Today’s Wilders Round-Up

2 02 2009

Yid with Lid – Geert Wilders, Terrorist Appeasers and Groundhog Day

Winds of Jihad – Ian Buruma, the new darling of the Islamophobia industry

Gates of Vienna – The Coming Crackdown

FrontPage Mag – suicidal appeasement:

One of the most potent weapons in the jihadist arsenal is the failure of nerve that has afflicted the West for the last forty years. Our own doubts about the core values of Western civilization have hamstrung us in defending these goods against those who want to destroy them. Whether the source of this self-loathing is Marxism, postmodernism, or multicultural noble-savage delusions, our failure to acknowledge the superiority of our own way of life, to teach our children the history of the West and its singular achievements, and to fight against the erosion of those defining beliefs has emboldened the jihadists and confirmed them in their belief that we are decadent and doomed.

In Europe, this pathology has advanced far beyond what we see in the United States, bad as that is. Faced with a sullen, unassimilated, underemployed, welfare-subsidized, and growing population of Muslim immigrants, many Europeans have responded to this challenge with one Munich after another, compromising, if not abandoning outright, core Western beliefs in an attempt to appease an alien culture that has nothing but contempt for the nations that have taken them in. Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented historical experiment: whether a civilization can survive when a critical mass of its own people no longer have faith in the rightness and goodness of their own way of life.

The latest act of suicidal appeasement is unfolding in the Netherlands. To the vicious murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim immigrant, and the craven capitulation to Muslims protesting the innocuous Mohammed cartoons, we can now add the prosecution of Geert Wilders, the Dutch member of parliament, for “inciting hatred and discrimination” against Muslims. His crime? Last year Wilders released online a 17-minute film called Fitna, which juxtaposed images of Islamic terrorism, and sermons advocating terrorism, with the verses from the Koran that sanction violence against unbelievers. Wilders has also been a vocal critic of the Islamization of Dutch society. In other words, Wilders is being prosecuted for telling the truth about Islam in its own words, and for defending his own culture against its enemies.

Cranmer – Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into submission

Well, well. Looky here. It seems that our old friend Lord Nazir Ahmed, who got so upset at the prospect of Fitna’s screening, has been party to a car crash, causing a fatality. Old Holborn asks, will there be a prosecution?

The Telegraph reports as of the 19th of November, 2008, that: Muslim peer Lord Ahmed faces court over death crash :

The 51-year-old Labour peer was at the wheel of his X Type Jaguar when it ploughed into an Audi A4 that had broken down in the fast lane of the M1.

The Audi hit the crash central crash barrier, spun round and ended up facing the wrong way on the southbound carriageway near to Junction 35 at Thorpe Hesley, near Rotherham.

The Audi driver, Slovakian Martyn Gombar, 28, died instantly while Lord Ahmed, who was in the car with his wife and mother, suffered severe facial injuries and shock.

As part of the investigation traffic police examined Lord Ahmed’s mobile phone on which he made a 999 call from the scene. It had been alleged that shortly before the emergency call a text message was sent to a journalist friend.

It is believed Mr Gombar had initially reached the safety of the hard shoulder after breaking down but had gone back to the car to retrieve his mobile phone when the crash, which involved four other cars, happened at around 6.20pm.

Mr Gombar had been living in the Leigh area of Lancashire.

Almost a year on, Lord Ahmed is due to appear at Sheffield magistrates’ court charged with dangerous driving. A date has yet to be fixed.

Now, while Lordy Ahmed might not be the most likeable of chaps, he still has one thing going for him, which quite surprised me. From the same article:

Pakistan-born Lord Ahmed, who has lived in Rotherham since he was a child, became the first Muslim in modern times to become a lord when he was appointed to the House of Lords in 1998.

In November last year he flew to Sudan, with his good friend the Conservative peer Baroness Warsi, and negotiated the release of British teacher Gillian Gibbons , jailed for allowing children in her class to call a teddy bear Muhammad.

That’s quite interesting. Good on him for that, but at the same time, he was the same man who bullied to have the UK Parliament’s screening of Geert’s film Fitna, and a meet&greet with Geert, canceled. He was successful too. One wonders what his stance is on freedom of speech?

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