The Morning’s Wilders round-up

24 01 2009

Perhaps I’ll be able to do morning and evening round-ups. That would be cool. I’m just testing out the ‘set time for post to be visible’ thing that WordPress has going.


Some links from around the blogosphere and the journosphere on Geert Wilders:

The Economist – politics this week

Radio Free Europe – Dutch lawmaker Wilders faces charges over ‘Fitna’ film

CNN – Dutch politician faces charges over anti-Islam film

Dutch News – Wilders: decision as good as guilty verdict

Instapundit – Support Geert Wilders

LGFII: Charles Free Footballs – Charles throws Geert Wilders under the bus

From YouTube – Geert Wilders:

Samizdata – Support Geert Wilders

Little Green Footballs – Geert Wilders to be charged with hate speech in Netherlands

Beltway Blips – Fitna 1 of 4

Moonbattery – Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for criticising Islam

Jihad Watch – Wilders: His prosecution “puts hundreds of thousands of Dutchmen on trial for opposing Islam’s violent messages” – Dutch MP behind film on radical Islam: Decision to prosecute me is political:

In the interview on Thursday, Wilders maintained that his film, entitled Fitna, is within the boundaries of Dutch law and freedom of expression. “I consulted numerous legal authorities before releasing the film,” he stressed.

He added: “Things are not looking good for me. In its 33-page ruling ordering my prosecution, the appeals court already determined I was guilty. Now the case will be reviewed by a lower court and there’s every chance the judge will align his ruling with the appeals courts.”

Later in the conversation he said: “I hope this thing doesn’t end behind bars.” As Wilders has not yet been charged, the maximum penalty for the alleged transgressions remains unclear.

If wilders appeals a future conviction, his appeal will be heard before the same court which ordered his prosecution.

Before the Court of Appeals ordered to prosecute Wilders, Amsterdam’s chief public prosecutor, Leo de Wit, said last month that no case will be brought against Wilders in the Netherlands.

But Wilders, whose party holds nine seats in parliament, is also being prosecuted in absentia in Jordan for “blasphemy and contempt of Muslims” because of the film.

During a visit last month to Jerusalem for an international anti-Jihad conference, Wilders spoke about the charges pending against him back home. “Luckily, the Dutch legal system is different to Jordan’s,” he told Haaretz then. On Thursday, he ironically noted that “the Jordanians can now be satisfied with themselves.”

The trial, which sets the stage for a high-profile affair likely to expose changing attitudes towards Islam in Europe, is also expected to center around public comparisons which Wilders drew in Dutch media between the Koran and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Gates of Vienna – Jordan jumps on the bandwagon, and court imports Saudi rules

Five Feet of Fury – Dutch let radical Muslim speak — while prosecuting Geert Wilders

Middle East Forum – Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands:

Suspiciously, the wording of the appellate court’s ruling strongly echoes public criticism made by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) when the earlier prosecution was dropped, where the OIC censured prosecutors for ignoring the “thin line separating freedom of speech and the instigation of hatred, animosity and discrimination.”


WIlders’ “crime” is what the OIC has been working to criminalize on a global level through the United Nations, while advocating the punishment of Westerners who speak out against radical Islam, terrorism, and its sources of financing. It is clear that the OIC’s successes in the United Nations — where the General Assembly passed its “Combating Defamation of Religions” resolution last year — are already resulting in direct action.

This is no victory for the Netherlands, or for anyone — save the OIC and Islamo-fascists. The damage being done to free speech, however, is a defeat that will be felt everywhere. When members of a democratic country’s legislature can be arrested and tried for expressing ideas that some find objectionable, that country’s status as a free and fair democracy is in serious doubt. But while the Dutch will have to come to grips with their government’s abject failure to uphold basic principles of human rights, the leaders of other nations must take notice as well.

Crunchy Con – Geert Wilders and Dutch dhimmitude – Dutch Lawmaker Wilders to Be Prosecuted for Anti-Islam Comments

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