Today’s Wilders Round-up

26 01 2009

The links:

The Brussels Journal – From Meccania to Atlantis – Part 6: When The Music Stops

The Montreal Gazette – Netherlands caves on free speech

Rudi Stettner, a Member of the Winter Riders Group – Free Geert Wilders!

The Lone Voice – Moslem Sheikh Khalid Yasin calls for Geert Wilders to be flogged., and Geert Wilders – A little video on what is a hate crime

 Mary Christina Love – Geert the Great

American Nonsense – Dutch MP Geert Wilders to be charged with “insulting Islam”…In Holland!

Improved Clinch – Dutchmen for Geert Wilders

Fort Hard Knox – Defend Geert Wilders and defend freedom of speech

NRC Handelsblad – Wilders feels persecuted in “political process”:

Geert Wilders was “completely surprised” when he heard on Wednesday that the appeals court of Amsterdam ruled he shall be prosecuted for hate speech and inciting discrimination. Last year the public prosecutor had decided not to try the controversial Dutch member of parliament for his remarks about Islam. In an interview with NRC Handelsblad Wilders says he is “shaken, but also very angry and ready to fight.”

By Herman Staal“The public prosecutor agreed with me, that I can say what I said. The attorney general at the appeals court has argued the same. I never thought that things would turn out this way,” Wilders says. Because of the appeals court ruling, the public prosecutor is forced to prosecute Wilders for statements such as “ban the Koran” and “the core of the problem is fascist Islam”, statements Wilders has made in the media and his own film Fitna.


In its detailed order the appeals court says that your statements are a punishable offence. What do you think of the decision?

“I have studied the ruling in depth, and have come to the conclusion that it is a politically motivated verdict. Normally, in these kind of appeals cases, a court rules on subsequent steps and includes an explanation [of its legal logic]. But here the appeals court is entirely focused on the content of the case. Therefore I can no longer get a fair trial. Should I stand before the lower court judge, there will already be a peremptory ruling from the appeals court on his desk. And if I go for an appeal, I end up in the same court. The immediate colleagues of the judges who have already sentenced me, will then be in a position to rule. That is unbelievable. The Wall Street Journal editorial is right. The appeals court is introducing Saudi Arabian legal standards to the Netherlands.”

But wasn’t there a proper procedure, where you and your lawyer were able to stand up in your defence?

“That is not the case. I have given a statement, but the appeals court has not asked me a single question. I have not been allowed to call any witnesses or experts. This was no normal appeals procedure – this was a political process. They have given a verdict that is content-driven.. I have already been convicted. This is banana justice.”

Wilders feels not only that the appeals court’s ruling is a political attack against him, but he says the pending change in Dutch anti-discrimination law is also aimed specifically at his populist PVV (Party for Freedom). Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrats) wants to do away with the legal ban on blasphemy, but at the same time change anti-discrimination act so that insulting a religion de facto means insulting the group that adheres to it.

“This is simply an anti-PVV proposition. A majority of parliament is likely to be opposed to it. But with this ruling Hirsch Ballin doesn’t even need change the law anymore. Thanks to the appeals court, the jurisprudence has simply sailed into becoming law.”

You have compared the Quran to Mein Kampf, and called Islam a fascist ideology. Why do you find that these remarks fit within the confines of the law?

“I am not the only one who thinks so. The public prosecutor also agrees, and many professors. Churchill said the same thing.”

“I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology – equal to communism and fascism. Aren’t I allowed to say so? If I say that about communism, there would not be a problem. I have never talked about people, I’ve always made it about ideology.”

You’ve referred to the ‘Muslim settlers.’ Those are people, aren’t they?

That was not about all Muslims. That was referring to the problems in Gouda [where Moroccan youth caused problems that drew nationwide attention last October]. It was just about those Muslim settlers who spoil everything.”

Pat Dollard – Islam siezes complete control in Netherlands

Vlad Tepes – A Pat Condell video I would like to dedicate to Geert Wilders – more on how Holland has become totalitarianPat Condell weighs in on Geert Wilders’ situation in Hollandanother stellar article about Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – It’s time for a change! – By H. Numan:

Last week Geert Wilders was indicted for highly questionable charges by a kangaroo court that already convicted him before his trial has yet begun. In fact, his case hasn’t even been placed on the agenda of the court as yet. Already convicted? Yes, because of a legal loophole (art. 12 wetboek van strafvordering) and biased judges. The court found that the public prosecutors hadn’t done their homework properly and decided that Wilders must sentenced after all, which means a trial is actually just for show. They already indicated clearly what their verdict will be.

The loophole? Well, any interested party, being a person or juristic body, can force the court to prosecute a case that was rejected by the public prosecutor. Our left wing friends and lots of Muslims jumped at it. (art. 12 wetboek van strafvordering)

The government, by means of (in)justice minister Hirsh Ballin, lied (as he usually does) that it will not be a political trial. This is the same minister who refuses to abolish the obsolete blasphemy law (art. 137 wetboek van strafrecht) against the wishes of the House, and actually wants to strengthen it by abolishing it, but placing it elsewhere as a discriminatory criminal offense. Where it can and will be used to muzzle anyone. Guess who first? And yes, this very same minister that sent the dogs of justice to devour Gregorius Nekschot. That minister.

Of course it is a political trial. What else can it be? If Wilders is prosecuted for inciting hatred, why aren’t all the imams that do so on a daily basis on trial, imam Fawaz leading the line? If one can compare the Bible with Mein Kampf, why not the Koran? If a book, religious or not, is above criticism, we are in effect setting up a totalitarian regime.

I will go even further: compared with a common telephone directory the Koran is worthless. A telephone directory doesn’t contain as many errors and is much better organized. Also, a telephone directory is based on verifiable facts. Not fairy tales and horror stories. Nor does it promote hatred.

But I think our multicultural friends have bitten off far more than they can chew. For, can we change? Yes, we can! And even better: we are already changing! There is a very good reason why the left can’t manage the Internet. Remember the times when a newspaper bluntly stated “this or that has a 95% approval rate”? You knew it was wrong. Everybody you talked with said so. But nothing was and could be done about it. Yes, you could write a letter to the editor. Usually it would not be printed. If it was, nine out of ten selected letters supported the approval rating. Yours was added for variety’s sake.

Geert Wilders Visits Rotterdam:

Doc’s Talk – Defend Geert Wilders and freedom of speech

Eleanor Duckwall’s Spotlight – Submission in the Netherlands

Mark Steyn in NRO’s The Corner – Re: Britain to follow Netherlands?

Tundra Tabloids – Pat Condell Lets Both Barrels Blaze Concerning Dutch Government Prosecuting Geert Wilders……. –  New Website Sprouts in Support of Geert Wilders as LGF Throws Him Under the Bus…….Khalid Yasin Incites Violence While in Holland: Geert Wilders Should be Flogged……! –  Susanne Winters Wrongfully Convicted for Correct Historical View of Mohamed – Support Geert Wilders Now – In Defense of Geert Wilders – and Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office to Try Geert Wilders for Thought Crime

The Northwest Montana Daily Inter Lake – Silencing the Voices of Reason

Pat Condell – Shame on the Netherlands:

Atlas Shrugs – Brits cave to Islamic supremacists: cancel Fitna screening

Jihad Watch – “If I talked about Muslims the way their holy book talks about me, I’d be arrested for hate speech”

That’s all for now, folks. G’night!

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