Today’s Wilders Round-Up

13 02 2009

My Two Cents Worth – The Persecution Of Geert Wilders

Sky News – Banned Dutch MP thrown out of UK:

Geert Wilders was detained on landing at Heathrow airport and sent back to the Netherlands just over three hours later.

He had been invited by a British peer to show his controversial 17-minute film Fitna, which criticises the Koran as a “fascist book”, in the House of Lords.

Mr Wilders has urged the Dutch government to ban the Koran and warned of a “tsunami” of Islam swamping the Netherlands.

The MP said he had no regrets about the trip, attacking “the cowards in the UK government,” and accusing Gordon Brown of having a servile attitude toward Islam.

He was not allowed into the country because his opinions “would threaten community security and therefore public security”.

The Dutch government expressed “deep regret” at Britain’s decision to refuse Mr Wilders entry, and the country’s ambassador to Britain went to Heathrow to offer assistance.

Netherlands Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said: “It is highly regrettable that a Dutch MP should be denied entry to another EU country.”

BBC News – Brown’s banker in the spotlight 

Teletext National News – banned politican Uk bound – Banned Dutch MP heads to UK – and Banned Dutch MP refused entry

Deutsche Welle – Banned Dutch politician held at Heathrow

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – UK sends Wilders home:

The British government has refused entry to Geert Wilders, the leader of the populist Freedom Party. The British authorities said beforehand that Geert Wilders would not be allowed to enter the country, but the MP decided to board a flight to London anyway.
At the airport, he was detained by Customs officials who advised he would have to return to the Netherlands immediately. Mr Wilders was invited by a member of the House of Lords to show his film Fitna.

The Times Online – anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders vows to defy ban by entering Britain – and Geert Wilders, let him in

Fox News – despite ban, Dutch lawmaker vows to visit ‘cowardly’ Britain

NIS News – Wilders travelling to London despite UK Govt ban

American Free Press – Britain refuses entry to far-right Dutch MP – and Britain denying entry to far-right Dutch MP

CNN – does ban curb extremism or free speech?

Taiwan News – Dutch protest Britain’s Wilders ban

The Times Online – Anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders refused entry to Britain

Pink News – Tatchell accuses home secretary of ‘gross hypocrisy’ over ban on Dutch MP – Dutch news in brief, Wednesday the 11th

The Independent – Dutch MP will ignore UK ban over Islamic film – Dutch politician refused entry at Heathrow – and Banned from Britain, Dutch campaigner against Islam

South Asian News Agency – BHC confirms exclusion of Geert

Asharq Alawsat – Britain Bans Right-Wing Dutch Politician from Entering UK

Melanie Phillips – Britain capitulates to terror

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam MP says will defy British ban

MarketWatch – Dutch MP banned from entering Britain – Banned Dutch MP removed from UK

Virtual Philosopher – Geert Wilders and free speech

Tundra Tabloids – Geert Wilders Heads to Jolly Ol’ England……! –  IFPS: An Open Letter to the Government of the UK – and Wilders Arrested

Gates of Vienna –  Wilders Will Visit the UK

Canadian Content – Dutch MP vows to defy Home Office

ITV News –  ‘ban Koran’ Dutch MP refused entry

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam politician turned away from Britain

Ynetnews – Geert Wilders detained in Britain

CNN – Anti-Islam film’s maker blasts UK over ban

The Press Association – Banned Dutch MP refused entry to UK

Politeia – Live Blogging “Geert Goes to London” and Back …

The Daily Mail – should Geert be allowed to address the House of Lords? Poll – 85% say yes.

Fox News – Anti-Islam Dutch Lawmaker Sent Back to Netherlands Amid U.K. Ban

The Guardian – Profile: Geert Wilders:

The Home Office’s decision to ban Geert Wilders from Britain has thrust the lanky Dutch maverick back where he loves to be – at the centre of attention.

The Roman Catholic rightwinger from the southern Netherlands sees himself as the heir to other recent Dutch iconoclasts such as Pim Fortuyn, the politician who was murdered after he campaigned for an end to traditional Dutch multiculturalism, and Theo van Gogh, the film-maker stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street after making a documentary that denounced alleged Islamic repression.

Wilders has been living under round-the-clock police protection for most of the past four years for fear that his outspoken attacks on Islam could see him assassinated.

Wilders revels in baiting the Dutch establishment, calling the government of the Christian Democrat Jan-Peter Balkenende cowards and accusing Queen Beatrix of spouting “multicultural rubbish.”

