Today’s Wilders Roundup

23 01 2009

There are a lot of people who are up in arms about this. A show of anger and support that is quite heartening to see. People aren’t taking this lying down.

Here are some of the links from around the blogosphere and the journosphere that I was able to find, that people referred to me, and which were brought to my attention due to the wondrous invention of the Google email alert.

Small Dead Animals – The War on Terror is Over

Atlas Shrugs – Support Geert Wilders!

BBC News – Dutch MP to be Charged

Jewcy – Geert Wilders in the Dock

Jihad Watch – Petition in Support of Geert Wilders

Teeth Maestro – Geert Wilders to be Charged For Anti- Islamic Statements

The Whited Sepulchre – “Fitna”, by Geert Wilders – a Film About “the Religion of Peace”

Bernardinai – Dutch Court Orders Prosecution of Wilders For Incitement to Hatred

OneNewsNow – Fitna Filmmaker Put on Trial for Hate Speech

WorldNetDaily – Maker of Anti-Islam Film Prosecuted

ToTheCenter – Dutch Politician Charged for Islamophobia

NIS News – MP Wilders to be Prosecuted for Insulting Muslims

Dakota Voice – Freedom Bows to Islam in the Netherlands

The Confabulum – Thank Goodness for Amendment 1

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Worldwide reactions to Wilders’ prosecution

John Robson – Hate Free Speech?

Via the UK Times Online – Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders faces trial over controversial films, by David Charter:

The limits of free speech and Dutch tolerance are to be tested in a court case after judges ruled yesterday that a right-wing MP who compared the Koran to Mein Kampf should be put on trial for inciting hatred and discrimination.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), will face charges for his outspoken anti-Islamic comments and his film Fitna, which juxtaposed the Koran and terrorist attacks including the September 11, 2001, attacks and the London Tube and bus bombings on July 7, 2005.

Mr Wilders said that it was a black day and an attack on freedom of expression after the Amsterdam appeals court overturned a public prosecutor’s decision not to pursue a case.

Gerard Spong, a lawyer who joined Islamic groups in pushing for the prosecution, said: “This is a happy day for all followers of Islam who do not want to be tossed on the garbage dump of Nazism.”

Read the rest here.

Shrinkwrapped – The West on Trial

Public Secrets – Freedom of Speech Death Watch

Fausta’s Blog – Geert Wilders to be charged for anti-Islamic statements

Gateway Pundit – Dutch court says Geert Wilders should be prosecuted for discrimination – A Dutch disgrace

Islam in Action – Dutch court: prosecute Wilders

Sweetness and Light – Court: try ‘Fitna’ author for hate speech

Hot Air – Fitna producer charged with hate crimes

The Belmont Club – Wilders

Michelle Malkin – Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for criticizing Islam

The Jawa Report – Dutch charge Geert Wilders over Fitna

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