Geert Wilders and Fitna at CPAC:

The Blog of Record – By Banning Geert Wilders, British Government Showed Itself to Be More Anti-Moslem Than He

Fox News – Unwelcome Mat

The Huffington Post – Kyl vs. Obama and Clinton, et al.

BBC News – Profile: Lord Nazir Ahmed

KIIITV News – Religion Roundup

JTA News – Sponsoring Geert

The enemies of reason – …and this is why Geert Wilders should have been allowed in

The Jewish World Review  – a flying Dutchman in pursuit of speech

Why Mommy is a Republican – Geert Wilders — Man of Courage or Man of Hate?

Renew America – A conservative hero visits the U.S. — what we can learn from Geert Wilders

CNN – Anti-Islam film’s director goes to Washington

Atlas Shrugs – CPAC: Wilders on fire:

geert press and atlas 123 rev

The ballroom was electrified.

We turned a corner Friday night. Something really big happened. Something historic. In the face of a complacent, lethargic Conservative leadership, we seized the moment. The individual took up the mantle for the freedoms we hold so dear. It was the first blog event of this kind and its astounding success tells us a good deal about our mobilizing forces in the future.

The evening with Geert Wilders exceeded even our wildest expectations. Having not done anything like this before did not stop me from seeing that the over 8,000 attendees (according to my cabbie) were clueless about what the critical, most damaging issues of the day are — freedom of speech, Islamic supremacism, the war — none of which were being addressed at CPAC.

I was unaware when I was planning the Wilders event that there would be such a dearth of real issues discussed at CPAC — so the evening with Geert Wilders was kismet. Wilders would be at, not of, CPAC. And was he ever! Much thanks to Dr. Andrew Bostom, Robert Spencer and David Horowitz for helping me finance the event.

The event called for 6:00. At 5: 30 they started lining up. And up and up. I ran upstairs to grab some poster board I snagged from a sad, corporate event (I figured I could write on the back, make signs pointing to where we were — the room was very hard to find), and I when I emerged from the elevator the joint was jumpin’! The line was stretched as far as the eye could see. We were out the promenade, through the lobby, out the door.

I had no idea if I would have 50 or 200 patriots — this was just a blog event. Just a blog event indeed. I hardly expected the line (six feet deep) to grow and grow and snake out through the promenade — down  and through the main lobby. If you are familiar with the Omni Shoreham, you know what I am talking about.

The Scotsman – Dutch film shown in US Congress

EuropeNews – “Dutchman Flies Islamization Into World Spotlight”  – and Islamic extremist exposed by Sunday Mercury set to visit UK

The American Spectator – Shut Up, He Instructed


The Minnesota Independent – Ellison questions Capitol screening of anti-Islamic film

Eboo Patel – Geert Wilders on Capitol Hill

North Country Gazette – Global Assault On Free Speech

Human Events – Holland’s Geert Wilders Fights For Free Speech

Milk and Cookies – Geert Wilders on The O’Reilly Factor

Narcississtic Views on News/Politics – Geert Wilders shows Fitna in Congress, Keith Ellison unhappy about it.

Europe News – An Evening with Geert Wilders – Geert Wilders on CNN – Why Freedom of Speech?

Diana West in the Jewish World Review – Dutchman flies Islamization into spotlight

Fiery Spirited Zionist – Geert Wilders in America

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Fitna goes Stateside

CNS News – Free Speech Advocates Launch Campaign for ‘International First Amendment’

Gay and Right – Geert Wilders speech in Washington…

American Thinker – I Will Defend to the Death Their Right to Silence You

The Indianapolis Star – Kicked out for speaking up

LGF 2.0 – Geert Wilders Thread

Lockandload – Geert Wilders: The World Needs an International First Amendment and a Ban on All ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

Tony Blair – Never in the field of Human Liberty was so much silenced by so few

Politics X – Geert Wilders is the MAN!!

David Frum via the American Enterprise Institute –  Raising the Alarm

Jihad Watch – Wilders: “Our enemies should know: we will never apologize for being free men, we will never bow for the combined forces of Mecca and the left” – and Geert Wilders interviewed: Islam and freedom of speech

The Boston Globe – Islam and freedom of speech:

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and head of the Freedom Party. In 2008 he released “Fitna,” a controversial film about the Koran and jihadist violence. Wilders was condemned as an anti-Muslim agitator but also hailed as a defender of Western values and free speech. In January, a Dutch court ordered Wilders prosecuted for allegedly inciting hatred against Islam. Last month he was invited to screen “Fitna” at Westminster, but the British government barred him from entering the country. He was recently interviewed by Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby, who prepared the following edited excerpts:

Q: You’ve said that England today is more Chamberlain than Churchill. Explain what you mean.

