Today’s Wilders Round-Up

10 02 2009

Nat Hentoff in the Washington Times – the cost of critisizing jihadists:

a film producer and also a member of parliament in the Netherlands – is facing a prison term there for “insulting” Muslims. His short film “Fitna” in 2008 juxtaposed verses from the Koran with scenes of violence committed by jihadist terrorists. The Dutch appellate court refused a free-speech defense because the insults were so egregious.

If convicted, Wilders faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison. Said the defendant: “I lost my freedom already four and a half years ago in October 2004, when my 24-hour police protection started because of threats by Muslims in Holland and abroad to kill me.”

I have heard from Muslims in this country that jihadists around the world have more than insulted traditional Muslim law by their fierce punishments of both non-Muslims and Muslims who have acted in speech or writing against jihadists’ reinterpretations of the Quran. Some of these protesters, exercising freedom of conscience, have been killed for their “blasphemy.”

What awaits Wilders in the Netherlands may be a harbinger of what will happen if a nonbinding Dec. 18 U.N. resolution, passed by a strong majority in the General Assembly, becomes international law. The resolution urges U.N. members to take state action against (punish) “defamation of religion” and “incitement to religious hatred” caused by defamation.

Beer ‘n’ Sandwiches – Free Speech in the Netherlands and the case of Gregorius Nekschot

Gates of Vienna Vs. The World Vs. LGF – Whose Free Speech?

Occidental Soapbox –  New Geert Wilders interview

Geert Wilders interview on Israel National Radio, part one :

Part two

Gates of Vienna –  Update on the Dutch Law Used Against Wilders :

A rumor has been circulating that the law used to prosecute Geert Wilders was not on the books at the time of his alleged “hate crimes”. I asked our Flemish correspondent VH whether this is true, and here’s what he said:

Actually, the articles are from the thirties, and in the present form they date from the seventies, although the “disability” insert was added in the early 2000s, but even that was before the “events” occurred.

I quickly translated Afshin Ellian on this topic from De Volkskrant:

The Law Scholar J.M. van Bemmelen (1969) considered Articles 137c and 137d, that are from the thirties, and the new version of it from the seventies, as very vague and broad. The Law Scholar A.H.J. Swart wrote in 1970: ‘It is not surprising that with the parliamentary debate there was little enthusiasm for the three new articles [the updated versions were called “new”] displayed. Also the government itself one cannot suspect of that [enthusiasm]. The skeptical reception to these articles is justified’.

– – – – – – – –

In its explanation of the legislative history, the Court of Amsterdam quoted with regard to these law articles the Parliamentary documents of the thirties and not those of the seventies. This is not so hard to understand: With an at first sight legal, but in fact emotional appeal to the Nazi period, the possibility of punishment has already been proven in our country, the Court must have thought.

My guess is that the recent addition of the “disability” clause to the articles is what started the rumor. But even if it were true — even if these clauses were added after Geert Wilders made Fitna and uttered his “incitements” — they would not have affected the case against him.

The case is absurd, the law is illiberal and repressive, but it was in force when the supposed “crimes” were committed.

Update from VH:

Here are the precise dates of the changes:

Article 137c is from July 19, 1934, and it was “updated” due to the UN treaty against racial discrimination, ratified by the Netherlands in 1967.

The update actually broadened the reach of the article because its demands were more specific, with a result that being “offended” and the offense of “religion or belief” made it applicable to more “violations”. That is why Parliament and even the Cabinet in the seventies, who had to accept it, were not really impressed.

In 1991 (November 14) the “hetero- or homosexual nature” clause was inserted, and in 2003 the punishment limit was raised. In 2005 (March 10) the “disability” clause was inserted.

Scaramouche – Speak up now or forever hold your peace

Jihad Watch – The cost of criticizing jihadists

The Flaming Blog – Fitna – and Crusader Tees!

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10 02 2009
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11 02 2009

I have something to say on Wilders behalf…

Thank you,
Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

12 02 2009
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22 02 2009
Jurist Mohamad Ali

As a jurist criminalist specialist in anti terrorisms ideology I would like to assert that according to the original islamic law , Mr. Geert Welders is ungilty and he has the right to do what he done. But according to the Imams law which they created in the name of Allah , they conceder him gilty.

for more information contact jurist Benedictos Mohamad Ali

22 02 2009
Jurist Mohamad Ali

All what I can do is to help Mr. Geert is to help his lawyers in the islamic legal evednces which prove that he is not gilty and that he has the right to do what he done.

Jurist criminalist Benedictos Mohamad Ali
for more information contact jurist Benedictos Mohamad Ali

22 02 2009
Jurist Mohamad Ali

You are welcome to read the article:
The Unguilty Geert Wilders

The Islamic Legality of The Fitna Film & To Draw Mohammad

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