Today’s Wilders Roundup

25 01 2009

Say you bought the t-shirt – Support Geert Apparel

Thermopylaehillbilly – Disagreeing with Islam – no free speech

The Black Kettle – Politicians charged with ‘hate speech’ while radical Muslims insult gays ( from the Examiner )

Speaking of, from the Conservative Politics Examiner, by Kathy Shaidle – Politicians charged with ‘hate speech’ while radical Muslims insult gays

View From The Right – New organization comes to defense of Wilders

In the Montreal Gazette – Dutch courts embark on a slippery slope:

The plight of Dutch MP Geert Wilders is enough to give any champion of free speech cause to worry. If nothing else, it illustrates that it’s not just a handful of Canadian human-rights commissioners who are tightening the screws on free expression. The chill appears, rather, to be a worldwide phenomenon, and in fact, the situation in much of Europe seems even worse than it is here.

Wilders is an extreme right winger. His tiny Dutch Freedom Party has just nine seats in the parliament in The Hague. But it’s not Wilders’s political activities that have got him into trouble; it’s his filmmaking. His 17-minute documentary, Fitna, has landed him in criminal court charged with inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims by comparing their religion to Nazism.

It doesn’t sound like a very nice piece of work, and we understand why Muslims would be offended. Not surprisingly perhaps, its release prompted protests in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia – hardly bastions of free expression.

The film apparently shows some of the Quran’s 114 suras or chapters, interspersed with video of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Madrid bombings, a caricature of Mohammed with a bomb on his head and shots of a Muslim woman being strapped down for a female circumcision ceremony.

Unpleasant? Sure. But nowhere is there any suggestion that Wilders’s film calls for the persecution of Muslims or their extirpation. Nothing in the court documents says that the film incites non-Muslim Dutch citizens to go out and beat up their Muslim neighbours or destroy their property. The film simply deplores Islamic beliefs, and while that might be offensive, we fail to see how it could be criminal.

Read the rest here.

The Flaming Blog – How to support Geert Wilders, Mr. Wilders speaks on CBN, Geert Wilders speaks about the Islamization of Europe on Glenn Beck, politicians charged with ‘hate speech’ while radical Muslims insult gays, and coming out of the woodwork.

United Against Islamic Supremacism – International Free Press Society confronts Islamic supremacism’s hate speech gambit

Bad News From The Netherlands – Amsterdam Court: Wilders to be Tried for anti-Islamic Statements , and Wall Street Journal: Dutch Court Importing Saudi Concepts

Red Tory – Celestial Slime

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders or Wilderness, Khalid Yasin: Wilders must be floggedSupport Geert Wilders, Islamic vultures descend: Jordan announces ‘within ten days arrest warrant for Wilders’, ‘Aren’t I allowed to say so?’ , God help us all, and Islam’s next victim: Susanne Winter.

Jihad Watch – Bawer: Wilders case another blow against Dutch freedom, Jordan seeking international arrest warrant against WildersWilders: His prosecution “puts hundreds of thousands of Dutchmen on trial for opposing Islam’s violent messages”Wilders: “The problems with Islam will only increase”Jihadist hate preacher welcomed in Netherlands as it prosecutes Wilders for “hate speech” “The prosecution against Mr. Wilders is a political attempt to kill a politician and a party which threaten the ruling establishment”A Dutch court imports Saudi blasphemy norms to EuropeNew York Sheikh: Wilders must be flogged as punishment

Heartless and Brainless – The problem with Geert Wilders

American Thinker – Geert Wilders, European Islam, and Fitna

Babylon and Beyond ( LA Times ) – Maker of Dutch film ‘Fitna’ to face trial

The – This week in review

Right Side News  – Geert Wilders and Fitna head to court

EuropeNews – The Cases of Wilders and Winter, and Susanne Winter: Convicted in Austria of Speaklng Out

Fox news – Dutch Minister Addresses Concerns of Anti-Semitism

Pakistan Associated Press – British Parliament calls off screening of controversial film –

Dallas Morning News – Today’s Opinion front

The Spectator – The LSE caves in to terror

In Dutch:  Het Vrije Volk

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25 01 2009
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25 01 2009

Pat Condell support Geert!

25 01 2009

Pat Condell supports Geert:

25 01 2009

Great job with this, thank you, this site is now linked at ‘Hard To Swallow’.
FREE Partij voor de Vrijheid! The Koran shouldn’t be banned. Mein Kampf isn’t a ‘Holy Book’, but it shouldn’t be banned either, but you should be able to criticize it and the idiots who agree with it.

As many sane people know, Geert Wilders is NO racist. He is simply against out-of-control immigration; and against immigrants who won’t assimilate; and the ones who beat Gays and rape non-Muslim women for not being covered up. He is also very much against the ones who kill their own daughters and sisters for their ‘family honor’.
absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
don’t criticize religions

just use Christian words
substitute for Islam’s words

here’s an absurd thought –
your Supreme God says
Buddha was a pedophile

and a raping terrorist
converting slaves by the sword
Muslims are not a ‘race’ anyway, they are followers of a religion/ideology and its Sharia Law. Most Muslims aren’t even Arabs, which by the way, is also not a ‘Race’.

But their duty is, according to their Koran, to spread Sharia law over the whole Earth. It might take 100-200 years, if they succeed.

Is that the kind of world we want for our great-grand childrens’ great-grand children? A Taliban Planet? I bet not. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam. Wilders is NOT against Muslims, he is against Islamic Fundamentalism.

We all should read the Koran, but be careful, for the Koran prohibits non-Muslims from reading it. I wonder why.

This is BIG, this is REAL BIG! SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone! The EU Mandarins have crossed the line! If this goes to court, how much more of the public will become aware of this tyranny?
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.

The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized, and held to account when they are not. Muslims included.

Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!
here’s an absurd thought –
your Supreme God says
Christians are a race

who love the Jewish race
and the peaceful Buddhist race

absurd thought –
God of the Universe wants
Islam for everyone

submit to glorious life
slavery and servitude

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
outlaw self-defense

exposing violent crimes
shall be deemed hate speech

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
decide to change your race

just simply change religions
your religion is your race
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!

20 06 2009

Thanks for sharing this info 🙂 Will be linking to your site! Cheers! =)

20 06 2009
walker morrow

Thanks! My pleasure.

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