A: Well, Chamberlain was the biggest appeaser to a totalitarian ideology called fascism. Now we face the threat of another totalitarian ideology called Islam, at least according to me. And instead of defending our freedom, defending our values, when I was invited a few weeks ago to show “Fitna” in the House of Lords, they denied me entry to the United Kingdom.

Q: The letter from the British home secretary said: “Your statements about Muslims and their beliefs . . . would threaten community harmony, and therefore public security, in the UK.”

A: What really happened is that she was pressured. In the English press, there was a lot of news that Lord Ahmed [Nazir Ahmed, a British peer] threatened to have 10,000 Muslims demonstrating in front of Westminster.

Q: If you were allowed into the country.

A: Yes. And this is what I meant by Chamberlain. The UK government is giving in, appeasing the enemy. They should stand up and say: We might not like the political view of this guy, but he should be allowed to come here and say it.

Q: In the film, you show quotations from the Koran, together with video of statements and actions by Muslim extremists.

A: Exactly. I used reality. It was really made by radical Muslims themselves. I just combined the pictures with the source. If they don’t like the movie, they don’t like what they do themselves. At the end of “Fitna,” it talks about Islamic ideology – that we should defeat the threat of Islamic ideology. For that to not be allowed in the United Kingdom, to be prosecuted in my own country, is an absolute outrage.

Read the rest

The International Free Press Society – Wilders in Washington: his speech at the US Capitol – A Pivotal Week for Free Speech: Dutchman Flies Islamization into World Spotlight – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party leads polls:

According to Dutch opinion polls, if parliamentary elections were held today the Freed Party (PVV) of populist leader Geert Wilders would become the largest party.

THE NETHERLANDS – The PVV has 27 seats in the polls, while the Christian Democrats – the largest party in the governing coalition – has 26.

He has been rising in the polls since the Amsterdam appeals court decided to try Wilders for anti-Muslim comments six weeks ago. – Dutch news in brief, Monday 2 March 2009

The Christian Post – Anti-Quran Filmmaker Calls for Int’l Free Speech Law

Beer’n’Sandwiches – Geert Wilders Speaks at a Synagogue in the United States

But, that’s just my opinion –  The Fight for Freedom in Europe – Dutch politician fights for free speech

Family Security Matters – Exclusive: Geert Wilders: Not Bowing Down to Islamists or their Enablers in the West

The Muslim News – Few attend UK screening of Wilders’ film

Nokia Phone – Geert Wilder’s Party Soars in Polls Since His Denial of Entry Into UK

eNews Park Forest – Geert Wilders and the Global Assault On Free Speech

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders’ Freedom Party leads polls Wilders’ Freedom Party leads polls

The Western Experience – Geert Wilders received warm welcome in D.C.

The Index on Censorship – Modern Liberty: free speech must be for all

The American Spectator – Mr. Wilders Comes To Washington

Political Mavens – Memo from Washington D.C.: Wilders Wildly Well Received

The Chronicles from the Empire – Prime Minister Geert Wilders…

Dutch News – Small turnout for Fitna in Washington

Smooth Stone – Geert Wilders: The World Needs an International First Amendment and a Ban on All ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

Giovanni’s World – Terror/Hate Good – Peace/Love Bad

The National Review – The continuing saga of Geert Wilders

The Two Malcontents – Geert Wilders: Not Bowing Down to Islamists or their Enablers in the West

People’s Weekly World – US allies overlook Dutch foe of Islam’s far right ties

Cumberland Times-News – We should embrace our heritage and identity

Digital Journal – Wilders says Pentagon fears Europe destabilised by Islam

Frontpage Mag – Wilders’ Defense of Free Speech

What Do You Believe? – Wilders’ thumbs down in Britain gets him a thumbs up in Dutch polls

Bat Yeor, David Littman, Dr. Andrew Bostom NYC on Wilders, Islam and the West:

Renew America – A CPAC report: Rush Limbaugh’s de facto conservative manifesto

OpEdNews – Bigotry at the Capitol Hill: US lawmaker hosts anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker

News Hounds – Bill O’Reilly Provides Affirmation And Validation For Dutch Islamophobe

EuropeNews – CPAC: Wilders on fire: “It felt like a revival meeting” – Days are numbered for parties that have collaborated to Islamise Western societies – and Wilders: “I propose the withdrawal of all hate speech legislation in Europe. I propose a European First Amendment.”