Wilders thrived in the past five years as a backlash followed decades of Dutch openness and tolerance of immigration and other cultures.

Initially an MP for the conservative-liberal VVD party, he broke away and sat alone in the parliament as an independent.

But in the past two years his new Freedom party has taken nine of the 150 seats in the second chamber in The Hague and he has seen his support soar. A little more than a year ago, Wilders was voted the most effective politician in the Netherlands.

Read the rest here.

BBC News – Geert Wilders ban: Your comments – and Dutch MP refused entry to Britain

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – UK sends Wilders home – Wilders to travel to Great Britain despite banWilders on plane to UK despite entry ban –  Dutch MP Wilders refused entry to UK – and Dutch ambassador to support Wilders in London

The Times Online – Anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders arrives at Heathrow in defiant mood – Dutch Lawmaker Who Linked Koran to Violence Denied U.K. Entry

The National Post – Britain invites anti-Islam film-maker to visit, then refuses him entry

The Guardian – Dutch politician attempts to defy UK entry ban to show film critical of Qur’an

Sky News – And Stay Out

Vlad Tepes – links for Feb. 11th

The Financial Times – Dutch party chief barred from UK

Gates of Vienna – He’s Leaving on a Jet Plane…or Is He? :

Here’s one version of the story, in which British Midland Airways is supposed to have taken away Mr. Wilders’ flight privileges:

BREAKING: Wilders’ Plane Ticket Cancelled

Bye Bye Flying Circus Of Geert Wilders

It just became known that the ticket with which Geert Wilders wanted to go to Britain has been cancelled.

Bomb threat? Defect on the landing gear? Qassams on the beach of Scheveningen?

No such thing. The reason is that airlines have the right to refuse passengers when the country of destination has already announced that the passenger is not welcome. That is why the airline “British Midlands” decided to strike out the best paid airline ticket of the year. [GeenStijl bought last minute expensive tickets]

The report by Rutger [GeenStijl TV reporter] will have to wait a while. As soon as Wilders got himself a ticket for the ferry to Dover, you will hear from us.

And here is another:
– – – – – – – –
Wilders: I know nothing…

AMSTERDAM – Wilders is confident he will be traveling in a few hours by plane to England. He responded this way to rumors that he will be refused on the British Midland flight to London. “I know nothing” said the PVV-leader.

The airline insinuated yesterday evening in the program Nova that Wilders, due to strict enforcement of the rules, very likely would be refused boarding. This because airlines reserve the right to refuse passengers who are denied entrance in the country of destination.

Wilders himself doesn’t know anything. “I haven’t been called, so I am confident I will be travelling to Schiphol airport in a few hours to fly.” The PVV-leader added that the British company never contacted him about his planned flight.

Gates of Vienna – Our Mother Country is Dying  – and Those Pale Thick Gay Tea-Drinkers

Bad News From The Netherlands – Second Lawyer Threatened Due to Complaints against Wilders

ABC News –  UK bars maker of anti-Islam film

Al Jazeera – Dutch anti-Islam MP barred from UK

Daniel Hannan – Banning Geert Wilders insults Muslims, diminishes freedom and cheapens Britain

The Telegraph –  Jacqui Smith’s ban on anti-Muslim Dutch MP triggers diplomatic row with Holland

The American Free Press –  Far-right Dutch MP ignores Britain on entry refusal

The Irish Times – Prosecution of Dutch populist will provide a judicial soap opera News – Dutch protest bar of right-wing MP

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam MP says Britain refuses him entry

The Associated Press – Dutch protest Britain’s ban of right-wing lawmaker – and Far-right Dutch lawmaker to be sent home from UK

The Guardian – Far-right Dutch MP refused entry to UK

The Lone Voice – Islam control the House of Lords – Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed/Baron Vladimir Harkonnen – and Some Geert Wilders photo’s.

The Philadelphia Inquirer – The Elephant in the Room: Intimidating critics of Islam

The British letter to Geert Wilders can be read – here. – Wilders to head for London despite ban – Wilders refused entry to Britain

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders Lands in UK – UPDATE: “Taken Away for Questioning” – new Wilders websiteproject Fitna onto buildings across the world – and Geert Wilders arrested! Refused entry

The Daily Mail – Muslim peer who invited terror suspect to visit Parliament – and Affront to freedom:

The Mail holds no brief for Geert Wilders, the Dutch right-winger whose rabid views on the Koran are, understandably, deeply insulting to Muslims.

