Today’s Wilders Round-Up

6 02 2009

No sleep last night, so I might tend to ramble a little bit – if I do, then I sincerely apologise in advance.

Anyways, here’re the links.

Creeping Sharia – Wilders Prosecution a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam

Weasel Zippers – UK: Wilders re-invited to screen Fitna in House of Lords

Joan E. Bertin from the National Coalition Against Censorship, to the New York Times – The Freedom of Free Speech :

Ian Buruma is right to note how ironic it is that the Dutch legislator Geert Wilders is becoming a free speech martyr while seeking to ban the Koran.

But Mr. Buruma confuses the issue when he says that even in America, “there are certain words and opinions that no civilized person would utter.”

The First Amendment protects controversial, even noxious, ideas — and for good reason. The civil rights movement, for instance, could not have begun, much less triumphed, without such protection. The march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 and numerous civil rights rallies that were racially inflammatory might never have taken place.

The strength of the First Amendment is its refusal to countenance a distinction between “good” and “bad” speech, which would invariably reflect the biases of the moment and those responsible for making that judgment.

Short of inciting imminent violence, we are free to express controversial views, prejudices and all — and others are equally free to condemn them.

US Message Board – Insulting Islam is now a hate crime in the Netherlands

Things That Really Piss Me Off – Islam and the European Union Piss Me Off!

Vlad Tepes – seditious House of Lords member threatens the British public…

Islam Must Be Stopped – A Practical Way To Support Freedom Of Speech, Stop Islam’s Relentless Encroachment, And Help a Good Man

Jihad Watch – Wilders hires top Dutch lawyer, will ask for prosecution to be quashed “in the interest of the law”

The Flaming Blog – Crusader Tees!

Read also, via Gates of Vienna – Holland’s Muddy Waters :

The following essay was emailed to Gates of Vienna today. The writer said that the ideas expressed in the email were too long for a comment, but needed to be understood by us in order that we might have an accurate picture of the political culture in the Netherlands (my paraphrase).

I have edited for clarity and syntax. Other than that, I hope I have remained faithful to the writer’s intent. And if not, perhaps our author will appear in the comments to clear up any infelicities.

This essayist lived in the Netherlands for some years. These are his (or her) observations…

Read the rest here.

Diana West, via Townhall – Be like Mike [Bloomberg]: defend free speech

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