Today’s Wilders Round-Up

15 02 2009

The Personal Universe of Cesar Tort – Nuking Mecca: a truly fascinating exchange

Celestial Junk – Progressive Eunuchs are Destroying the UK

Ghost of a Flea – This is no ordinary place. This is not just one of England’s tourist attractions. This is a sacred place.

Five Feet of Fury  – Geert Wilders has landed Open Letter to UK about the persecution of Geert Wilders

Creeping Sharia – Allen West on Geert Wilders – Geert Wilders speech to House of Lords, had Islam not won – Intimidating critics of Islam – Rick Santorum on Wilders – A day of infamy in the UK, video report on Geert Wilders – and Jihad is victorious – Geert Wilders denied entry to UK

Andrew Stuttaford, in NRO’s The Corner – Wilders

Melanie Phillips –  Britain capitulates to terror

Instapundit – February 11, 2009 – and February 14, 2009

Centre Right – Government bans Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering Britain after Muslim leaders threaten to organise mob protest

Covenant Zone – All swell that tell swell.

Digital Journal – Opinion: UK are ‘spineless pussies’ says video-blogger Pat Condell

Jihad Watch – Double standard: LePen is welcome in Britain, Wilders is not Britain’s Muslim peer crows over barring of Wilders from country:

The chief foe of freedom of speech and resistance to the jihad in Britain exults in his victory. “Wilders’ ban is in Britain’s best interests,” by Lord Nazir Ahmed in The Guardian, February 13 (thanks to all who sent this in):

When I found out that Geert Wilders was planning to come to Britain and that Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson wanted to show his film, I wrote to the Home Office, the leader of the House of Lords and Black Rod to say that his presence would lead to the incitement of religious and racial hatred, which constitutes a public order offence.

The question is: who would have been inciting that religious and racial hatred? Wilders, or Muslim protesters calling for his head, burning flags, etc.?

What has Lord Ahmed done about the Muslim preachers who are busy inciting religious hatred within Britain, and have been doing so for years?

The Telegraph – Banned politician Geert Wilders brands Gordon Brown a coward

Tundra Tabloids – Breaking: Fitna Shown in the House of Lords – News Sweep – Paul West: Rotund Ahmed, Lord of What……?

News of the World –  PC cowards need to Geert a grip!

Our Founding Truth – Geert Wilders; the Hero!

Citizen Warrior – Update On Geert Wilders :

IN SEVERAL recent posts on Citizen Warrior, we talked about Geert Wilders (see the previous posts here, here, and here). We’ve got an update on the situation.

Geert was recently invited by Britain’s Lord Pearson to show his film, Fitna at the UK’s House of Lords, but when Geert arrived in Britain, he was denied entrance into the country and sent back to the Netherlands! Listen to an interview with him about it here (the link goes to a BBC article, but at the top of the page is an 11-minute interview with Geert).

He makes a good point in the interview: This is a simple freedom of speech issue. The UK government says it does not want Geert to come to the UK because he might “disrupt security.” Which means they are afraid his presence will cause Muslims to riot, which means the threat of Muslim violence is silencing a legitimate European politician from speaking his mind or even coming into the country.

The Media Line – Dreyfus in Britain?

Atlas Shrugs – Dutch PM spanks Brits – Fitna: watch it here –

The Lone Voice – Geert Wilders speech to the House of Lords.

Pajamas Media – Why Britain Should Never Have Banned Geert Wilders

The Independent – Joan Smith: Free speech has to be for all, Home Secretary:

Let’s start by getting a couple of things clear: Jacqui Smith is an idiot for banning Geert Wilders, and even more of an idiot to do it after the Government was lobbied to ban him by Lord Ahmed. The Home Secretary’s argument for refusing to admit Mr Wilders again (he was here in December) is feeble; the only way his presence might threaten public security is if there was an intemperate reaction by people who don’t like his views. Demands for a ban are based on the same perverse reasoning that led to Salman Rushdie’s being accused of having “blood on his hands” – by Lord Ahmed – because some idiots chose to respond violently to his novel The Satanic Verses. According to this sophistry, it isn’t someone’s fault if he loses his temper and hits me; it’s mine for upsetting him in the first place.

It’s got so bad that when Channel 4’s documentary Undercover Mosque showed imams preaching hate in British mosques, the Crown Prosecution Service and the West Midlands Police began investigating the film-makers, coming to their senses only when they found themselves on the wrong end of a libel action. I don’t like Mr Wilders’ politics, but he doesn’t advocate killing people, unlike Sheikh Qaradawi, who was allowed into this country until someone belatedly noticed that he supports suicide-bombing. Nor does Mr Wilders have criminal convictions, unlike the boxer Mike Tyson who was allowed in despite his conviction for rape.

Until last week, Mr Wilders was a little-known Dutch MP who had placed himself in the illogical position of championing free expression while calling for the Koran to be banned. Now, thanks to Ms Smith, he is a free-speech martyr whose cause has been taken up by the BNP leader Nick Griffin. Additionally, Ms Smith stands accused of giving in to pressure from Lord Ahmed and the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation whose leader refuses to condemn the practice of stoning. For a measured Muslim response to Mr Wilders’ proposed visit, I recommend listening to Ed Husain, co-director of the Quilliam Foundation, who condemned Mr Wilders’ politics and the Home Secretary’s refusal to allow him into the country. “Drop the ban and start the debate,” Mr Husain wrote last week.

Klein Verzet – Breaking: Wilders not allowed into the UK – update: Going anyway – and On his way – UPDATE: And back again

The Times Online – Labour bares its appeaser’s teeth to unbending Muslims

Bad News From The Netherlands – Minister Verhagen Deeply Disappointed about British Behavior

The Sunday Sun –  MP Geert Wilders victim of extremist prejudice




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