The Purpose of this blog

22 01 2009

I suppose that I should explain this blog a little bit; its purpose in the blogosphere. The purpose of this blog is to form a sort of centralized source for coverage of and opinion on the Geert Wilders case. Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician, radically and -arguably- hatefully opposed to Islam, who the Dutch government has decided to prosecute under ill-defined ‘hate-speech’ charges.

The last time that I checked, a religion, be it Islam, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or whathaveyou, was not able to set the tone for what discourse is and is not acceptable. If religion is setting the pace now, in Holland, then that is not acceptable.

So what this blog will be doing is linking to various people who are talking about this case as it develops, be they bloggers or journalists.  The only central theme will be Geert Wilders. The only central political opinion will be freedom of speech – there are no other agendas. This is not necessarily an anti-Islamic website – merely a site dedicated to our freedom to speak as we please, about whichever religion we please.

By the way, I’m a little bit unfamiliar with the whole ‘WordPress’ thing, so you’ll have to forgive me for occasional technical blunders. As I get used to it, I’m sure things will go more smoothly.

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8 responses

22 01 2009

Good stuff, I’ll be checking in.

22 01 2009

Thank you for doing this!

22 01 2009

Thanks guys!

23 01 2009
Gordon MacDonald

This is not Geert Wilders fight, it is a fight which must be fought by all who believe in freedom.

Thanks for setting up the site.

Ok everyone lets dig into our pockets and build a warchest for Wilders.


23 01 2009

We’ll keep the pressure on.

23 01 2009
Hilke van Hove

Holland is a very mixed up country, with a very mixed up government, where a social debate like Geert’s has been judged by a court.
Where one’s opinion can be judged by a court. Where we all shut our mouth because we think twice before uttering an opinion.
I’ve been following most of the tv-programms, and general public opinion indicates anger at the court’s decision because we are dictated to speak as the court’s pleases. Not to speak our minds. The lawyer who was involved in this case suing Geert said it clearly, we can speak our mind when we are in our home, but not outside 4 walls in public.
I’m not necessarily a fan of Geert, my interest is animal wellfare, (yes), and non radical animal advocates are linked to radical animal advocates. Our emails and cellphone calls are read and listened into since the 1st of January 2009.
So, I’m not surprised at all about Geert Wilders, the dutch are to shut up and work, and shop, that is what we are on this planet for. Just to produce and be miserable.
I’m for freedom of speech and feel very sour about this, and have signed the petition.
Keep up the good work, if we don’t go under by rising sealevels it will be by our own sodding Government. What a way to go. Does anyone want to adopt me where I can live as a free thinker. (plus my 2 dogs and 2 rabbits). Because I don’t want to live here anymore, and many of us think the same way.

23 01 2009
Hilke van Hove

just clicking for follow up comments

21 02 2009

Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullshit

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