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22 01 2009

Via Covenant Zone:

As was noted in yesterday’s post on the concept of “proportionality” applied to Israel, the concept as a ruling legal principle is mindless: we should be disproportionate in our critique or war on certain evils, like Islamist movements that foment war not on behalf of any realistic vision/reality of a state or national interest, i.e. on behalf of an orderly world, but rather in the cause of an apocalpytic ideology that calls for child martyrs to keep its genocidal flame alive.

In Wilders’ somewhat different situation, the Dutch court seems to value the “proportionate” because the court refuses to make any judgments on the good and evil in religion and culture. We have no right to “insult” others too much, whatever they believe, or do, but especially if they are not part of some dominant or established religion/culture. Thus Wilders’ has some right to the protection of his freedom of speech; on the other hand, he can’t hate Islam too much. At a certain point his hatred is a provocation. (By the way, the court is implying that as a member of the Dutch parliament Wilders’ provocation is not actually in the cause of proposing duly-constituted or legitimate legislation on immigration and related matters – Wilders is simply written off as violent – in an age when the Dutch parliament has given up much of its sovereignty to European law.) The Court of Appeal doesn’t seem to be arguing for Wilders’ prosecution for disturbing the peace, or uttering threats, but only because his expression of political-religious resentment is not proportionate to his right to free speech. And it doesn’t really matter why. Wilders might believe the Koran is an evil book, but such value judgments have no relevance to a court in a neo-feudal culture. The court chooses, when it decides to hear a case, to single out one man of hate from the rest of us haters, including the many whose hate is encouraged by a certain popular, intuitive, reading of the Koran.

One may conclude that the cult of “proportionality” is the ascendancy of arbitrary justice: whomever offends the empire’s favorites of the day will suffer. Today Wilders, but maybe tomorrow some Muslim. That is how the Dutch-EU elites apparently plan to keep the peace: making it too scary to open your mouth. But as to any rational discussion that would distinguish good and evil: it just got a lot weaker in the Netherlands. But you can’t build much of a peaceful order without free debate. You can have unpeaceful debate, in recognition of a shared interest worth fighting about, or you can forego recognition of a shared national interest and live with the consequences when one or another group decides to break from the empire. So, in reality, I’m guessing the Dutch will not keep the peace very successfully, not nearly as well as would a society where people had no right not to be insulted because of their religious beliefs.

So, let me insult where I deem it appropriate: the Dutch elite are fools; their multiculti religion is self-righteous and a dangerous delusion. It will rule and end as horribly as every other Gnostic ideology ever put in power. We should all insult them for it.

Read the whole thing here.

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