The National Post – David Frum: Geert Wilders, a controversial leader for an intolerant time

WorldNetDaily – did CPAC ignore Wilders’ ‘Fitna’?

CRI English – Dutch Woman Sentenced to Jail for Threatening Right-Wing Politician

Hudson New York – Geert Wilders and Moral Equivalence

Religious Intelligence – Geert Wilders basks in poll surge

The Telegraph – Geert Wilders leads Dutch polls

Maryam Namazie – On IWD, Labour Rights, British government’s policy on extremism and Geert Wilders

Narcissistic Views on News/Politics – Geert Wilders gains popularity and praises America.

NRC Handelsblad – Poll: Wilders’ party biggest in the Netherlands

The Detroit News – Obama’s outreach to Muslims improves U.S. image

Turkish Weekly – Selections of Geert Wilders Ideas on Islam: Is the Problem Islam or Wilders?

Baltimore Jewish Times – Synagogue Hails Dutch Lawmaker as a Hero

Diana West – Wilders in Washington

AlterNet –  U.S. Politicians Warmly Greet Reactionary Dutch Islamophobe

NIS News – Wilders now a celebrity in US and Prime Minister in poll

Canada Free Press – Will Obama Stand With Geert Wilders?

DutchNews – Woman jailed for threatening Wilders:

A 35-year-old woman was sentenced to one year in jail and voluntary psychiatric care on Tuesday afternoon for sending over 100 threatening e-mails to anti-Islam party leader Geert Wilders, reports the Telegraaf.

Selima I, who suffers from delusions, had been sentenced to compulsory psychiatric care but the appeal court ruled there was more chance of successful treatment if she was treated as an outpatient.

The woman, a librarian from Tilburg, was arrested in January 2007 at the computer she used to send death threats to Wilders.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Woman receives year in jail for e-mail threats – Woman gets 1 year for threatening Wilders

Atlas Shrugs – Mr. Wilders in washington Wilders, Islam and the immoderate moderates – and Robert Tracinski: the free man’s rebellion

The Spectator – Convention on Modern Liberty

Andrew Bostom – Freedom of Speech: Wilders, Orwell, and the “Koran Ban”

Islam Watch – Geert Wilders: Not Bowing Down to Islamists or Their Enablers in the West

The Impudent Observer – Geert Wilders Gains In Polls

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders Getting Last Laugh? Polls Show Wilders Party Most Popular in Netherlands – If You Say Islam Is A Violent Religion Again I’ll Kill You – and Mr. Wilders in Washington – Geert Wilders: Not Bowing Down to Islamists or their Enablers in the West

CBN News – Geert Wilders Sits Down with Stakelbeck on Terror

Spero News – Geert Wilder’s speech to CPAC Conference

Human Events – Geert Wilders Welcomed in Washington, Shows ‘Fitna’ at the Capitol

Jihad Watch – Spencer: Geert Wilders Welcomed in Washington, Shows ‘Fitna’ at the Capitol

Hit and Run blog – The “Special Duties and Responsibilities” of Freedom

The Christian Institute – UK ban may have lifted ‘anti-Islam’ MP in polls – A Right to Free Speech vs. A Moral Obligation – Geert Wilders: Not Bowing Down to Islamists or their Enablers in the West

Tony Blair – America Spies on Britain-a ‘Swamp of Jihadists’. What Price the ‘Special Relationship’?

Anglican Mainstream – UK ban may have lifted ‘anti-Islam’ MP in polls

PressTV – Belgian politician sponsors Islamophobia

Europe News – Believe it or not, there are people out there who are worse than Geert Wilders

The Davidsonian – Brits censored warnings of Dutch politician

The Telegraph – Campaigners will seek arrest of Islamic radical

Montgomery Advertiser – CHARLES C. HAYNES: Wrong approach

Council of Conservative Citizens – Geert Wilders rising in Dutch polls despite persecution.

Dinah Lord – Will the UK allow Moussawi in after denying Geert Wilders?