Yet what does Home Secretary Jacqui Smith think she is doing, barring him from the UK, where he was to visit the Lords as a guest of Ukip’s eccentric Lord Pearson?

And what is Lord Ahmed thinking of, when he threatens to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to keep him away?

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders: A revolting extremist – but with every right to visit Britain

Wilders may be a revolting extremist, with a taste for hysterical propaganda and pornographic cartoons.

But he is also an elected MP in a fellow EU country.

The Home Office insists: ‘We will stop all those who want to spread extremism from coming to our country.’

Nonsense. It has let in thousands of them – including terrorists far more dangerous than this Dutch weirdo.

EuropeNews – Wilders Banned From Great Britain! Is Great Britain Now Under A Tyrannical Form Government? – ‘Let them arrest me’: Dutch MP vows to defy Home Office ban and fly to Britain to show anti-Islam film – and “Weak and Useless” Invite Al Qaeda to House of Lords but Wilders Isn’t?

Stephen Glover – We welcome those who preach terror and death. So why ban an idiotic Dutch MP with noxious yet non-violent views?

The Telegraph – Controversial anti-Muslim MP banned from the UK because of public order fears

Daniel Hannan – Geert Wilders, anti-Islamic politician, banned from Britain

Beer ‘n’ Sandwiches – Wilders Banned From Great Britain! Is Great Britain Now Under A Tyrannical Form Government?

Radio Free Netherlands –  Wilders arrives in Great Britain

TransWorldNews – Dutch MP Banned from UK Turned Away after Arriving at Heathrow

RTT News – Banned Dutch MP Denied Entry Into Britain

The Jawa Report – British cowards turn Geert Wilders away at airport

The Evening Standard – Banned Dutch MP is stopped at Heathrow – Wilders waits to be sent back from Britain:

At 5.30pm Dutch time, Wilders was still being held in detention waiting to be deported.

On Monday it emerged that Britain had banned Wilders from the country because his presence could lead to public disorder and because of his extremist views.

Wilders wants an end to Muslim immigration into the Netherlands and has called for the Koran, which he likens to Mein Kampf, to be banned.

During the British Midland flight, Wilders told the Times newspaper that the British government was ‘the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe’. ‘It is easy to invite people you agree with, it is more difficult to invite people you disagree with and this is the proof of the pudding,’ the paper’s website quoted Wilders as saying.

NIS News – Uk denies entry to MP Wilders; Dutch government protesting

The Muslim News – UK: Britain refuses entry to ‘extremist’ Wilders

Monsters and Critics – Right-wing Dutch politician fails in bid to enter Britain (Extra) – and Dutch legislator to travel to Britain despite entry ban (2nd Lead) – Banned Dutch MP removed from UK

Spiegel Online – Dutch Politician Says He Will Defy British Ban

United News Network – Geert Wilders banned from entering UK

CNS News – Britain Deports Anti-Islamist Dutch Lawmaker

Jihad Watch – Wilders flying in to Heathrow this morning, defying ban – and Wilders detained, barred from entering Britain: “It is a very sad day, not only for me, but for freedom of speech” – Ambassador ready for Wilders in London

The Daily Mail  – Analysis: Geert Wilders, the bouffant-haired Dutch liberal who turned hardliner

The London Daily News – UK Government bans Geert Wilders, another concession to Islamic extremism

Pink News – Gay humanists back Dutch MP’s right to criticise Islam

Andy McCarthy, in NRO’s The Corner – Reaction To Britain’s Shameful Exclusion of Geert Wilders

Mark Steyn, in NRO’s The Corner – The Arrest of Geert Wilders  :

 And so it goes: Multiculti England will tolerate any intolerance, except the guy who points out the intolerance. We can’t tolerate that.

PR Inside – Unwelcome Dutch lawmaker travels to Britain

Thoughts on Freedom – The Importance of Being Offensive

The Women On the Web – Britain’s Ban of Anti-Islam Dutch Pol Sparks Row – Governing Lib. Party spokesman lambasts UK – Political correctness run amok or security precaution in Europe?

The Flaming Blog – Fitna – and Crusader Tees!

The Associated Press of Pakistan – Justice Minister defends decision to ban anti-Muslim Dutch MP from the UK – Dutch Protests British Ban of Right-Wing, Anti-Islamic Politician

Index on Censorship blog – Geert Wilders banned from UK:

MP Geert Wilders has been told he will face arrest if he attempts to enter the UK. Wilders had been invited to London by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, and was scheduled to host a screening and discussion of his controversial film Fitna. But Mr Wilders yesterday received this letter (pdf), from the Home Office, warning him against entering the country.

