Obama plans to immitate Dhimmi EU

25 01 2009

If you thought that living in the USA will somehow insulate you from the persecution for speaking your mind, please, think again:

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch says that Obama is planning to bring the US ‘Free Speech’ guidelines into line with ‘EU sensibilities’:

“Especially at a time when the Obama administration has announced its intention to bring the United States into line with European sensibilities about this and closer to the U.N.,” he points out. “And with both Europe and the U.N giving way on free speech at a rapid clip, that bodes ill for our freedoms in the United States.”

Who would have thunk that!

On the one hand, Obama says he will not apologize for and will fight to protect ‘our Western values’.  On the other, he says he will ban free speech in the USA, just as it has been banned in the EU, courtesy of the UN…

Let us not forget what the UN has to say about ‘human rights’:  Article 29 of the UN’s ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms’ clearly and unequivocally states that every single one of our ‘rights and freedoms’ can be abolished by simply passing a law!  According to the UN, everything which the Inquisition had done would have been perfectly legal – they just had to get through the red tape, first… (Yes, this is the subject of my today’s rant.…just stating my bias here.)

But, think about it.

The trial of duly elected politicians, for the crime of ‘blasphemy’ – coming to a US state near you.  Courtesy of Barrack Hussein Obama.

I wonder if Salem, MA, will be the first place they put this policy into action….

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2 responses

26 01 2009

Spencer link needs fix.

27 01 2009


Will fix now.

In case fix does not take, here is the URL:

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