Today’s Wilders roundup

27 01 2009

You know the drill.

The Lone Voice – Support Geert Wilders: UK screening of Fitna cancelled by Moslem New Labour Lord.Geert Wilders boost in polls.

No Compromise When It Comes To Being Right! – Dutch Courage

Centurean2’s Weblog – Shooting the messenger…this is Sharia law!

Tony Blair – is this the end or just the beginning?

Gates of Vienna – Announcing the International Free Press Society

Watchpaul – Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for “hate speech”

Unclemeat – Dutch bend over for Islam

The Flaming Blog – 2009: A Year to Defend Free Speech or Lose It!Send a Post Card to the Dutch Minister for Justice (HA!)A Few Words from Pat CondellThese Men SHOULD be Prosecuted!More Ways to Help Geert Win the War on Free Speech! – and don’t forget to buy the t-shirt.

A postcard from America to the Netherlands:

Xanthippa’s Chamberpot – article 29

FrontPage Magazine – Geert Wilders: Man Out of Time

Forbes – Holland Puts Offensiveness On Trial [ Diederik van Hoogstraten ]:

In Dutch, it rhymes: Hamas, Hamas, joden aan het gas. In English, its rhyme is lost but not its meaning: Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.

The chant has become popular in the Netherlands, particularly among Muslim youths. It can be quite jarring to hear it in a city like Amsterdam, once a center of Jewish life and culture, especially on May 4th and 5th, a national holiday when the Dutch commemorate their World War II dead and celebrate their liberation from Nazi rule. The country lost most of its Jewish population between 1940 and 1945.It might be best to simply label this a rare case of bad taste, and move on. Except that it is not that rare anymore. Many prominent Dutch, including the glib former prime minister Dries van Agt, a Christian-Democrat, blindly criticize Israel and embrace all things Palestinian these days. Victimhood is good, might be the sanitized version of the “Hamas” chant; the Jewish state is routinely being compared to Nazi Germany.

Still, the kids have a right to yell. Most thinking people in the small country seem to agree that their freedom of speech includes the right to say things profoundly dumb and offensive.

Which begs the question: What was the judge in Amsterdam thinking?

Scotsman news – Crime or free speech?

OneNewsNow – European countries crack down on ‘hate speech’

Radio Netherlands  Worldwide – Sheikh Yasin pleased Wilders to be prosecuted – and VVD leader wants wider freedom of speech – Charging Geert Wilders: A Defining Moment

Infidel Bloggers Alliance – I’m Geert Wilders!

Simply Jews – a question re: Geert Wilders’ trial

Mary Christina Love – Tom Trento Interview With Geert Wilders

Tom Trento Interviews Geert Wilders:

Grizzyly Groundswell – help the cause of free speech

Bosch Fawstin – I’m Geert Wilders!


Diana West – Life in the olde worlde yet – and Allan West on Geert Wilders

Jihad Watch – Wilders/Spencer: 2009: A year to defend free speech — Or lose it

Atlas Shrugs – Go West Go! Defending the Defenders a year to defend free speech

Robert Spencer in the National Review – 2009: A year to defend free speech:

Wednesday, January 21, was a black day for freedom, and the beginning of an all-out assault on free speech in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam Court of Appeals ordered the prosecution of Geert Wilders (one of this article’s co-authors) for his statements about Islam. To participate in public debate is now a dangerous activity. This is the Netherlands today—and it could be the entire Western world tomorrow.

The prosecution of Wilders was unexpected, though in retrospect one can see that something like it has been in the offing for a while. The year 2008 marked 60 years since the United Nations first promulgated its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet instead of celebrating this notable anniversary by reaffirming human rights, the world in 2008 saw certain fundamentally important human rights nearly disappear under intense pressure from Islamic countries that oppose freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the equality of all people before the law. Islamic efforts to create exceptional privileges for Muslims in the area of human rights have been advancing for quite some time, and they made great strides in 2008. Now, with the Amsterdam court’s judgment, we see the outcome of such efforts.

The Islamic bloc has been on record for two decades as opposing free speech. In 1990, foreign ministers of the 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), currently the largest voting bloc in the United Nations, adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. It states clearly that Islamic law—sharia—is the only true source of human rights. Few analysts in 1990 understood that this was tantamount to declaring the legitimacy of institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims, and signing the death warrant of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience as well. And not just in Muslim lands: The OIC and allied organizations have been aggressively pursuing efforts to extend elements of sharia into the West, though few people realize it even today.

Due to the relentless efforts of the OIC, passage of a resolution on combating defamation of religions is now a yearly ritual in the United Nations. First introduced in the General Assembly in 2005, the resolution has been adopted with landslide votes every year since. While this resolution is non-binding, the OIC has declared its intention to seek a binding resolution—one that would require UN member states to criminalize criticism of Islam, as the OIC defines such criticism. This is a clear indication of the progressing Islamization of the United Nations.

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10 responses

21 10 2009
J. C.

Finally someone has the courage to speak the truth! We need more people like Geert Wilders!

5 11 2009


We can no longer remain silent. There is a climate of hate and fear while walking along the streets of Amsterdam.

The Islamic ideology is disturbing our freedom. We no longer feel safe in our Homeland. But the deadly fear of any fanatic Muslim who comes from your behind and cut-off your throat just for the fun of not being a Muslim.

This is reality in Holland. To any Muslim in Amsterdam. It is permissible to kill in the name of Allah. Any one who may teach otherwise would be taken down and beheaded.

Muslims in Amsterdam are all devoted believers and each Muslim is afraid of one another. In case, if any renounces Islam will end up beheaded there and than.