In a statement, a Home Office spokesman said: ‘The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country and that was the driving force behind tighter rules on exclusions for unacceptable behaviour that the Home Secretary announced on in October last year.’

This at least seems consistent: Almost exactly a year ago, on 14 February 2008, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi was denied a visa for entry to the UK, despite having visited previously as the guest of then London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Back then, Abdul-Rehman Malik wrote on that support for the decision ‘reveals the extent to which Britain’s political class is uneasy and unsure about its own “values”, the strength of its democracy and the importance of public debate.’


This case, though, if anything, is more worrying, as Wilders is a democratically elected politician from an EU member state who should, in theory, be entirely free to travel to another EU member state and express his opinions there.

FrontPage Mag – Friend or Foe of Free Speech?

Index on Censorship – ‘Wilders must be supported’

The International Free Press Society – Diana West is live-blogging on Wilders in the UK

Crunchy Con – Geert Wilders vs. Her Majesty’s government

The Earth Times – EXTRA:Controversial Dutch politician lands in Britain despite ban

The Christian Institute – Islam film MP comes to UK in spite of ban

Diana West, liveblogging the Wilders Heathrow incident – The Eagle Has Landed:


I have it on excellent authority that Geert Wilders has landed at Heathrow. Confirmation here (I think!) in Dutch.

9:53 AM EST: Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports: “His plane is still on the tarmac of Heathrow. A journalist of the Spits message who is on board says that Mr Wilders is not being allowed off the plane.”

10:09 AM EST: According to Twitter (via Tundra Tabloids): Wilders has text-messaged the AP that he will be returning to the Netherlands “within the hour after arrest.” 

10:44 AM EST: Here are a few updates from The Guardian:

On the plane from Amsterdam, the controversial leader of the Freedom party told Dutch journalists he had travelled to Britain in December without any fuss. “I don’t see why there’s a problem with me this time,” he said. “I don’t understand why they allowed me to come before and not now.”

Asked whether he had a message for the UK government, he said: “I would say to them, `Even if you don’t like me and don’t like the things I say then you should let me in for freedom of speech. If you don’t, you are looking like cowards.’ “

The Dutch foreign minister, Maxime Verhagen, said his government would press for a reversal of the travel ban on Wilders, and a UK Independence party peer, Lord Pearson, who invited Wilders to Britain, said the screening of the film would go ahead today, whether he was there or not.

Speaking outside the House of Lords, Pearson said he disagreed with some of Wilders’ views but was “coming at this from the angle of free speech”. Pearson described the Dutch politician as a “very brave man” and said he did not think he was a racist.

“I think this man is raising one of the most important issues of our time, which is Islamic militarism, which is a violent jihad,” said Pearson. “That’s the issue that this man is raising, and I think that should be discussed much more, particularly amongst the vast majority of the mild Muslim community.”


A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain described Wilders as “an open and relentless preacher of hate”.

“We have no problem with the challenge of criticisms to our faith, but the film that will be screened by Lord Pearson and Baroness Cox is nothing less than a cheap and tacky attempt to whip up hysteria against Muslims,” he said.

The Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, said that while it was important to defend freedom of speech, Wilders “has overstepped the line that should be defended in a civilised society”.

How can the UK call itself a “civilised society” when it has just proven beyond any doubt to the entire world that it cannot and will not and does not wish to  ensure freedom of speech against the threat of Islamic violence?


11:14 AM EST:

Well, that was quick…I hear from the Netherlands that Wilders’ interview with UK immigration officials lasted all of 47 seconds–time enough for Wilders to say, “This is not an attack on me but on freedom of speech.”

11:20 AM EST:


11:32 AM EST:

Mark Steyn has summed up the UK-Wilders’ travesty this way:

Multiculti England will tolerate any intolerance, except the guy who points out the intolerance. We can’t tolerate that.

1:58 PM EST:

One Christopher Hope (pictured) of the London Telegraph seems to have filed the first account of the Fitna showing at the House of Lords that went off as sponsored by Lord Pearson even in the absence of Geert Wilders and despite threats of mob action. He writes:

Read the rest here.

Press TV – Islamaphobist lawmaker banned from UK 

UK Film and Television News – Banned Dutch Politician Refused Entry Into UK




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