Europe News – Dutch politician claims incitement case based on misquotation :

Amsterdam. Controversial far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders claimed in an interview Thursday that a court had based its decision to prosecute him for discrimination and incitement to hatred on false quotes.

Wilders, famous for his anti-Islam film Fitna and refused entry to Britain last month, confirmed he had filed an appeal with the High Court of Justice against a district court’s decision to prosecute him.

In an interview with Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf, the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) said the district court had based its decision on remarks attributed to him, but in reality originating from other people. In other instances he was simply misquoted, he said.

“People who complained about me, misquoted me,” Wilders said. “Other remarks were in fact made by other people. But the court has adopted these quotes as mine.”

The Dutch legislator specified a quote about the Koran from the late Italian journalist and author Oriana Fallaci. Wilders said the Amsterdam district court referred to the remark as his.

The Trumpet – Europe: Wilders’s Popularity a Measure of the Discontent

Family Security Matters – Exclusive: Geert Wilders – Profile in Courage

The Washington Times – Fighting for free speech

Gair Rhydd – Freedom? Go to Hell

Columbia Conservative Examiner – From the mailbag–why are you obsessed with the gun culture?

Gates of Vienna – Stealing John Kerry’s Thunder

Gay and Right – Jacoby Inteviews Geert Wilders….

The Lone Voice – Geert Wilders off to the USA. – Jacqui Smith – the best of – Jacqui Smith is a slack-jawed bovine-face idiot, and David Miliband is a cuntJailed scumbag peer Lord Ahmed – Justice for Lord Ahmed – Lord Ahmed mockery – Mocking jailed peer Lord Ahmed (2) – and Mocking jailed peer Lord Ahmed (3)

The Guatemala Times – How Free is Speech?

How to discuss Islam with Muslims – Islam 101 from Geert Wilders

Civilus Defendus’ Blog – “…never apologize for being free men…”

Birmingham Black and White paper – In Submission to Islam

The Jewish Exponent – News in Brief

Burma Digest – How Free is Speech?

Jesus For Muslims – meeting Geert Wilders

The National Post – Paul Russell: Should Canada bar immigrants of a certain religion?

EuropeNews – Robert Tracinski: The Free Man’s Rebellion

The Telegraph – Sensitivity to religion cannot dictate the course of the law

Islam-West Videos – Video: Geert Wilders With Bill O’Reilly

Why Mommy is a Republican – Geert Wilders Interview — Islam and Freedom of Speech

The International Free Press Society – Putting Words in His Mouth – Radio: An intimate conversation with Geert Wilders in Boston – and Wilders’ historic address to Massachussetts synagogue

Gates of Vienna – Putting Words in His Mouth

The Brussels Journal – Reaction to Wilders’ Deportation – and The House of Lords Speech: What Wilders Would Have Said If Britain Allowed Free Speech

View From The Right – The oh so superior Frum puts Wilders in his place



6 responses

9 03 2009

I have written three blog posts about this incident, and have just received 3 replies from MPs and Euro MPs forwarded to me from other bloggers. If anyone else has a reply from their MP yet, please also forward to me. I will update the page as more information comes in. It also has links to other blogs and youtube videos of MPs defending and supporting the decision.

9 03 2009
walker morrow

Awesome, thanks!

10 03 2009
Lisa Graas

Wow. You have really done your homework! Thanks for this. I will share it on my blog. (Thanks for linking my blog, too.) In fact, I will put you in my blogroll. NICE WORK. Keep it up. Please!

Lisa Graas
They Mommy is a Republican

10 03 2009
walker morrow

Thanks! Will do.

10 03 2009
Dan Wright

Oh god! Are the rightist, anti-Muslim (used to be anti-black/anti-Jewish (now decidely anti-Palestinian) /anti-Gay) going to latch on to Geert as a hero of our times?

Are we going to get the “Boycott McDonalds for their promotion of homosexuality” “family values” crowd promoting Fitna 24/7 ?

Let’s have some decent, intelligent documentaries about radical Islam – indeed, plenty have been made and shown by the likes of the BBC and Channel 4 (uk) over the years.

Geert – he’s just a politician, y’know – the anti-Muslim populist agenda is going to be huge over the next few years and the right will be happy cashing in- but, please, my right wing chums, try and hold on to your powers of reasoning.

I know a lot of you need something/someone to hate/fear – remember how mixed race marriage once made you incredibly angry?

When Geert and co. are out – it’s time for the masses to stay sharp.

23 03 2009


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