Ezra Levant – Holland’s national suicide note

22 01 2009

Via Ezra’s blog:

But, really: when you’re disassembling centuries of legal tradition, dismembering fundamental freedoms,  demolishing Holland’s great liberal heritage, and effectively prosecuting an Islamic fatwa through a secular court, why not go the whole distance?

Holland’s court of appeal is an international disgrace.

Canada has long had a special affection for Holland; it was our troops who liberated them during the Second World War; to this day, that’s why Ottawa has a Tulip Festival. We rescued them from fascist tyranny forced upon them. Who knew that, just two generations later, they would bring fascism upon themselves?

I predict that Geert Wilders will ultimately be vindicated. I don’t think that all of Holland is a morally rotten as their court of appeal. But, like Mark Steyn and me, Wilders will have to spend countless thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of time, defending himself in what is obviously a biased court system that has already judged him to be anathema. Perhaps they’re trying to run him out of town like they did Ayan Hirsi Ali.

I think Wilders will stay and fight, with a renewed vigor and with the growing support of a shocked electorate who themselves must feel insulted that some appointed judges high on Mount Olympus have just ordered an entire swath of public affairs sealed off from vigorous debate — but only one side of that debate is gagged.

What a disgusting victory for fascism and censorship and Muslim fundamentalism. Louche, libertine, amoral Holland has lived down to its worst reputation: it stood for nothing, and it obeyed the instructions of those who ordered it to collapse without a fight. That’s what happens with a confident, militant, unrelenting, uncompromising foe meets a tired culture in decline: national suicide.

Here’s wishing Geert Wilders strength and good luck. He’s fighting not only for his own freedom now, but for the freedom of all Dutchmen, and for the very future of Holland.

Read the rest here.

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12 responses

23 01 2009

Money sent to his defense fund.
I encourage all to donate even a little bit.

Such a sad state of affairs this world has become.

The Intifada is now incumbent on kaffirs to wage on Islam!

23 01 2009

Thanks, man.

23 01 2009

It is outrageous!!!!!!!
It is hard to belive.
Is the radicals Islam have so much power????
no body insult the Islam it is the reality…..and it is about the time that the world will open his ayes and years to see and to hear the threats from the extremists all over Europe .
he is the voices for ……..FREEDOM

23 01 2009
23 01 2009
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23 01 2009
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23 01 2009
scott rosmarin

Those of us in the U.S. who read about the abomination perpetrated by the Dutch Court of Appeal should unite to tell Mr. Wilders how much we support him and wish him success in this battle. He is on the front lines in the non-shooting war agains radical Islam and its enablers. But the absence of guns in his theater of battle does not diminish the importance of courage and stamina against the enemy and the critical need for victory.

30 01 2009

the islam is getting stronger :italy france england and now holland

help israel and fight for freedom fight the islam

free geert wilders

30 01 2009
shmolik sigler

i realy hope that holand wont do her biggest mistake, to lock up geert.

a rare man in eroupe.

30 01 2009
Gabriel Ben-Ami

I was deeply saddened to hear that the freedom of speech has been so violated in a country with such a respectable history of tolerance.

It seems that in their zealous passion to appease the Fascist Islamists of Holland, the Dutch System of justice has forgotten the first pillar of our liberal Western civilization-FREEDOM. Tolerance is not appeasement of religious fundamentalists. In fact, the court, had it been faithful to liberal tradition, should have put off the fundamentalist Islamist who wish to turn Europe into Saudi Arabia.

Brave Geert, we support you. Many people are behind you in your struggle to wake up the slumbering western peoples.

9 12 2009

Awesome affair, did not thought reading this would be so cool when I looked at the title with link.

10 02 2010

The enemy at our gates does not wear jackboots, or even a uniform.
But he also knows how to exploit our weaknesses, our very freedoms, which should be our greatest strengths, were our leaders not so determined to take them away, themselves.
Our leaders have make a pact with the devil, and they must be replaced before we all find out the true magnituge of their betrayal.

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