Islam is a Cult of terror that do not support dialogue neither tolerance. The Cult of Islam creates a sense of fear and tension. Yet Islam is dominant in the Metropolis and the question is: “Who is the boss in Amsterdam”?

Nice words and pontification serves only to damage the situation . Domestic war on Netherlands is considered as part of a distant past of the Imperial Dutch Empire who traded salves with Indonesia. Now the slaves are the Masters.

Amsterdam is the Hub of Islamic incubation and producer in the furnishing of European Islamization. The shifting of Islam in Europe gaining legal and political protection within the Dutch European Laws.

We must begin to recognize the threat for the EU. Netherlands is the distributor of Islam while Schengen is the Junction that makes easy access to any European country.

Today, one may reach a deal with Islam. The next day will be totally different opinion. There exist no logic in Islam to understand, because there is nothing to understand. The mythical theology of Islam is nothing than any common Muslim invent.

Young men in Indonesia with nothing to do than having themselves brainwashed with Jihad and with Islamic extreme skepticism that denies the values of life. Students are groomed in the Islamic cultural Institute at Pondok Ngruki and Rahima which offers a home and a way out from poverty to many young innocent Indonesians and prepares them to reach academic teaching in Islamic Oration.

The three Bombers of last attack on JW.Marriott’s and Ritz Carlton Hotels in Jakarta namely:- Dani Permana 18 years old. Nana Maulana 28 years and young Ibrohim were loaded with explosives by Syaefuddin Jaelani the Headteacher of the Islamic Pondok Ngruki Academy to revenge the hotels in Jakarta.

Jaelani 32 years old is the main preacher of As-Surur Mosque and the lecture
for Pondok Ngruki with mutual collaboration for Jihad Academy of Studies in
Tebet Timur Dalam South Jakarta ” Rahima”

Jaelani’s right hand trainer for Jihad is Listiani Lestari id:530971312. Passport
No.M768670. Listiani Lestari Nowadays is living in Amsterdam under the protection of Amsterdam Rahima Sipkema. Islam is on the way in the constraction of an Islamic defense network named:-
” Jemaah Ansar al-Tawhid f’ Urupa ”

Johanni 5/11/09.

8 01 2010

Netherlands deserve that! Do not forget, you wants the democracy. But democracy for who? For we, the muslims? no. No netherlands. You do a mistake with accept the muslim immigrants. İf somebody die in Netherlands because of a muslim or islam, this is the fault of Netherlands. We, the muslims are not ready for democracy or humanity because we are not a human like you. Because our humanity notion is different from yours.

So the peaople of Netherlands that read my message. Don’t wait no longer. Defending your towns, your culture is not a verb againts freedom or democracy rubbish.

Repel the immigrants from your country…

Or one day you see the danger but you understand its too late to do anything…

And me? I will not have any suffer a pang… I will watch the domination of İslamic Netherland Republic and its Holocaust on my TV and than i will change the channel and sleep smoothly…

Wake up know…

Do not do any stupid persecution but let them back their home towns, Syria, Morocco, Arabia, Turkey…

Find the prophecy of Baba vanga;
2043 – The World Economy Is Prospering. Muslims Are Ruling In Europe…

16 01 2010
Sigit Hendra Gunawan

Sick Muslims lives in the world of Baba Vanga or the Muslim World of animation.
Same like this anonymous “EMIR”. Who hides behind it’s Satanic darkness of Islam.

Go back to the founder of Islam and his actual life. He was a paedofile who married seven year old Aisha. He was a mass murderer a thief and a terrorist.

Many sick Muslims are today following the path of this criminal beast. They try to justify the terror in Islam with bloodshed and hatred.

There exist no logic in Islam to understand, because there is nothing to understand. The mythical theology of Islam Cult is nothing than any common Muslim invent.

Jakarta :- Sigit Hendra Gunawan Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam III D. No.16/14. Rt.005 Rw.003 Selatan Jakarta 12820 Indonesia tel:- 0062 818958608 or home 0062 2183703958

15 02 2010

Go to hell you Nazi bastards

15 02 2010
walker morrow

Ah yes. Well, DeathToHitler does sound like the moniker of reason. Perhaps you’re right.

16 02 2010
Soedardjo Darman

We in Indonesia Support fully Geert Wilders. What he talk about Islam is the truth.

Islam treats women like a bunch of goats.

Islam preaches hatred all the time.

Islam is nothing but a BLOODSHED ENTERTAINING CULT. In the preservation of it’s primitive ideology which is nothing but meaningless ideas with no logic to understand because there is nothing to understand. The mythical theology of Islam is that of any common Muslim invents.

It is the truth that Islam teaches Bloodshed and push young innocent people to jihad just to satisfy the pleasures of Muslim Clerics who continuously preaches to kill the infidels of Islam in the name of Allah who promise you eternal happiness if you kill.

What the Dutch Law-Makers must put into consideration is origin of Islam which was fabricated in Saudi Arabia which was than known as Barbaria.

Everyday the Dutch people loose grounds. Freedom in the Netherlands is a defensive war with Islam. Islam today is a Dutch problem in the EU. Yet Islam is dominant in Amsterdam. The question is… Who is the boss in Amsterdam?

today Feb.the 16th.2010 Soedardjo Darman id:-860430053 in S.Jkt

1 03 2010

I don’t want to be a party pooper but ‘Hamas, Hamas, joden aan het gas’ or in English: ‘Hamas, Hamas jews to the gas’ comes from the many mouths of anti-AFC Ajax supporters, especially by the Feyenoord supporters.

1 03 2010

Really? That’s interesting.

29 06 2010

Ramalan Baba Vanga (Ramalan tentang dunia dan ras manusia sampai tahun 5000-an!)…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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