Today’s Wilders Round-Up

19 02 2009

I’m thinking of doing this every two days, as opposed to every day, as the storm has started to die down a little bit since the Brits turned Geert back at their border.

Hell Patrol – Geert Wilders should be admitted but we must not lose sight of the fact that he is a cunt

Celestial Junk –  Isn’t Strange the Way the World Turns

Back Towards The Locus – Wilders’s Film Isn’t Very Geert (Ho Ho Ho)…

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders to appeal against UK ban :

During a debate in the Dutch Lower House, Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has announced he will appeal against the British government’s decision not to allow him into the country.

Last week Mr Wilders was refused entry into the United Kingdom to attend a viewing of his anti-Islam film Fitna, because of fears that his views could lead to public order disturbances.

The leader of the Green Left party Femke Halsema is insisting that Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen take the matter to the European Court. She says London’s decision prevented the free movement of persons.

Weasel Zippers – Geert Wilders on his way to America, Possible CPAC Appearance……

Geert Wilders’s latest revelations on Islam: – The speech Geert Wilders would have given in the House of Lords, had he not been banned from entering the United Kingdom

The Scotsman – Islam and nationhood

NewsWeek – The Flying Dutchman:

A member of the Dutch Parliament who was banned last week from entering the United Kingdom because of his inflammatory anti-Islamic views is about to be welcomed to the United States by some notable conservatives.

Geert Wilders—who has publicly compared the Koran to “Mein Kampf”—is scheduled to make public appearances in Washington next week, including a Feb. 27 press conference at the National Press Club. Wilders is seeking to promote his movie “Fitna,” an incendiary short documentary film that depicts Islam as a religion of terrorists.

The chief sponsor of Wilders’s National Press Club event is Frank Gaffney, a former Reagan administration Pentagon official who now runs the Center for Security Policy, a prominent neoconservative think tank. Others who hope to meet with Wilders include David Horowitz, a well-known conservative activist who promotes campaigns to fight Islamic extremism.

CBN News – Geert Wilders’ Party Explodes after Expulsion

Politics On Video – Geert wilders

Family Security Matters – Scary Court Cases Have Grave Implications for Freedom and Security

DutchNews – Community service for Wilders threat boys

Hot Air – British libraries to put Koran on top shelf, at Muslims’ request

PoliGazette – Britain’s Surrender to Islamists

Entangled Alliances – Banning Geert Wilders: An Unintended Benefit?

The Guardian – Offensive views can energise us ( podcast )

Natch Greyes For Senate 2020, and Heartless and BrainlessToday’s No Nonsense (Un)Approach to Freedom

Civilusdefendus’s Blog – The Speech that Never Was (Geert to Parliament)

The Wall Street Journal – Geert Wilders Is a Test for Western Civilization :

Twenty years ago, Andres Serrano put a plastic crucifix in a glass of urine, photographed it and called it art. Conservatives in particular weren’t pleased: not with Mr. Serrano, not with his picture, and not with the National Endowment for the Arts, which had forked over $15,000 in taxpayer money to support this uretic gesture.

Also 20 years ago: On Valentine’s Day, 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, condemning him to death for supposedly blaspheming Islam in his novel, “The Satanic Verses.” Iran later upped the ante by severing diplomatic ties with Britain and putting a bounty on Mr. Rushdie’s head. The fatwa remains in effect today by order of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

[Global View] AP

Geert Wilders.

These twin anniversaries come to mind following the British government’s decision last week to ban Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders from British soil as an “undesirable person.” Mr. Wilders is also being prosecuted for hate speech in his native Holland, where he faces up to 16 months in prison if convicted. His alleged crime involves making a short film called “Fitna,” which draws a straight line between Quranic verses and acts of Islamist terror. Mr. Wilders has also called for banning the Quran, which he labels a “fascist book” on a par with Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Whatever else might be said about Mr. Wilders’s travel ban and prosecution, it helps put into context the events of 1989. In the case of Mr. Serrano, liberal Americans went into a lather about defending his rights to artistic expression and freedom of speech against the parochial leaders of the religious right, men like Jesse Helms and Pat Robertson. Never mind that the worst of their threats involved withholding public funding; fundamental things were said to be at stake.

The Two Malcontents – Britain Surrenders To Radical Islam, Can America Be Far Behind?

The Philadelphia Bulletin – Britain Surrenders To Radical Islam, Can America Be Far Behind?

Colonel Robert Neville – General Patton’s Speech on Global Jihad and Iraq Redux.

The National Post – Britain re-visits appeasement

The Scotsman – Islam more than a religion

The Financial Times – The Dutch MP and the retreat of British liberalism

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Freedom party to take part in European elections

Ripples Across The Pond – Geert Wilders

WorldNetDaily – Here’s ‘change’: end of free speech

The National Post – The new British appeasement

Jonah Goldberg, in the LA Times – The ‘truth to power’ gap

EuropeNews – Wilders to recieve Oriana Fallaci free speech award for Fitna in Italy

Bat Yeor, in the National Review – Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe

DutchNews – Geert Wilders’ party second biggest in polls

Pajamas Media – Geert Wilders Respects Muslims, British Government Doesn’t

Not a Sheep – Geert Wilders on Radio 4’s The Choice

2 Blowhards – Pat Condell on the Geert Wilders Affair

International Religious Freedom Blog – Geert Wilders –Some freedom of expression is more free than others, apparently

Atlas Shrugs – hosing on Wilders – Wilders! Fallaci! Wilders test of the West – and Bat Yeor on Geert Wilders

Jihad Watch – Wilders coming to U.S., Newsweek in a snit

Vlad Tepes – Bat Yeor on Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – A Thorn in Their Side – and Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe

The International Free Press Society – Bat Yeor: Geert Wilders and the fight for Europe – and The Politicized Trial of Susanne Winter

Tundra Tabloids – Bat Ye’or Defends Geert Wilders: “Does Defending Western Values Constitute ‘Inciting Hatred’…..?”

The Flaming Blog – Remove Lord Ahmed from the UK House of Lords Facebook Group – The Flaming Blog is looking for Contributors – and Crusader Tees!

Bad News From The Netherlands – Opinion Poll: Wilders PVV Second Largest Party

Klein Verzet – Wilders UK visit wrap-up




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21 02 2009

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